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From The Guardian UK on Super Tuesday night in the ATL:

In Manuel’s Tavern, the watering hole of Atlanta Democrats, on election night, a raucous crowd, black and white, watches the results come in while chomping on pork-chop sandwiches, washed down with Sweetwater Ale. Obamians are in the majority, but the whoops that go up when Clinton takes New York make it clear that she has plenty of partisans here as well. In the centre of the cockpit are Katrina, Fred and the Clinton girls, letting Mark Antony and his friends know how naive they are to fall for all that rock’n’roll when there is work to be done. Mark Antony, surrounded by his elders, fights back with the burning passion of the convert, quicksilver political intelligence married to ardour. “Would you have voted for him if he weren’t black?” says Angela. “Would you even know about her, the senator, if she weren’t the famous wife of a famous name?” He shoots back. “How dare you,” yells Angela, beside herself. “How dare you.”

Full article here. I caught a few frames of the Angela and Her Homies dust-up in this video here, but the best shot is of that yummy-gorgeous Euro cameraman from wherever. World ‘O Euro Trash?

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  1. Ms_midtown says:

    Brits love to play the race card on us Southerners, don’t they?
    I would say Britian needs an Obama of their own.

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