Grady fix delayed….again

Fulton and DeKalb weren’t aware their approval was needed:

Several Fulton and DeKalb commissioners said Grady officials only recently alerted them that their approval is needed, and they are moving quickly. Some commissioners said they learned about it when they read it in 1he Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In addition, the AJC has obtained a copy of an internal county memo giving legal advice to the DeKalb Commission, which raises nine additional issues related to the lease agreement.

The Jan. 30 memo calls for DeKalb and Fulton to have power to approve the Grady budget, and that the contract between Grady and two counties be renegotiated before DeKalb signs off on the lease.

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  1. Redcatcher says:

    This whole thing is a mess. When the state is out there and it wants to make sure Grady stays open and the Lt. Gov says legislation to force the not for profit on Grady, DeKalb and Fulton are playing a money game. Can the state force these two counties to pay Grady? Maybe DeKalb and Fulton are setting themselves up to not pay anything. Then the whole thing will fall in the States lap. I find it strange that Otis Story was fired about a week to 10 days after he announced that 500 jobs would be eliminated at Grady.

    Until someone is allowed to come into that mess and clean it up with an iron hand it will always be the same. It is a bottomless pit and $200,000,000. this year will turn to 3 hundred million next year.

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