Lincoln Club says keep control local.

Here’s a press release from the Lincoln Club of Georgia. Full disclosure: I’m on the Board of the Lincoln Club of GA.


Suwanee, GA – The Lincoln Club of Georgia, a statewide, pro-business conservative political action committee based in metro-Atlanta, strongly voiced opposition to legislation currently proposed by the State House of Representatives.

“As conservative Republicans, we strongly advocate fiscal responsibility, free enterprise, and smaller government. We are very much opposed to the current push toward the centralization of power by the Georgia State Legislature,” said Julianne Thompson, Lincoln Club Chairman.

Thompson said, “The GREAT Plan sounds appealing in it’s definition – let’s repeal the ad valorem taxes. After all, we are the Party of less taxation, right? But what they are doing is using this opportunity to strip power from our local governments. We oppose the state legislature’s push to strip our local school boards of their power to decide how tax dollars are used locally.”

“I thought we were the party of smaller government and local control. After only a few years in power, the Republican majority in the House seems to think that the solution to every problem is to concentrate more and more power in the General Assembly. Now they are even trying to abolish the Board of Regents, which was created in the 1940’s to protect the independence and accreditation of the University System” said Michael Sullivan, Lincoln Club Vice Chairman of Elections.”

The Lincoln Club of Georgia believes that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives needs to be reminded of the lesson that Congressional Republicans learned in 2006…you can’t just talk the Conservative talk, you have to walk the walk too. Voters will not tolerate a disconnect between saying you are for smaller government and local control on the campaign trail, and how you govern once you are in office.

Thompson continued, “It is very disappointing. We the citizens, elected a Republican majority in hopes of smaller government, less taxes, and more freedom. Instead, there is an overt attempt to seize power, and an atmosphere of fear, where anyone in disagreement fails to voice opposition in fear of losing their political standing. We do not share that fear.”

For more information, contact Julianne Thompson at 404-798-4663, or visit


  1. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Let me get this straight. The Lincoln Club is against smaller government? Since the GREAT plan makes local governments irrelevant they might as well be eliminated, saving untold millions in administrative overhead. I get so confused where conservatives stand in this state since they seem to flock behind people like Perdue and Richardson who propose new taxes with every lunar phase change.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    Let me get this straight: YOU believe a bureacracy planted far away from where the municipality exists is a “small government” concept?

    You believe a state-based agency would be a slenderer form of government, and save a lot of money in administrative “overhead?”

  3. Gag Halfrunt says:


    Not in the slightest. I’m just trying to figure out what position the Perdue/Richardson/Cagle cabal are taking on this issue. It seems to me that they are trying to starve local governments out of existence. For what purpose? The only thing that I can imagine is that they believe they are somehow being more efficient.

    As for me, I’m in favor of having all constitutional officers subject to the same 40 day limitation as the legislature.

  4. “We oppose the state legislature’s push to strip our local school boards of their power to decide how tax dollars are used locally.”

    Probably NOT a Clayton County homeowner, I’m guessing.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    I know that the people who are members of this PAC are probably going to take this the wrong way but here I go anyway. Who really cares what a PAC has to say especially when the PAC has not even contributed to anyone? Now a couple more years down the road when they have money and have given money then maybe it will matter some. Does anyone care that Property taxes are immoral. The founders must be rolling over in their graves thinking about the fact that we all lease “our property” from the government. So much for life liberty and property. By the way this is no endorsement for Tax Jesus or his plan. It is an endorsement how ever of the elimination of property taxes.

  6. Bill Simon says:


    Hmm..did the Swift-Boat 527 people actually CONTRIBUTE money to Bush?

    Or, did they run ads and publicize information on his behalf?

    See, your contention that a “PAC” is only good if they contribute money to someone is a pretty flawed interpretation. The PAC has the potential to contribute money…that’s why they actually MIGHT be being listened to now.

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