Republican State Senators introduce SR 919

Senate Resolution 919

By: Senators Mullis of the 53rd, Carter of the 13th, Chance of the 16th, Thomas of the 54th and Hamrick of the 30th


Expressing dismay at the actions of certain political commentators who engage in attacks on certain candidates; and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, this presidential election year has resulted in many candidates vying for the nomination of their parties´ respective nominations, and hard campaigning by all of the candidates has often been heated and passionate; and

WHEREAS, the give and take of politics is good for the American system of government in that it defines what candidates believe and their positions on the issues of the day and ultimately allows the American people the opportunity to make a reasoned choice in the person that they choose to lead this great nation; and

WHEREAS, America is not well served when the heat of campaign rhetoric spills over into creating disunity and dissension; and

WHEREAS, national political pundits and commentators along with talk show hosts in national and local markets have viciously attacked Republican candidates running in the various caucuses and primaries in recent months and, in so doing, have sown seeds of discord, contempt, disunity, dissension, and hatred among the members and supporters of the Republican Party to bolster their own careers; and

WHEREAS, this rhetoric is counterproductive and has served no purpose other than to cause many to lose the confidence and support of millions of their fans and Republican voters; and

WHEREAS, it is possible to agree to disagree and to express support for one candidate over another without engendering animosity as these political pundits and commentators have done; and

WHEREAS, locally based talk show host Neal Boortz is an example of one who can make his preference among candidates known and taking strong positions without taking on the mission of tearing down the other conservative candidates.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE that the members of this body express extreme dismay at the actions of political commentators who engage in vicious attacks on Republican candidates in the various primaries and caucuses and, in particular, on Senator John McCain and call upon them to cease such attacks and promote unity among the members of the Republican Party.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to the Republican National Committee.


  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Wow, who would have guessed that a group of republicans would…oh wait, they are upset with criticisms of McCain? I thought this was going to be something serious. Neighbors have stopped talking to each other because all those conservative commentators on AM talk radio have been telling their audience that Clinton is a witch and that Obama is a extremist muslim,…and many of that intellectually inferior base of the far-right believe it. Big deal if they hit McCain, what are they saying about him that is so divisive. Huckabee does not have a chance,…and his continued involvement in the campaign as a candidate is causing more problems than the commentators are causing. Go ahead and pull their licenses anyways…their shows cause more harm and misinformation than good.

  2. Icarus says:

    “I, for one, am not going to sit idly by while you people attack Rush Limbaugh.”

    Bobby, I’m not going to recommend what actions you take or don’t take. I just want to remind you that what I assume you are doing cost Pee Wee Herman his TV show.

  3. Jace Walden says:

    Again…just like the NCAA “Playoff” Resolution…what’s the point? The RNC is going to rip this paper up and use it to wipe their asses with.

    I can’t stand Hannity or Limbaugh, but I will defend to the death their right to say whatever the f*ck they want to say about whomever they want.

    I wish Republicans respected the First Amendment.

  4. shrike071 says:

    Just think about how much better this would have come across if they made it a blanket-statement regarding the discourse in BOTH parties….

  5. Icarus says:

    Upon further review, this appears to tie in to the VeepStakes! thread below.

    Mullis was McCain’s only Senate supporter, if I’m not mistaken. Carter and Chance are Floor Leaders for the Gov.

    I’m thinking this is another example of the Governor saying “look at me, look at me”.

    I wonder if Sonny would take Secretary of Agriculture?

  6. Bull Moose says:

    I believe that it does address the discourse in both parties…

    The dialogue about our country’s future deserves more than what these talk radio show hosts are contributing.

    Some, on both sides, have forgotten that these people make money by making outlandish statements, sowing disharmony, pushing the envelope of the truth, and so forth…

    2008 has the potential to be a transformational election for this entire country, I just hope that we can all stand strong as these Republican State Senators have and not be afraid to call out the talking heads who would rather further tear apart this country.

  7. IndyInjun says:

    “I wish Republicans respected the First Amendment.”

    Oh, they LOVE it when it is being used to heap abuse on the opposition.

    They love the cannons as long as they are moored and discharging uniform broadsides, just not loose ones that roll backwards crushing the gunners.

    All I can say is “Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” This is funny!

  8. Clint Austin says:


    With all due respect, please tell me you didn’t just pull the First Amendment card.

    You’re an intelligent person. I would be quiet certain you can understand the difference between having the right to say whatever you want, and yet showing the personal responsibility to not say certain ill-considered things.

    As for it being a “waste of time and tax money,” one is not familiar with the legislative process if they do not understand this will take a collective one second of time from the 40 day session to “consider” this resolution, which is nothing more than a statement. Dems do ones like this all the time. Non-issue on that front.

  9. Jace Walden says:


    If you think the “country deserves more” than what the talk radio hosts are providing, then by all means work your ass off going from station to station, gather an audience and YOU provide that alternative. If what these guys say is “so bad”, then don’t listen to them.

    Two concepts at play here, Bull: Free Speech. And Free Markets. I’m not sure you are familiar with either.

  10. GOPeach says:


    That is sooooo funny!

    These boys ” ENDORSED” MacAmnesty.
    Now THEY are embarrassed!

    Well….. isn’t THAT just the way the cookie crumbles?

    So now we are going to DEMAND everyone line up like this :

  11. Jace Walden says:


    Ill-considered speech is protected by the first amendment. I know you right-wingers hate it, but you have to deal with.

    You guys had nothing but love for Limbaugh and Hannity when they were bashing Democrats.

  12. The free flow of information is critical in vetting candidates, even when I don’t care that they are beating the tar out of my horse.

    However, it is more than obvious that some of these talking heads, bloggers et al, are merely engaging in political pimping. Its not the talking heads, its the lazy populace that don’t explore what they believe and why and simply allow some pundit to dictate their belief system.

    I do think the resolution is a fair attempt to rally the troops to unite. Can that be done, when some have spent fortunes on destroying their opposition, creating a lot of raucous and dissension? That remains to be seen.

    While Obama and Huckabee are polar opposites, their rhetoric has always zeroed in on the very essence of what makes America great, our grit, determinism and hope. That effective rhetoric has to blend with good public policy.

    We’ve proven that we’re real good at destroying are own, which breeds anarchy.

  13. Erick says:

    This is a silly resolution. Dumb even. And Clint, it does seem to me the legislature has plenty of other things it could be doing than wasting time on this resolution.

  14. EAVDad says:

    Good Lord. And we wonder why the important bills are pushed through at 11:59 p.m. on Sine Die…because so much time is spent talking about crap like this. That’s it, I’m running for office.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    As Chris Farris pointed out on another thread, all this kind of bullsh*t is is an opportunity to go clamor on the campaign trail that you DID something, albeit completely ineffectual.

  16. Julianne Thompson says:

    Bill and Chris are right. Besides, I think the Georgia primary results paint a pretty clear picture of how much the voters care about the presidential preferences of elected officials. This is a non-issue.

  17. StevePerkins says:

    I of course agree with the general consensus here that this resolution is a complete waste of time. However, no offense Jace, but I also groan whenever I hear libertarians overplaying the 1st Amendment card. That’s pretty knee-jerk and nonsensical… expressing disapproval or disagreement with what someone says is NOT an attack on their 1st Amendment rights.

  18. IndyInjun says:

    “WHEREAS, locally based talk show host Neal Boortz is an example of one who can make his preference among candidates known and taking strong positions without taking on the mission of tearing down the other conservative candidates.”

    ……Unless the other conservative candidate is Ron Paul. THAT is A-OK.

    If I become a democrat it will be idiots like these who sent me there.

    Now where is a resolution to stop important matters like tax reform from being designed on the fly with no public documentation?

    Where is the resolution calling for REAL Conservatives to come forth against Chambliss, Isakson, Linder, Kingston, et al who abandoned conservatism?

    To the HACKS who authored this malarkey, the “GOP” label is the be-all and end-all. To criticize the party power elite is blasphemy to them.

    2006 taught NOTHING, so another wipe-out in 2008 becomes imperative.

    Good luck on getting those estranged from the GOP to ever come back.

  19. MSBassSinger says:

    It appears the RINOs are circling the wagaons (sorry for the mixed metaphor).

    Ga suffers from having too many RINOs (espeically in the Legislature and state Republican leadership) and not enough conservatives. This proves it.

    I am a Christian first, American second, conservative third. Being a Republican falls somewhere below that.

    McCain is not the nominee yet. He is an ill-tempered liberal Republican who, if nominated, will lead the Republican party to a similar defeat as Ford did. When that happens, thank the RINOs, and start looking for real conservatives.

  20. shep1975 says:

    I’ll echo Steve Perkin’s comment and say that saying I disagree with what you’re saying is my 1st Amendment right responding to your 1st Amendment right.

    Saying I disagree with what you are saying so expect the government secret police to come visit you later tonight is me trampling on your 1st Amendment right.

    Me saying that I will beat the living you-know-what out of you is NOT me trampling your 1st Amendment right. Me saying I will sue you is NOT trampling your 1st Amendment right. And, finally, me passing a Resolution disagreeing with what you are saying does not trample your 1st Amendment right.

    Why is that? Because only THE GOVERNMENT is bond by the 1st Amendment and only so much as they take punitive action to curtail speech.

    The Senate passing a Resolution does not trample your 1st Amendment right, but exercises theirs.

    The Senate passing a Bill saying you will pay a $.01 fine every time you talk ill of a government elected office DOES trample your 1st Amendment right.

    How hard is this to understand?

    For those who have never bothered to read it, the 1st Amendment says on speech, “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…” defines “abridge” as “. to reduce or lessen in duration, scope, authority, etc.; diminish; curtail: to abridge a visit; to abridge one’s freedom. 3. to deprive; cut off.”

    This senate resolution ( or for that matter our YR one before it) neither lessens in duration, scope, or authority anything these pundits have said nor does it deprive or cut off their speech.

    Also, keep in mind, a Resolution, whether it is this one or honoring the X County High School Jr. Varsity Lacrosse team means that your legislature is NOT growing the size of our state government.

    A Resolution is generally harmless (unless it is to amend the state constitution). A bill is not always so.

    I know a lot on here (and I count myself as that group) would like to see the legislature reducing the size of government. Absent those debates, the next best thing is doing nothing that grows government.

    That’s why I have no problem with Resolutions.

    Of course as David Lockhart (Perkins knows who that is) keeps telling me, when the revolution eventually happens, I will be the first one they come for.

  21. DMZDave says:

    Increasingly I find myself becoming largely one issue voter – national security. That is why for me, McCain’s steadfast support for our troops deployed in harm’s way pretty much trumps all his perceived faults. Without McCain there would have been no support for the surge in Washington. McCain fought the Democrats as well as the Republicans who were lock-step loyal to a president and Secretary of Defense who were badly handling the war. No other candidate in the race today understands the nature of the threat to the degree McCain does. Hannity and Rush talk a good game but next to John McCain,they know they are only talkers and watchers and not doers. I don’t know about RINO but McCain sure is a PIDO – patriot in deed only.

  22. John Konop says:


    How do you have national security with open borders? How do you have national security with our ports and public highways owned by foreign countries filled with terrorist via trade deals?

    I respect John McCain for his service for our country. Yet a 100 year war with the Middle East. Out of control trade and immigration policy does make us safer! Also it is bankrupting the future for kids with a 9 trillion dollar debt and growing!

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