So tonight at the Ordinances and Resolutions Committee, the Annexation Resolution came up with the issue being whether we refer it to committee or suspend the Council Rules to approve it tomorrow night.

If we don’t deal with it soon, we’ll miss cross over day in the legislature.

Here’s an email I just sent out to the other members of Council:

I’m just going to throw this out there.

I agree with Lauren and Lonnie about the annexation issue. While I’m inclined to support it, I think we’re going to be really hurting the cause if we rush this through by suspending the rules tomorrow night.

We might want to consider a special meeting of O&R next Monday and a special session of City Council next Tuesday, or on Monday after O&R solely for the purpose of dealing with the annexation issue.

We’d be giving it it’s due and we’d also be showing our seriousness by handling it by itself.

For those who weren’t there tonight, Lauren made a great point that the work session last week, though it dealt with annexation, was not publicly announced as a work session on annexation. If we don’t give the public a voice in this, it’s going to blow up badly.

By the way, just to clarify, I intend to offer an amendment to the resolution making clear that those to be annexed should have the right to vote. If the amendment passes, I’ll vote in favor. If it does not, I’ll vote against.