Can Grady Be Any More Inept

You’d have thought they’d think of this.

The fired CEO of cash-strapped Grady Memorial Hospital said the facility owes him $2 million in severance pay.

A lawyer for Otis Story, who was earning $600,000 a year, said he is negotiating with Grady.

The issue may focus on whether Story was fired for good reason and whether the Grady board members provided him with written notice and a chance to defend himself. His attorney said they didn’t.

If he was fired for cause, he gets no severance, but a hearing process is required.

When Story was fired two weeks ago, after less than a year in the job, Grady board chairwoman Pam Stephenson did not cite any failure on his part. The board, she said, wanted a change in administration.

What lunacy. Damn the legislature if they even hint of giving Grady until this situation is resolved.