Bob Smith’s Plan

I haven’t delved into the details of Rep. Smith’s plan to remake the Board of Regents, but on its surface it doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.

I’m not quite sure it is needed, but he’s got the data and has spent the time to study it. However, in reading this I have to say I’m a bit concerned by one aspect I’d encourage him to stay away from:

Under Smith’s plan, 13 would be elected by legislators who represent each congressional district as is the board of the Department of Transportation and just five would be named by the governor, diffusing the power.

Asked about this year’s DOT election in which four House members were stripped of their committee assignments for voting against the wishes of the House speaker, Smith says they voted their conscience then and that legislators would do so again in picking members of the Higher Ed board.

I would suggest comparisons to the DOT are not helpful in any way.


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