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Delta’s CEO says he’ll give up some goodies.

The chief executive of Delta Air Lines Inc. has offered to give up certain financial benefits he would be entitled to if the nation’s No. 3 carrier combines with another airline.

Delta is reviewing its options, including a potential deal with another airline. It has been discussing a combination with officials from Northwest Airlines Corp. and United Airlines. Of late, a deal with Eagan, Minn.-based Northwest has appeared more likely than a deal with United, a unit of Chicago-based UAL Corp.

Perhaps I’m more skeptical than I should be, but I suspect a merger would just mean Delta would suck even more than it has of late.


  1. aardfark says:

    Has anyone flown Midwest lately? Let’s hope Delta doesn’t merge with them a ruin the great thing they have going …..

    I mean, every seat is like flying first class. Really great, is all I’m saying.

  2. Roy says:

    Loyalty, you mean…NorthWorst?
    Here are two comparisons: on a Lufthansa flight to Europe from ATL (in Y) I was served an omlet, hash browns, ham, croissant, yoghurt, brotchen, cheese, butter, and jam, not to mention coffee, water, juice. A great pick me up before arrival in FRA. On NW thru Detroit to London I was served (Y class) a cold otis spunkmeyer muffin in the wrapper and a yoghurt. Now come on….and DL is not much better.
    I have stopped flying DL a long time ago and now choose smaller carriers if they’re going my way as well as European carriers with more customer oriented service. A recent flight on Swiss Int’l Air proved my point. With edible food, good wines, descent leg room, and flight attendants that don’t run and hide after the meal; the service level in Y was similar to business class on US carriers.
    And just how a DL spokesperson claimed fares won’t be affected (with less competition in regards to this merger) I’ll never understand.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    No lie, on a flight from Atl to Minn, our NW flight had to make an unscheduled landing in St. Louis to refuel! How does that happen?

  4. IndyInjun says:

    Delta stinks and did nothing to deserve the two bailouts that our senators crafted on our backs.

    One real gentleman was Gerald Grinstein. Unlike the putrid Mullin, who got $10 million in severence, Grinstein refused stock options and bonuses when he left, despite doing a stellar job.

    We need more like him.

    If the current CEO is upping the Grinstein ante, then he deserves cheers. If he is coddling Johnny and Saxby for yet another bail-out, I ain’t cheering.

    And I ain’t flying Delta. The last time I ‘flew’ with them, the last leg was made on a slow bus clanking down I-20.

  5. Christie Edmondson says:

    Can anybody help me with a question? Why is the Senate Rules Committee not voting on the veto overrides as per the rules of the State Constitution. I am confused, please help me understand…

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