1. curt flood says:

    This story is kinda hilarious for several reasons, as displayed in WAGA’s report yesterday:


    -Ms Beasley-Teague’s headwear, which appears to be a furry doughnut, wrapped crown-like around her scalp;
    -The graphic showing that Ms. Beasley-Teague claimed to have driven from Fairburn to Albany to Savannah to Dillard and back to Atlanta in one day;
    – The ratings-sweeps standup done by Paul Yates, who’d doubtless been admonished by WAGA managers to “get creative” and “get the story out of the Capitol.” Yates’ answer is a deftly-raised middle finger to those admonitions.

    Seriously though, I kinda give her credit for at least sounding circumspect while answering questions about the allegations, the headwear notwithstanding.

  2. NonPartisanGA says:

    Oh Bill Simon….I try to ignore these sorts of agenda based rants, but I am compelled to respond.

    Has anyone actually suggested it is a racially motivated investigation?

    The investigation has clearly nothing to do with racism – throw the book at her for the fraud and a second time for stupidity.

    It is true Jessie Jackson pimps black folks and blackmails organizations for blood money with false claims of racism.

    Nevertheless the fact is that acts of retaliation motivated prejudice and race do still occur.

    We would like a color blind society but we are not there yet. You’ve likely fortunate by virtue your DNA heritage not to have been on the receiving end of unmerited attacks based on who you are not what you’ve done.

    Your joke is rather played out and it undermines perceptions of the reality that in SOME CASES adverse actions are racially motivated. Peter cried Wolf many times but in the end the Wolf really was there and ate him.

    Let’s try a little harder to come up with comedy that is not at the expense of folks only associated with the guilty solely by their completion.

    Groups generalizations are intellectually lazy and one size should not fit all particularly from those that profess to support individual achievement or in this case punishment.

    Don’t stoop to the ranks of “GodHatesTrash”.

  3. juliobarrios says:

    Sorry, it’s the left that has made a mockery out of whatever racial injustice still remains in this country. It’s the Democrats that are far more obsessed with assigning people into categories based on race and gender versus intellect and/or capability.

    Simon was just capitalizing on what has already become a big joke in this nation. Now the latinos are fighting for their turf over the blacks.

    You’ve got Hillary’s campaign that is suffering the biggest upset since Jim Whitehead and what do you expect her to do…clean house at the top. So she fires the campaign manager and a few other top officials, quite common in politics, business, and football. Now you’ve got Hispanic LEADERS complaining because the manager was a Mexican.

    It’s so easy to find foolish examples of this “race card” behavior on a daily basis it’s pathetic.


  4. Romegaguy says:

    See what happens when elected people get sworn in? You wont ever have Paul Broun accused of taking money for trips he may not have taken

  5. NonPartisanGA says:


    I did not mention political affiliation when I took exception to Bill Simon’s comments.

    Jokes by the left or the right at the expense blacks or hispanics are simply not funny.

    I take exception to jokes about hispanics too and I am not hispanic.

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