More immigration news from Gwinnett.

Fighting illegal immigration has been a hot button issue in the race for Gwinnett Commission Chairman. Incumbent Charles Bannister sent out a press release a few days ago urging Sheriff Butch Conway to participate in the so called 287(g) program I blogged about here.

After previously resisting, the Sheriff today said he would participate in the program:

“I want to do it, and I think we can do it with 18 (deputies),” Conway said, adding that he was furious Bannister once again brought the issue to the media before talking to him about it. “If Mr. Bannister will put his money where his mouth is, I think we can get this going in the next few months.”

Conway said he believed the program would cost between $2 and $3 million in 2008, but its implementation hinges on relief of the jail’s overcrowded conditions. To qualify, the jail must meet federal standards, which include not having inmates sleep on mats on the floor.

Meanwhile challenger Lorraine Green has been pushing an ordinance requiring county contractors to certify their employees are legal:

The County Commission will hold a public hearing next Tuesday on changes to the law designed to address concerns of county contractors, who said the ordinance violated federal law. The law would receive final consideration a week later, Green said.

“This will still be stronger than federal law, although not as strong as we would have liked,” Green said.

County attorney Karen Thomas said negotiations are still under way. Charles Surasky, the attorney for the contractor groups, declined to comment, citing ongoing negotiations.

The full scope of the proposed changes to be introduced next week was not immediately available.

It’s tough out there for an illegal (in Gwinnett at least).


  1. JSBarrington says:

    I commend Bannister for standing up on this issue. When he brought it up a few months ago, the sheriff and opponents of 287g(I.e.Lorraine green) made excuse after excuse not to get into the program.

    But because of bannister’s leadership and pressure from the public, it looks like everyone is on board with idea which is great.

    Thanks Chairman for standing up for our county!

  2. JSBarrington says:

    Bill I have a good guess on the certifiable part. ; )

    What I do know is that she wants to be Chairman as bad as Hillary Clinton wants to be president. power is a drug and some are hooked.

  3. bottomline says:

    Go Bannister Go! Butch Conway needs to do his job and quit wasting Gwinnett taxpayer’s money. Conway is wasting millions in over time pay just to pad his favorite employees with big time retirement money. Stop the madness Conway. Get with the 287(g) program now and fill the positions as you were instructed by the Commissioners and stop the waste of millions of dollars.

  4. davidinflowerybranch says:

    If it isn’t one excuse it’s another.

    Now it’s mats on the floor.

    At a breakfast meeting of the Gwinnett GOP Green said it was because the vacancy rate of the Sheriff’s Department was too high! What a joke! The vacancy rate is a function of how many are authorized vs. how many positions are filled. It is a number that has nothing to do with performance. In fact, it would be easy to just deauthorize the 60 positions and call it 100%.

    Green doesn’t know what she is talking about and was talking out some orifice other than her mouth when she blamed the vacancy rate.

    Hey. How come Conway needs 18 positions specially for 287(g) when Cobb only did 12 from the beginning?

    Is it so he can continue to spend even more ridiculous amounts on overtime?

    Quit with the excuses already Conway and Green! Just do it!

  5. mmm says:

    My goodness with you people, any humanity in your souls? or any souls in you humans? people sleeping on floors is an execuse? I will be glad when this country rids themselves of illigal immigrants. We will just be looking for and beging people to come over here again. Instead of spending my tax $ on trying to deport people who are coming or going to work just like us, and keeping them locked up so long (where it takes so much money to keep them there waiting for them to be deported, not to metion most of these people have a FAMILY, yeup, children and wives and husbands, and guess what people? they have ears and hands and legs and heads just like us white folk, sometime these people are the only gaurdian of these children were yeah you got it, tax $ spent on foster care. My country would not be what it is with out the help of these people from all over the world. If your going to do something about illigal mmagrants do it right and be human about! You people calling these excuses probably have done worst things, and you still expect to be treated like a human. Go sleep on the floor and have no contact with your family and see if thats fair. If its going to be done, make sure they are treated right and their deportaions be sped up!

  6. StevePerkins says:

    I stopped for gas the other day at the gas station immediately to the right of I-85’s northbound Beaver Ruin exit ramp, and noticed advertisements for really nice apartment complexes in my neighborhood which read, “We accept Tax ID’s!!!” This is of course effectively saying, “Our tenants are illegal!!!”

    It’s not like you really need a special task force to track down illegal aliens. If local leaders had the will, they wouldn’t be hard to find. However, Gwinnett is so far gone at this point that there’s too much developer and small business money backing the current trends. Everything that Gwinnett local leaders say on the issue is just useless fingerpointing and smoke-and-mirrors.

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