Dick Armey weighs in on the Speaker

I just received this via email:

Don’t Let Speaker Richardson De-Fang Fiscal Watchdogs!

Dear Buzz,

There is a core group of true limited government conservatives in the Georgia legislature called the 216 Policy Group. Much like the Republican Study Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, the legislators that make up the 216 Group are dedicated freedom-loving advocates that work together to advance policy that adheres to four simple principles: less government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, and liberty and justice for all.

These bold leaders act as fiscal watchdogs and aren’t afraid to go after lawmakers, even those in their own party, who would seek to expand government on the backs of hard-working Georgia families.

Last week, the chairman of the 216 Group, Representative Tom Graves, as well as other members of the conservative watchdog group, were stripped of their committee assignments because they failed to follow House Speaker Glenn Richardson on a vote concerning a DOT board member.

This is petty-politics at its worst. TAKE ACTION!

Because Graves and other 216 members failed to back the Speaker in his pet-choice for a DOT board slot, they had committee posts taken away that allowed them to better fight for Georgia taxpayers. In the case of Rep. Graves, the Speaker has removed him from the House “Hawk” team – a position that allowed him to vote on contentious legislation in any committee if the vote was close – effectively sidelining a key limited government champion.

Speaker Richardson may feel personally slighted that he couldn’t get a political ally on the DOT board (an issue in and of itself), but to hamstring conservative lawmakers in his own party that are trying to do serious policy-work on behalf of taxpayers is simply unconscionable.

Georgia FreedomWorks members like you need to sound the alarm amongst fellow economic conservatives in the Peach State. Don’t let Speaker Richardson get away with playing his petty political games at the expense of serious fiscal policy.

Click here to email the Speaker and demand that he reinstate Rep. Tom Graves as a House Hawk and stop his quest for revenge by removing 216 members from important committees. And call the Speakers’ office to deliver this same message at (404) 656-5020.

Punishing legislators who vote for their convictions sets a dangerous precedent and in this case threatens to de-fang the best watchdogs that fiscal conservative, small government supporters in the state of Georgia have.

Dick Armey

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