Clayton County schools may lose accreditation

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has recommended that accreditation for Clayton County schools be revoked:

SACS said Friday it found significant concerns at all levels of the 52,800-student district.

The National Accreditation Commission will review SACS’ findings and vote March 15 whether to strip Clayton of its accreditation.

“It is my belief that they will affirm the recommendations set forward and Clayton County will have their accreditation revoked as of Sept. 1,” said Mark A. Elgart, presidents and chief executive officer of SACS.
A loss of accreditation would mean difficulty transferring to high schools in other districts, no HOPE scholarships and trouble getting into some universities for older students; no pre-kindergarten funding for younger ones, and reduced property values for residents.

This year’s graduating class will not be affected, Elgart said.

As Erick and I pointed out the other day, State Sen. Eric Johnson is pushing SB 458, legislation that would deal with schools that lose accreditation and continuously land on the “Needs Improvement” list.

Sen. Johnson sent out this statement on the news of SACS’s findings:

“Today’s announcement that Clayton County Schools are run so badly that they became the first system to ever lose their accreditation is a disaster. With the loss of accreditation, their students cannot receive HOPE scholarships, they may not be able to transfer their credits, and their college future is threatened. Those responsible for educating our children failed. The parents must take over. SB 458 offers them a lifeline – a voucher that can be used at any private school or a transfer to any public school that has room. We should pass this bill immediately before a single child sees their future dreams dashed.”

I could not agree more.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    So…let me ask this of your fine-fellow Dems on this board: Can you name me ANY county run by Dems that is actually well-run, and oesn’t have a lot of FUBAR crap like this sh*t in Clayton?

    Go on…I dare you. Because, it looks like every single county or municipality that is led by Dems is run like absolute sh*t. I bring you:

    City of Atlanta
    County of Fulton
    County of Dekalb
    County of Clayton

    You guys got ANY municipalities ANYWHERE that are run by your party that don’t look like sh*t?

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Hmmm…Cobb County government is run by a GOP majority right now, and has been that way for a little while.

    Lorie, what issues do you find with Cobb County?

  3. Joy says:

    Realistically, what are the chances of pulling the accreditation? I can’t believe there won’t be a mad dash to rescue the school system.

  4. heroV says:

    Homes in Clayton County will also be worthless if this happens. This is absolutely disastrous for the entire county.

  5. Lorie says:

    What issues don’t I have with Cobb County is more like it? When I have give a copy of “Autism for Dummies” to the SpEd teacher for her to learn about my son’s diagnosis and how to teach him is a BIG clue.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    That appears to be an issue with the SCHOOL BOARD of Cobb County, not the “Cobb County Government.”

    Two entirely diffrent entities. Two entirely different sets of elections.

    Have you tried to bring this up with your school board member? The one that represents your district?

  7. Lorie says:

    Yes, I have. Ever since I spoke to the old dinosaur five years ago, I automatically vote for her opponent. Another member ….argh I can’t repeat what she said. I’m saving it up for the next election.

    I understand the difference of the two but they also seem so intertwined with each other.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    Actually, they are not intertwined, but should be.

    For instance, when a developer comes before the county commission and wants to get an assembly of land parcels re-zoned for X density of new homes, the commission CANNOT consider the impact on adding families and kids to the school system.

    So, if the county commission approves a big new development, it is up to the school board to accommodate those new kids into their system.

    But, I digress away from the original point of this thread.

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