Reginald Lamar Wade tells his side of the story

About seventeen days ago, Erick and I received the same tip on the questionable past of a candidate for Clayton County Commission Chair.

The candidate?

Reginald Lamar Wade.

The issue?

A guilty plea to two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery in Gwinnett County six years ago involving two female students who, Gwinnett County prosecutors said, Mr. Wade talked inappropriately to and touched “a girl’s bottom and another student’s breast.” [Source: 11/11/2002 AJC article “Ex-teacher in sexual battery case avoids jail but loses certificate”]

About six minutes ago, I received an e-mail from Mr. Wade seeking to tell his side of the story and I thought I’d share a few excerpts of that unedited message with all of you.

When I went to the Gwinnett System I had a problem with a student who was going to fail my class do to her not coming to class, lack of work, and discipline. When informed she would fail she retaliated with a story that was investigated by the school and no merit was ever found. However her father a friend of the District Attorney had charges filed on an incident where I touched her leg as an example of discipline in front of my entire class and had it construed as being her buttocks and it being sexual in nature.

She got another student to say I had at some point touched her as well.

There were […] 6 other molestation cases in front of the same judge in Gwinnett County with teachers. I was advice to take the Alford Plea which is a plea of no admittance […] Now I want go into the fact that I felt I wouldn’t and didn’t get fair justice or that everyone involved in the legal process was of the same race and how prejudice the legal system is in Gwinnett.

However what I will do is say that I as a teacher made an error in judgment I tried to get a student to leave from behind my teachers’ station where other student information was located and where she was not supposed to be. After asking several times and arguing back and forth with the student I reached down as she was seated in my chair and touched her leg and said aloud “if you don’t move I am going to pinch you”. That was all that ever happened and took place.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


  1. aardfark says:

    This all sounds wildly inappropriate to me.

    We don’t put up with that sort of thing in our county … a county where our school system proudly proclaims that it’s “envisioning a system of world-class schools.”

    I said “envisioning,” not “accomplishing.”


  2. Lillian says:

    Clayton County is a sewer of corruption. I tried to go to a couple meetings there, and it was very clear that the crew stunk of ol’boy insider graft.

    The 5th runway is a perfect example, the homes all around it have cracked foundations. The schools are joke and about to loose their certification. They got scamed on the land for the new school too.

    I tried to some research on the who’s who in town and came across this blog.

    Obviously they’ve pissed a few folk off.

  3. Rick Day says:

    For what its worth, my ex wife told me that she and some of her cheerleader friends did the same thing because they goofed off their senior year.

    Some of the parents took the innocent man out into the woods.

    He soon moved on. Minus something. Important.

    Hooks, TX. That is all I’m sayin’.

    So, for what its worth, this does happen.

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