Draft Barr movement gathers steam.

Robert Stacy McCain reports:

Now an Atlanta-based activist with the Libertarian Party, Barr has repeatedly disavowed any intention of seeking the LP’s 2008 presidential nomination. He reiterated that stance Monday during an appearance on Neal Boortz’s Atlanta-based syndicated talk radio program.

“Right now, he’s concentrating on establishing the Libertarian Party as a viable third party,” said Derek Barr, the former congressman’s son, who now serves as his father’s communication and research director.

However, efforts to push a Barr candidacy were given new impetus last week when Rep. Ron Paul sent a letter to his supporters announcing plans to scale back his Republican presidential campaign and concentrate on his congressional re-election fight in Texas.

Several organizers behind the draft-Barr movement were supporters of the Paul presidential campaign. Last week, Barr introduced Paul at of the 35th annual Conservative Political Action Conference, calling the Texas congressman “the Constitution’s best friend” and “the gold standard of conservatism” in the GOP presidential campaign.

Barr’s backers have also solicited support among conservative Republicans who were disappointed by last week’s announcement — made on the opening day of CPAC — that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was suspending his Republican presidential campaign.

So how about it? Would a Bob Barr 3rd Party run gain any traction?

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  1. Icarus says:

    Given his role as a House Impeachment Manager, I doubt he will pull many dems to vote Libertarian, but probably could pull enough R’s to give McCain a real problem.

    I’ve wondered on these pages several times why the Libs weren’t pushing Barr instead of Paul. I can’t see myself voting for him, but he’s a much more credible candidate than Ron Paul ever will be.

  2. joe says:

    I would probably vote for him, unless he did the standard Libertatian miscue of picking the wrong issue to campaign on (drug/prostitution legalization come to mind).

  3. Carpe Forem says:

    Libs ?

    Does it really take that much more effort to type Libertarians ? So not to confuse, whether purposeful or not.

    You could use LL for liberty lovers or just L would be nice.

    L = Libertarians
    D = Democrats
    R = Republicans


  4. Dave says:

    No way. He was always a miserable little troll who acted like he was the smartest guy in the room and has the personality of a doorknob. If he runs it will be a vanity run at best.

  5. Icarus says:

    Libs, Libs, Libs.

    lighten up, get a life.

    No different from Dems or Reps, which are used frequently around here as well.

  6. Paul Shuford says:

    I’d vote for him, as he recanted some of the positions he took as a Republican, and his views are much more in line with the LP now. I’d rather see him run for Representative or Senator, though.

  7. joltenjoe says:

    I wish Barr would give up that dream OR Conservatives in the Republican Party (and I mean Fisical Conservatives) would join the Libertarian Party.

    I crossed my fingers hoping he (Barr) would go against Saxby in the senate race. With as much disgust with Saxby as there is in the state it would be a perfect year for a high profile Libertarian to take control of his seat.

    That is, as someone else said,
    “unless he did the standard Libertatian miscue of picking the wrong issue to campaign on (drug/prostitution legalization come to mind).”

  8. jsm says:

    I’d like to see Barr run against Saxby, if for no other reason than to shed more light on Saxby’s fiscal record.

  9. Jace Walden says:


    I think Barr could swing enough votes away from Saxby to put a Democrat in that seat. Either way, we get rid of Saxby, and then an actual conservative can challenge for the seat in six years.

    I would definitely “jump ship” from McCain to Barr, if Barr is the LP nominee.

  10. SpaceyG says:

    ROFLing! All three supporters are foaming at the mouth to start his Facebook group. Sign me up.

    Although every time he opens his mouth, the AJC’s David Beasley (op/ed editor, FYI) prints every word on the op/ed pages. Barr’s a good writer at least. Wonky, but readable for the most part. Does that make him a good Libertarian? Beats Boortz I suppose.

    I’d join the Facebook group. Maybe. As long as supporting the candidacy didn’t require anything more than two clicks a year.

  11. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Don’t you have to be in excess of 4’2″ tall to be a candidate for president? Thought it was in the Constitution, along with the age requirement and such.

  12. Demonbeck says:

    “Don’t you have to be in excess of 4′2″ tall to be a candidate for president?”

    Jack’s Post,

    Need we remind you of Dennis Kucinich?

  13. ChuckEaton says:

    “I think Barr could swing enough votes away from Saxby to put a Democrat in that seat.”

    Since we have runoffs in this state, I don’t think that would happen. It’s basically what occured in Paul Coverdell’s first election – he had to win 4 elections in one year before he became a US Senator.

  14. IndyInjun says:

    I think Jace is right.

    If Obama is the Presidential candidate, the Dem turn-out will be HUGE, and Barr running as a libertarian for Senate would demolish Chambliss’s support.

    The only folks supporting Chambliss are the lamentable GOP partisans who have no sense of principle.

    Barr might even end up in the run-off instead of Chambliss.

    Lots of folks in the GOP cannot stand Saxby Chambliss and are looking for some courageous soul to step forward and take him on.

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