Delta and Northwest to merge, HQ to be in Atlanta:

ATLANTA — Delta and Northwest have reached agreement on the major points of their long-anticipated merger Thursday, according to an industry web site.

Aero-News.net reported that “unnamed sources say executives with Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines have reached agreement on major terms” of the deal that would create the nation’s largest airline.

Officials at both airlines have not commented on the report.

The web site reported the joined airline will keep the Delta name and the headquarters will stay in Atlanta.

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  1. ugavi says:

    So you combine at best average Delta service, with really bad Northwest service, and get an airlane that can take you a lot more places with crappy service.

    I can’t wait…..

  2. Donkey Kong says:

    I really don’t see how this is bad, only good. Well, not sure if it’s good for shareholders. But for Atlanta, this is great — more business!

    Plus, Delta is the best of the airlines I frequent — Airtran, Delta, US Airways, and American Airlines — by far.

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