John, You’ll Do

[Author’s Note:  Other than the fact that there is a certain front-page blogger that will be happy with my new choice, this isn’t technically Georgia related.  I’ll try to do better next time] 

Now that my particular candidate of choice, Congressman Ron Paul, is scaling down (Read: ending) his long shot bid to become President of the United States, the stark reality of choosing another candidate has reared its ugly head. I must now do what I have made fun of others for doing and “jump ship” to another candidate. Unfortunately, there isn’t another Ron Paul out there. To be realistic, Ron Paul the Candidate didn’t really measure up to Ron Paul the Legend. Despite his excellent record on fighting for limited government, humble foreign policy, fiscal responsibility, individual rights and free markets, even Ron Paul the Candidate had a good number of flaws. Despite preaching against pork-barrel spending, he continued to rake it in to his district. Despite his desire for free trade and free markets, he voted against many of the free trade agreements that have benefited this country by creating jobs and increasing wages.

Although Ron Paul wasn’t quite “legendary”, he did succeed in bringing many ideas wrongfully dismissed as “fringe”, back into the mainstream of Republican debate. Should he decide to run as an independent or third-party candidate, I will continue to support his candidacy. But for now, I have to swallow the poison pill of compromise. I have to pick a new horse in this race. As an avid anti-partisan, I have the benefit of being able to look at every candidate with an objective point of view. Additionally, I am not restrained by the shackles of “being a good Republican/Democrat” and backing the party nominee no matter what. Despite the rhetoric, this Presidential race isn’t really that important. It is no more important than the last race, and it won’t be any more important than the next race. There has always been “a lot at stake” for our country. This year is no different. Rather than provide you with what would most certainly have been a truly eloquent and lengthy dissertation on each remaining major-party candidate, I’ll sum my thought process up with the following:

Hillobamabee: Hillary will say anything and do anything for power. I respect the fact that she’s a woman and has a real chance at being elected the first female President. But simply being a “woman” isn’t reason enough to support someone, no more than being a “good Christian” is enough reason to support someone’s quest for the Heisman Trophy. And let’s face it; our current President had too many ideas for this country to afford. I don’t want to go through that again. Obama is really not that different from Hillary. Think “Hillary”, but with a deeper voice and black. Oh, and also a guy. You literally could not slide a piece of paper between Obama’s voting record and Hillary’s voting record. The only other differences are that Obama wasn’t married to Slick Willy and he doesn’t have a lot of questionable allies, well, except for Ted Kennedy. Okay, so Barrack and Hillary were at birth. Both hate Republicans (at least they do have one redeeming quality), abhor free markets, harbor disdain for limited government, and love to spend our money like they’re the ones who worked 40 hours a week for it.

Huckabee has a lot in common with Obama and Hillary, but he says “God” and “Jesus” a lot, so they let him in the GOP. Basically, I’m left with one choice:

Get to the point, already!

Yes, I will be supporting John Sidney McCain III in the 2008 Presidential Election. Despite my many differences with the Senator from Arizona, the two of us share enough in common that it isn’t too much of a stretch for me to support him. Despite his stance on the 1st Amendment and his willingness to levy another tax on the already overtaxed American people because of “Global Warming”, I can still support him for the following reasons:

Opposition to Pork-Barrel Spending–McCain’s record matches his rhetoric on this issue. He has been a staunch opponent of wasteful spending in the Senate and has promised to veto any bill that contains “pork”. He is also supported by Senator Tom Coburn who is basically the opposite of Ted Stevens when it comes to having an affinity for waste. Additionally, unlike a certain Georgia porker I know, McCain doesn’t do cute little YouTube videos claiming he is against pork while acting as the Porker-in-Chief for his state.

Particular Disdain for the “Religious Right”–Although he had to do some mandatory “kissing up” to the late Jerry Falwell, McCain’s disdain for the Jesus Pimps in the Republican Party is admirable. Moreover, the fact that he has been able to all-but secure the nomination without the help of the religious right is even more admirable. Full disclosure, I am a confirmed Christian and proud of it. I am sickened by the way the Republican Party uses “Christianity” as a means of “stirring up the base”. I am also sickened by the way some “Christians” do not respect the separation of church and state, and would work to see the Constitution changed to the Bible.

Served America Honorably–McCain’s military service is a nuisance that the Limbaughs and Coulters of the world would love to be able to “swift boat”. He is a genuine American hero. He’s not a hero because he was POW. He is a hero because when he was given the opportunity to be released by his captors, he sent other soldiers free in his stead. It’s hilarious to watch and to listen to the right-wingers smile through their teeth when talking about McCain’s outstanding record of military service.

Gang of 14–Another thing the right-wingers hate to admit is that without McCain’s “Gang of 14”, there wouldn’t be a Chief Justice John Roberts or an Associate Justice Samuel Alito. And if there was, it would have been paid for by giving the current Democratic-led Congress the ability to block Republican attempts to filibuster bad bills.

Illegal Immigration–This one took some coming around on, particularly because I am opposed to illegal immigration and virulently opposed to the REAL ID provisions in the McCain-Kennedy Bill. But McCain hit on a fundamental truth that many of my brethren in the anti-illegal immigration crowd (including myself at one point) are/were slow to admit: There truly is a segment of people in our society who are nothing more than lazy leeches who simply do not want to work. They just don’t. I would much rather be associated with an illegal alien who wants to work and wants to improve his lot in life than one of society’s many lazy leeches who wants to lay around and take injections off the government needle. Immigration needs to be reformed; we need to secure our borders. But we also need to rethink how we view illegal aliens in this country. I think that John McCain is the only candidate who is willing to have an honest discussion on the issue.

While there are many more issues on which I agree with Senator McCain, I promised not to write an overly lengthy dissertation on the matter. John McCain is my new candidate of choice in this horse race, and I hope he continues to hit on the above listed issues that are important to me going forward.


  1. Icarus says:


    when I asked you to quit being so selfish by doing things like serving your country or voting for someone because of principle, I didn’t expect this quick and detailed of a response. I’m impressed.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m suprised at your conversion on the immigration issue. Its similiar to my stance on it. The problem isn’t that these people are here illegally – the problem is that the left in the country encourages them to 1) “preserve their culture” by not learning english and 2) gives handouts to every tom, dick and harry who walks up to a welfare office.

    Fact of the matter is the Government shouldn’t be offering these benifits to anyone: citizens, legals or illegals.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Dr. Paul was the only Republican for whom I could vote.

    At one point I could have supported McCain for the reasons Jace so capably stated, but not now.

    The promise to stay in Iraq for 100 years is sheer lunacy. Our capability to sustain this fiasco beyond this summer is suspect. I have been accused of being a ‘warmonger,’ having no qualms about waging unlimited warfare against America’s enemies. In the pantheon of these enemies, Iraq was a lot closer to the bottom than the top, those positions being taken by Saudi and Pakistan. In short, we have spent our force and $2.5 trillion that cannot be repaid in pursuing the worst strategic error in this nation’s history. McCain would prolong this mistake and continue sending $billions to our enemies.

    One cannot claim to be fiscally conservative and continue to fund wars via the inflation tax.

    McCain intends to extend the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush. I want no part of him.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    Chris Farris – The long arm of the state is seen not as a threatening one, but a comforting one, by the masses.

    A LOT more than 50% of the people get massive government assistance, be it the more reviled welfare check, food stamps, and medicaid or whether it be an unneeded $175,000 government contract job, a family covered by the state of Georgia health insurance which is unfunded to the tune of $20 billion , or a HOPE scholarship.

    The PEOPLE are addicted to government spending and indeed the GOP is a socialist party. The Dems are communists.

    Chose your poison. I am going hunting on election day.

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    I agree with the bulk of what you have to say. bottom line for me is everyone I have supported so far falls out of the race. So for now I will go to the Huckleberry (hope this sinks his ship) for reasons of the Fair Tax.

    Fred Thompson- DOA

    Mitt Romney- His wife had to say, “Stop spending my money.”

    Ron Paul- To much Truth for people to understand.

    Huckleberry- Fairtax for now but I’ll be out by the Convention.

    In the end I’ll hold my nose and vote for McCain.

  6. IndyInjun says:

    I will hold my nose and vote for Obama.

    No longer will I reward the GOP for destroying America at an even more prodigious clip than the Dems.

  7. CHelf says:

    So we’d rather deliberately hand it over to the Dems? THAT makes sense. Let’s give them all three branches of government. Wow. Sounds like Chamberlain at Munich. Or any other historical comparison. Let’s just hand over control to the political enemy and lose what we already have in hopes of regaining it all back later. Didn’t “we” roll over before? Didn’t we “hope” Clinton would only last 4 years as well? Four years and all three branches can do a lot more damage than you think. Minimum wage, healthcare, corporate taxes, regulation, speech, guns, war on terror, national security, etc. etc. etc. is a high price to “cut and run” for four to eight years. Keep in mind even four years can equate to 20-30 years worth of judges, legislation, and regulation effects.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    CHelf – The Dems did not do anywhere near the damage financially that the GOP has done in the last 7 years during their 40 years of control.

    The GOP is not the lesser of the two evils any more. It is just plain evil.

  9. Jace Walden says:


    My “conversion” on illegal immigration is something that has been evolving for quite some time. I’m still opposed to illegal immigration, and I want border security. I think that ending the welfare state would do a great deal to stop illegal immigration, but in the end, I would much rather stake my claim with someone who wants to work to better his lot in life than those who don’t, regardless of country affiliation.

  10. Bull Moose says:

    Anyone that reads here knows how happy and pleased I am that McCain is going to be our nominee. Welcome aboard Jace.

  11. juliobarrios says:


    I need to give you kudos as over the last few month you educated me on Huckabee. I was a big supporter, but then realized what a populist liberal he is. In the end I voted for Romney, I was originally a Thompson guy, and will happily vote for McCain in the General.

  12. joltenjoe says:

    The most powerful case against McCain is that, put brutally, he is not to be trusted.

    Many on the right believe that if he wins, he will have no further need of conservatives and will revert to the McCain of McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy and McCain-Lieberman, the John McCain of the Gang of 14, who will never nominate justices like Sam Alito, because that would alienate his true constituency, the media, who are at his feet every time he undermines the conservative cause.

    There is another consideration. McCain has said he will stay in Iraq another 100 years if necessary, that Russia should be thrown out of the G-8, that he will do whatever it takes to halt Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. He has told us: “There’s going to be other wars. … I’m sorry to tell you, there’s going to be other wars. We will never surrender, but there will be other wars.”

    Buchanan says it best for me in the above article. As a Republican who has voted for every Republican president since Bush Sr., I’ll vote Libertarian this time around.

  13. Jace Walden says:


    My promise of “brevity” in that post didn’t exactly pan out. I apologize for that.

    But actually, no, there was a period of time when I was almost as anti-McCain as a man could possibly be (coincidently, it was around the same time he was sucking up to the religious right, and talking about this “surge” thing)…turns out, he was right, I was wrong on the surge and he seems to be not interested in sucking up to the religious right again. I started giving him another look after Huckabee won Iowa.

    I always knew I would have to make a concession speech, but until recently, I was dead set on not voting for anyone else.

  14. joltenjoe says:

    Also I have considered the fact that he has stated he will not run a second term…leaving him to do as he pleases.

  15. Roy says:

    I supported McCain back in 2000 and the events these past 7 years tell me I was right.
    I’ve always admired McCain’s habit of saying what was on his mind, his not kissing up to people who somehow claim they alone have an open direct line to God, and his honor while a prisonor in the Hanoi Hilton.
    That Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter and other divisive hate mongers like Tom Delay hate McCain to me is a great endorsement.

  16. jsm says:

    I will hold my nose and vote for Obama.

    Indy, name one accomplishment that qualifies Obama to be president.

    Also I have considered the fact that he has stated he will not run a second term…leaving him to do as he pleases.

    I’ll believe that when I see it. If he in fact does leave after one term, his VP choice will be crucial.

  17. joltenjoe says:

    “If he in fact does leave after one term, his VP choice will be crucial.”

    Polls right now show him tied with Hillary and losing to Obama. It was going to be a tough year for Repubs, I don’t know if the party can muster up support to get McCain past a Dem..

    We shall see.

  18. joltenjoe says:

    No, many will vote for him….

    They’ll vote for the lesser of two evils…

    When “The lesser of two evils is still evil.”

    If the Conservatives “cave” they’ll forever lose their voice in the Republican Party. Of course if Conservatives stay home and McCain wins anyway…

    They’ll lose their voice also.

  19. GOPeach says:

    Remember – it took a Jimmy Carter to produce a Ronald Reagan –

    We will wait until 2012 if need be. A bad thing can actually be a good thing.

  20. bowersville says:

    And there goes GOPeach, Limbaugh, Hannity,over the cliff, committing political suicide and willing to take the rest of our great America with them to prove a temper tantrum of a point.

    Well just great, none of you are great Americans. In fact you are traitors.

  21. bowersville says:

    That’s right Peach, you and your ilk, Limbaugh, Hannity and Dobson go ahead with the Democrats. Teach us a lesson and while you and Dobson are at it, show us by having Obama/Clinton appoint our next US Supreme Justices and let them teach our unborn a lesson too! I’m sure their appointees will support life!

  22. John Konop says:


    I do think Rush and company are upset for a few reasons.

    1) McCain demonstrated that their ratings are not only slipping but influence as well.

    2) McCain has come out against the consolidation of media via enforcing anti-trust laws. This hurts the pockets of talkers like Rush and helps their competition. In Atlanta (as well as most major markets) the major signals are tied up by a few large media companies.

    3) Rush and company would love to attack Billary or McCain for the next 4 years for ratings.

    Rush and company are more about the fight than real issues. This is the problem with both sides and why many of us are just turned off by both parties.

    I also think this is why McCain, Obama and Huckabee did so well. Putting issues aside many are sick of the spewing of hateful talking points while issues never get solved.

  23. John Konop says:

    Chris & Jace

    You cannot solve the immigration problem without dealing with trade and legal rights. I remind you NAFTA was sold by Bush 1 and Clinton as a solution for illegal immigration. And they were warned you cannot have a system that is a race to the bottom via workers having legal rights at the borders or you will flood our country with illegal immigrants and drive wages down for both sides.

    Capitalism is based on workers and owners have equal footing via legal rights!

    Adam Smith warned that this would destroy the distribution of wages and hurt the system.

    Adam Smith was clear that if countries will not live by the standards and the trade agreement a country must have tariffs to equalize the difference. This is similar to what billionaire Warren Buffet is saying. He must have read WEATH OF NATIONS as well.

  24. joltenjoe says:

    The designers of NAFTA agree, except their design is to bring down the wages of the American worker (It will simple have to happen) to a more competive wage with the workers in the other countries (With CAFTA this expands that range).

    We need a return to Reagan’s version of “free trade”…..

    Lets see..protect American Companies with tarriffs (Amercians still have jobs)

    The reaction? Japanese auto makers bring factories over here to get around tarriffs (Americans have more jobs).


    NAFTA and CAFTA are a Win/Lose at best…. a Lose/Lose at worst.

  25. Tea Party says:

    My voting decision is evolving as well. Praise the Union.

    I agree with IndyInjun about the fact that the GOP seriously led this Nation into a period of unchecked fiscal insecurity, the effect of which has not yet been seen. Dr. Pauls predictions will occur, if we don’t balance our finances. All it will take is a trigger-event.

    I will not vote for Hils, if nominated. Clintons are dreck, truly wretched people. To me, character does matter.

    Obama ‘sounds great’, but to be honest it is all the folk that come in around POTUS that are truly unknown and therefore, potentially dangerous. I think that Obama’s Cabinet might be something to consider. Along with the thousands of Deputy this ‘n that’s that owe every pol cause there is.

    So, at this time, I will not concede my vote to the Dems. I agree with CHelf, ‘sitting this one out’ could be even worse than having a ‘newbie, albeit inspiring Obama’ presidency.

    Today, McCain as my choice. If McCain can ‘reach across the aisle’ and work to resolve the endemic gridlock in WDC, that would be something.

    Remember the good old days when deciding on the lesser of two evils was the norm? Instead, this election, could determine an attack on Iraq.

    If we go into Iraq, we are declaring an open world war.

    As Einstein said, “I cannot be sure about WWIII, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones…”

  26. Tea Party says:

    Oh, we won’t ‘go into Iraq’

    It will be a lightening strike, Israeli lead mission. it may not work. We will be blamed.

    Simply put, the West will not let Iraqs’ President Tom have the bomb.


  27. Tea Party says:

    Oops, embarassing dyslexic attack, subtitute Iran, obviously. See how easy it is to confuse the two, heck, even the President did it!

  28. StevePerkins says:

    even Ron Paul the Candidate had a good number of flaws. Despite preaching against pork-barrel spending, he continued to rake it in to his district. Despite his desire for free trade and free markets, he voted against many of the free trade agreements that have benefited this country by creating jobs and increasing wages

    I’m surprised at you here, Jace. Now that the Georgia primary is over, I’m falling in line behind McCain and won’t be spending much energy talking about the Paul national campaign. However, these two points are too ridiculous to let pass without comment.

    Calling Ron Paul a porker is ridiculous. The way that pork work is that in exchange for voting for a bill, the bill is loaded with earmarks for your district. What exchange ever takes place in Paul’s case, when he never votes yes to such bills? You are forgetting the fact that Paul’s district is also serviced by two powerful Senators, and also happens to border the hometown of the President’s father. Paul would have to go to ludicrous extremes for that district to wind up with ZERO pork.

    It is also ridiculous to challenge free trade credentials based on opposition to a monstrosity like NAFTA. Having foreign (unsubsidized) farmers compete with U.S. (subsidized) farmers is not “free trade”. Mexico knew this perfectly well, but signed the deal anyway because the expected to reap lots of manufacturing jobs to make up for the hit their agriculture industry would take. Unfortunately for them, China joined the WTO a year after NAFTA was ratified… and all those jobs Mexico had counted on went to Asia instead. Mexico’s still an economic dump, and we inherit 10-20 illegal immigrants left unemployed by the agricultural downturn. Free trade requires FREE TRADE… without trying to game the system through foreign tariffs OR domestic subsidies. A free trader who supports deals like NAFTA is someone who’s awfully confused on what free trade means.

  29. joltenjoe says:

    “A free trader who supports deals like NAFTA is someone who’s awfully confused on what free trade means.”


    NAFTA and CAFTA at very best represents “micro-managed” trade. Its almost laughable to watch the “free trade folks” run around screaming “PROTECTIONIST!!!!!!” anytime anyone questions the WTO or and of the “AFTAS.”

    There are many problems with them. The first being they don’t represent “free trade.”

  30. IndyInjun says:

    Nope, what Bush did was much harder.

    He expounded sound reasons for a war.

    The reasons fit Pakistan, which sound NOTHING like “Iraq.”

    The real reason, and I quote: “That man (Saddam) tried to kill my Daddy.”

    Bush has his revenge and Saddam’s pistol as a souvenir.

    The USA has a war that cost $2.5 trillion, 20,000 plus maimed bodies, and 3000 plus dead to promote democracy in Iraq, while the terrorist nation of Pakistan has proceeded to sell nuke technology to terrorists, harbored Bin Laden and Omar, nurtured 15000 radical madrassas, given pardon to mad scientist AQ Khan, and hosted terrorist training camps.

    Bush is to the “War on Terror” what Brownie was to Katrina.

    Bushie you’ve done a hell of a job.

    It will take us 20 years to recover.

  31. Jace Walden says:


    I agree with you on NAFTA and CAFTA being not “true” free trade. But they’re both a step in the right direction. And they both have contributed to an increase in jobs and wages since their respective inception.

    I don’t doubt one bit that Ron Paul believes in “true” free trade. And I completely understand, and agree with, his reasons for criticizing these trade deals. In the end though, if you can lessen the restrictions on the flow of products, capital, and resources–you do it. If you can’t get it perfect all at once, do it one step at a time. These deals were/are a step in the right direction.

    On Pork…I never called him a “porker”. Not in the way that I call Jack Kingston a “porker” anyway. But Paul did rake millions of dollars of pork into his district. He certainly voted “no” on bills in the House floor, but he specifically asked for pork to be put in bills when the bills were still in committee so that (1) He could bring in pork for his district and (2) Still appear to be voting “against” pork.

    The point I’m trying to make, Steve, is that as great as Paul is (and believe me, he is still by far my favorite politician) this “legend” that was built up surrounding his record didn’t quite pan out. He had flaws. Few flaws. But flaws nonetheless.

    As I said, if he goes Independent or Third-Party, I will gladly jump back to his ship. But for now, he’s drawing down to focus on his Congressional Campaign. Until he comes back, I’m with McCain.

  32. John Konop says:


    I agree with you on NAFTA and CAFTA being not “true” free trade. But they’re both a step in the right direction. And they both have contributed to an increase in jobs and wages since their respective inception.


    Illegal immigration explosion predicted for 2008

    IHT: Mexico abolished its last protective tariffs on basic crops like corn, beans and sugar on Tuesday, under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. Mexican farmers have complained they won’t be able to compete with U.S. farmers who can sell cheaper products because they receive government subsidies.

    Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church has warned that the changes could spark an exodus to the U.S. “It is clear that many farmers will have a difficult time competing in the domestic market, and that could cause a large numb


    CD….NAFTA’s service-sector rules allowed big firms like Wal-Mart to enter the Mexican market and, selling low-priced goods made by ultra-cheap labor in China, to displace locally-based shoe, toy, and candy firms. An estimated 28,000 small and medium-sized Mexican businesses have been eliminated.
    Wages along the Mexican border have actually been driven down by about 25% since NAFTA, reported a Carnegie Endowment study. An over-supply of workers, combined with the crushing of union organizing drives as government policy, has resulted in sweatshop pay running sweatshops along the border where wages typically run 60 cents to $1 an hour.
    So rather than improving living standards, Mexican wages have actually fallen since NAFTA. The initial growth in the number of jobs has leveled off, with China’s even more repressive labor system luring US firms to locate there instead…..


    BusinessWeek Debunks the “Great Labor Shortage Lie”

    BusinessWeek: A global labor crunch, already being felt by some employers, appears to have intensified in recent months. That’s in spite of widely publicized layoffs, including Citigroup’s plans to shed as many as 15,000 staffers… Corporations are determined to keep labor costs under control, so they’re reaching deeper into their bag of tricks…Some are lowering their standards for new hires or moving operations to virgin territories other outsourcers haven’t discovered…

    Economists, of course, will tell you there’s no such thing as a labor shortage. From a worker’s viewpoint, many so-called shortages could quickly be solved if employers were to offer more money. And worldwide, millions of people still can’t find jobs. The strongest evidence that there’s no general shortage today is that overall worker pay has barely outpaced inflation.

  33. debbie0040 says:

    John McCain is a much better choice than the Huckster. Huckabee needs to get out of the race and quit being self serving. He is staying in to increase book sales and maybe get a TV show out of it.

    The Democrats are going after John McCain and we need to support him.

    President McCain would have a greater chance of making Supreme Court appointments conservatives like rather than Pres. Obama or Pres. Clinton. Because of the age of some of the Justices, they will very likely be retiring during the next four years.

    If McCain nominates a conservative VP , then the talk radio hosts will get behind McCain. There are many acceptible choices that would appeal to both fiscal and social conservatives. Huckabee is not one of them..

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