The House loves the Governor more than the Senate on this issue

It has gotten so rare to see the House more closely aligned with the Governor on an issue than the Senate.

A key Senate committee Tuesday cut $65 million for new school buses and technology from Gov. Sonny Perdue’s proposal to add education spending to the current state budget.

While the Senate traditionally sides with Perdue, its Appropriations Committee stripped some of the governor’s major education initiatives from the spending plan for the rest of this fiscal year, which runs through June 30.

The House, which more often fights with Perdue, already has approved a midyear spending adjustment that includes the school buses and computers the governor proposed.


  1. Chris says:

    Well, when talking about spending absurd amounts of the taxpayer’s money the House and Governor are happy to oblige.

  2. Carpe Forem says:

    Mybe they’re playing bad cop, good cop with the Georgia tax payers and it was just their turn. All I know is when my tax burden hits 50% of my income, I’m going on strike… Who’s with me?

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