Tom Cruise Was Not Available

Police in full riot gear (and bonus police chopper too!) were on hand to keep protesters from, potentially, sacking a few Scientologists. From The Dunwoody Crier today:

Twenty DeKalb County police in riot gear and police chopper overhead faced off with about 100 protesters demonstrating Sunday in front of the entrance to the Church of Scientology on Shallowford Road near Cotillion Drive.

Other than the honking of cars, and the waving of signs and alien blow-up dolls, there was no contact between the two as the protesters remained across the street from the police. However, many of those who passed by were disturbed by the spectacle.

Full story here. Couldn’t they have trolled the B-list and sent over Kirstie Alley to mediate instead of wasting Jill Chambers’ constituents money like that?


  1. Harry says:

    Hey Erick,

    How about please consider removing top-line posting privileges for SpaceyG? She is filling your, and our, blog space with material not appropriate to the intended subject matter, Political Pickin’s from the Peach State.

  2. GOPeach says:

    I happen to like Jill Chambers -she is a real hard worker and a person who will not play along to get along.

    She is an excellent legislator. Her district must be proud.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Harry, hon. It’s ALL political. Sorry you’re too dense to pick-up on that. I highlight items of interest that directly impact readers and commenteers to this blog.

    Go ahead, run crying like the toddler you are to Daddy Erick. You’ll end-up in the trash heap, alongside Rogue and Andish-hay if you keep it up.

  4. Rogue109 says:

    “You’ll end-up in the trash heap, alongside Rogue and Andish-hay if you keep it up.”


  5. Roy says:

    Hey look, I’m all for anyone believing anything or making the choice not to believe in anything, but the “church” of scientology is a scam.
    Anyone who reads up on them sees what they’re all about.
    Check out the South Park feature on YouTube that was banned because it hit to close to home.

  6. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Wow Roy, South Park as a reference…you are really digging deep.

    Honestly, what church is not a scam?

    There are a few nut jobs in the church of scientology, but there are different sects of that religion as well. Christianity has them and our culture typically does not point fingers at every Christian and compare them to David Koresh. The masses will always be afraid of what they do not know or understand. Which is probably part of the reason that so many morons think that every muslim believes exactly what Usama Bin Ladin believes.

    Tolerance is the word of the millenium. It is the virtue that creates nations…or, when lacking, destroys them. Tolerance.

  7. Tea Party says:

    I am sure most everyone, except those that will be affected by the thrice failed incorporation legislation, is pretty sick of hearing about it. I know Rep. Austin Scott is tired of it.

    Both a local neighborhood blog ( and The Crier are using their print and social media sites to crucify Rep. Chambers.

    Follow some of these links from to see the nastiness:

    Obviously somebody did not watch the video….
    written by Tea Party, February 09, 2008

    Taking the time to review the 1/31 GAff video, courtesy of under, ought to be requisite prior to further blogging on the thrice failed Dunwoody incorporation.

    I cannot believe that anyone, after watching the first ten minutes of the proceedings, could believe anything other than the fact that the proposed incorporation budget has fatal flaws in it.

    That, and the equally flawed companion legislation that would legally allow any new city anywhere in Georgia to steal property, is why the initiative failed.

    The cost of these budget flaws, by mandate, would be capped for residents at a max 1 mil increase, unless voted higher. Who pays the inevitable difference? Businesses, my dear friends. They did not vote on the incorporation, but the would pay dearly in fees, unforeseen costs, and known deficiencies for Clubhouse Dunwoody.

    The Dunwoody Crier did not report this, however the AJC did report these facts, albeit, after the die was cast.


    “Reports differ on Cost of Dunwoody”

    Dunwoody resident opposes Dunwoody bill:

    ” “…Dunwoody resident Bob Speice told the committee he opposes the proposed city partly because he can’t get answers to his questions. But he expects taxes would rise to pay for services, compared to what he now pays DeKalb County.

    ‘Duplication of government is a crime,’ Speice said. ‘I don’t believe the committee has enough information to vote responsibly.’ ”

    An organized, concerted, campaign of outright lies, withholding of information, threats and intimidation is in full play up here.

    Witness this vile and dastardly cowardice:

    And another:

    Notice ‘BigTuna’ appears all over the Dunwoody North and Crier site.
    Cheesy ‘cut and paste’ tactics are lower than whale poop. The rancor and lack of civilty hardly surprise me any longer, however, I am appalled the author would go this low.

    Anyone reading The Crier, as if it were objective or even ‘newsworthy’, is either playing ‘solitaire with a deck of 51′ or a polemic player in fools’ game.

    The PCID as an organization has NO role in political turf wars, yet its’ constituents would be forced, without vote, to pay the inevitable costs associated with absolutely certain city revenue shortfalls.

    Rarely do businesses make public political outcry—it’s, well, bad for business, duh. so these businesses made private, individual initiatives to find out what Dunwoody would cost them.

    That is why, my fellow citizens, North DeKalb had a Tea Party.

  8. Tea Party says:

    @Goldwater – I wish our GOP leaders from the 40th understood tolerance a bit better, they’d had better luck with their City legislation,

    @GOP – Rep. Chambers can use all the support she can get right now,

    @Harry – The ill fated, enabling property transfer bill that came with incorporation would have set terible precedent for ALL Georgia,

    Fact is Dunwoody went after the Scientology group on a legit zoning violation several years ago, and not content to get them moved, they host a witch hunt.

    Any wonder why people do want THESE local controllers controlling them locally?

  9. Vile and a dastardly cowardice, that is not my style. I am man enough to use my real name (unlike Mr. Tea Party) and I effectively use the social media to further my agenda of quality governmental services for the 1,000 homes in my neighborhood. Be it DeKalb County, the DeKalb School Board, the Police or the future City of Dunwoody, I tend to be equal opportunity pain in the ass.

    I have learned that the squeaky wheel in DeKalb gets the grease & I use my little blog to the advantage of the community I serve. I won’t apologize for that nor will I apologize for what someone else wrote in a comment on my blog site. As far as Tea Party’s opinion that I am using my site as a public whipping post against a fellow neighbor and legislator, Jill Chambers. He is sorely mistaken.

    I have a tendency to print direct statements from politicians /governmental officials and shine a light on what they said. I printed a straight forward analysis of the hearing prior to most news outlets being aware of the story, I printed several Crier articles, I included Ms. Chambers’s complete press release, I published the CBS interview with Ms. Chambers to You Tube; I posted the committee link to the video, and yesterday I preserved what I believed were the sediments of many of the Dunwoody community by publishing excerpts of editorials & letters to the editor.

    Don’t call me coward Tea, I am anything but and will continue to represent the people I serve with the utmost distinction.

  10. Tea Party says:

    John we share the same objectives, we differ on the delivery options.

    How about you and Mr. Williams ‘getting with the program’ and publishing the other side of the story.

    People recognize “Yellow Journalism ” for what it is – You are too good a man to be caught up in the ugliness.

    Print the other side of the story.

    That’s all for now.

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