1. Interesting, what is going on with the moustaches of the first two guys?

    If one of the frontrunner, for profit, used-to-be wall street publicly traded, Charter Schools had not financially raped the system back in the early 2000s we would probably be a lot further along in this dialogue.

  2. Tom Smith says:

    I am a school board member in Marietta and we just applied to the state for system charter status. Should allow for for school flexibility and get us out from under Code 20

  3. Rick Day says:

    Ah yes, the Charter Crowd (served over ice) pulls out the propaganda, ignoring the agenda of the producer and their funders. As always, it is the educators fault.

    Lets just ignore the way blacks were treated educationally and economically for the last 200 years. Ignore that generations of “dads’ were criminalize because they ‘used’ or ‘sold’ drugs.
    That stuff has nothing to do with the appalling attitude of everyone concerned.

    I wonder what the racial makeup of the old Locke teachers were. You know, the ones that didn’t give a “F”?

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