The last week in the Legislature

Here is a good overview for you.

Now, I’m a bit concerned that defensive driving courses might be offered online. That seems a bit silly to me.


  1. Harry says:

    I believe Jill Chambers mentioned the other day that there is some concern the ethics legislation may not be strong enough, or able to prevent meddling at the local level with the ethics panels, or simply rendering them irrelevant. If they really work, they would go a long way to cutting the corruption out of local politics. Otherwise, they would just serve as window dressing and might actually enable bad behavior.

  2. Ms_midtown says:

    Why the two days of hearings on the Human Life Amendment? What’s to discuss?
    Either you have the votes or you don’t.
    Let’s vote right now.
    Then we’ll know where everyone stands for the July primary and November general.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Two days shows that they are “really listening” to GOPeach and her wacko co-horts so that when they dont release it out of committee they can say “but we gave you TWO days of hearings on it.”

  4. Tekneek says:

    Defensive driving courses are generally about teaching you driving concepts. I’ve never seen one locally that actually had people driving. They teach you what safe distances you should maintain from other vehicles depending on vehicle type, weather, and terrain. There is nothing about the defensive driving courses I have taken in the past that could not easily be expressed online or even via correspondence course.

    You may be confused and think these are the types of courses offered to stunt drivers and to those trained to protect top diplomats, etc. This isn’t about learning how to respond when terrorists or assassins descend upon your vehicle. It’s about driving on regular surface roads amongst other normal traffic.

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