Meanwhile under the Gold Dome…..

Hide your wallets, the Georgia House is about to vote on the Supplemental Budget. It hit house member’s desks this afternoon. Its an incomprehensible mess so in the brief view I got (they don’t release it to us peons link) I couldn’t tell how much more they intended to spend.

A new bill was dropped today, HR1216, which would limit how the budget could be amended. This bill would only allow the General Assembly to spend extra tax revenue on two things: education or funding the shortfall reserve. After that the money is returned to the taxpayers.

Finally, Senator Shafer had an excellent speech regarding the joint resolution on the northern Georgia border. As soon as I can find the video on line I’ll post it.


  1. Samuel says:

    Chris – the supplemental bill is available on-line under the Gold Dome’s site. It’s “The House Appropriations Committee Substitute to HB 989 (dated Feb. 6, ’08 – all 122 pages). I wonder if our Gold Dome legislator’s will take the same “no earmarks pledge” (actually, no L.A.G.S.) as their counterparts in Washington, D.C.?

  2. StevePerkins says:

    I don’t really understand the purpose of “The Well” in the House or Senate. I like Cagle and sent him money in his last race, so don’t get me wrong… but he generally wanders off and socializes whenever someone’s giving a speech, and somebody has to point out to him that he has the floor back. If you look out in the crowd, the other legislators are planning their wedding showers with lobbyists or else sitting there half-asleep.

    Really the ONLY point in giving a speech is to speak to the camera, which could be done just as well by putting out a press release or filming a video clip from your office (assuming the Speaker hasn’t stripped it from you).

  3. Still Looking says:

    Somehow, I think there may be another side to the state border question raised by Shafer. Like the fact that is has been recognized by the all of the states for nearly 200 years. This is about water, not “righting a wrong”.

  4. ramblinwreck says:

    Georgia has never recognized the current, wrong, state line. Any resolution of border disputes has to have the agreement of both states involved or a determination by a court, eventually the SCOTUS if necessary. Georgia has raised objections at least 6 times since the error was first discovered but Tennessee would never agree.

    Interestingly enough, when a similar error was discovered in the border between Mississippi and Tennessee which put the border 4 miles North of where it should be Tennessee objected and Mississippi said no problem and agreed to move the line back.

    This whole issue has been almost an urban legend here in North Georgia my entire life. Now it has legs.

    If you want to see what the effect would be go to Google Earth, zip code 30757 and then scroll North about 2 miles. Google has the border at 35 degrees North latitude where it’s supposed to be. If you then scroll West about 10 miles you’ll see where the line crosses the Tennessee river.

  5. Chris says:

    What does the ambassador from the Republic of Dade have to say? Do we need to get the UN Commission on Border Disputes involved?

  6. joe says:


    What is really funny is the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps. Maps clearly shows the southern bank to be 200 yards inside TN.

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