Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a gift to the needy children of Peach Pundit, and the world, I’ve started a new blog that focuses on The Media. All kinds of media: big, small, old, new, traditional, social, broadcast, Internets, even freakishly normal kinds.

While the media we post about is the kind that surrounds us all via text, video, Robert Scoble, Internet, TV, text messaging, we will keep our southern mindset. And a jaundiced eye to chiefly the local news media as we head through this remarkable political cycle. Or cyclone rather.

One of the most talented, touching writer/poet/teacher I know, Tania Rochelle of The Stone’s Colossal Dream, will be joining me in this Atlanta-based media endeavor as a frontpager. She’s just so damn good. I look forward to others joining in the media-related fray as well. Of course you will need to be a bonafide media junkie to earn your posting privileges. Or else have really great gossip you need to share! I’ll be able to tell from the quality of your commenting skills, naturally enough.

The new blog is Mostly Media. See you in cyberspace!

And thanks for being brave and kind, Erick. You’re a vigorous, healthy cyber peach – a shining Georgia star amongst the small and stinking, ugly, trolling flotsam and jetsam that pollute our beautiful, uh, state. Onward and upward!


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