More on the HLA/GDOT deal

The AJC has more about that deal that the Speaker’s office “categorically denies”:

Georgia Right to Life president Dan Becker said an intermediary for Richardson came to him with a deal the day before the DOTvote.

Becker said the intermediary suggested that if pro-Evans lawmakers would switch their votes, Richardson might allow the full House to vote on the “Human Life Amendment,” which would outlaw abortion in Georgia.

“He came to us basically to do some horse-trading,” Becker said. “The nature of the deal wasn’t something we could accept.”

“A House member … came to the speaker and suggested that some DOT board votes may be for sale if the speaker agreed to a floor vote on the Human Life Amendment,” Davis said in a prepared statement. “Speaker Richardson said absolutely not.”

Davis said in an interview that “the speaker and Rep. Scott did discuss the offer, and again, the answer was no.”

Later she said, “Speaker Richardson stood on principles, not politics.”

Haha. That last line is a joke, right? This was a political witch hunt orchestrated by the Speaker and House leadership. It was nothing but politics. There was no principle involved.

It was fairly obvious that the Speaker didn’t have the votes going into Friday. To say that the Speaker didn’t try to arrange some deals or this deal specifically to guarantee the out come he wanted is absurd. The Speaker tipped his hand far too early on this one. Everyone knew he was desperate to have Evans and Anderson replaced, and it was nothing short of a vendetta.

I don’t buy what the Speaker’s office is selling.


  1. Old Vet says:

    Who’d believe anything a bunch of professional Christians said? I’m not Richardson fan by any standards, but I’m with the Speaker on this one. To the anti-choice crowd, the end (depriving women of choice) justifies any means (lying, blowing up health clinics, etc.).

  2. johnmartinforafreegeorgia says:

    Why don’t you be honest, Jason, and post the rest of the story where Martin Scott agrees with what the speaker’s office is saying?

    The idea to swap DOT votes for Richardson’s support for the anti-abortion legislation, Scott said, came from another lawmaker, whom he refused to identify.

    Scott said he and Richardson briefly talked about the proposed deal during a one-hour meeting between the two men on Friday. He also said that he and Richardson agreed during that meeting that swapping DOT votes for anti-abortion legislation was a bad idea.

  3. juliobarrios says:

    I think when people hear this story and start debating abortion versus no abortion they are completely missing the point.

  4. johnmartinforafreegeorgia says:

    Because he didn’t make the offer to Martin Scott. Is that not made clear to you by the article? I wondered at first myself, but when Martin Scott was quoted in agreement with the Speaker about how that would not be a good idea, but it came clear to me that no deal was offered. Either they are both lying, or they are both telling the truth. Which one is it?

  5. Bill Simon says:

    I believe Mr. Becker and any of his predecessors with GRTL to be pathological liars.

    For one, I know they are blatant law-breakers of the IRS Tax Code with regard to using tax-exempt funds to engage in primary races. That is, they are not allowed to take sides in ANY political race.

    I actually have the proof from 2004 when they injected their opinions into the US Senate race, and attacked Johnny Isakson with a color brochure.

    GRTL is a bunch of tax cheats and frauds, and lying about this type of event isn’t too much of a stretch for these psychopaths.

  6. SouthGaDawg says:

    How can we possibly trust anything the Speaker says? He offered Mike Evans a $100,000 job not to run in the first place. He then threatened representatives not to vote his way. He put up a disgraced former rep. to run against Evans. This is the same man who was caught having an affair with a lobbyist last year while sponsoring the bill she was pushing. Those closest to him can’t trust him, how in the world are we supposed to?

  7. Bill Simon says:


    So far, the man hasn’t lied. He threatened the representatives, and, when they bucked him, he carried out the threat.

    He put up a moron to oppose Evans, but while that was a stupid move, he didn’t lie.

    Those closest to him DO trust him, thus you have the phallanx of Burkhalter, Ehrhart, and Keen STILL in protection mode of the Speaker.

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