1. eburke says:

    The Constitutional Amendment in SR 859 would not eliminate ad valorem on vehicles. It does eliminate the State’s quarter mil advalorem tax.

    This is a good amendment, just not the one you thought it was.

    This will get the State out of the property tax business for most real property. It will also eliminate the need for uniformity across the state and requirement by the Department of Revenue to re-evaluate the property values or face fines from the State.

    I applaud the Senate for being consistent on tax reform. They not taking away local revenue but instead they are giving up their own revenue from property tax.

  2. TPSoCal says:

    We’ll take what we can get. Finally, something that actually resembles Republican ideals! Maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for the GOP yet.

  3. Doug Deal says:

    Yeah sure, wait until I sell my black hot rod convertable 350Z and replace it with a baby friendly and lowely taxed versa before eliminating it. How about refunds for past tax bills?

  4. Redcatcher says:

    All you have to do is get a Purple Heart and you don’t have to pay any taxes on one of your vehicles.

  5. eburke says:

    This would depend on the value of your home. However with a $100,000 home the value of .25 mils is $10.00 not counting homestead or other exemptions.

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