1. Rogue109 says:

    Holy cow! The INA was in town? Man, that’s wack! Snap! I’ve got to call all my friends! This is such CRITICAL information, I’m wondering why I’m only the first person to comment!

    They are putting short videos together and putting them online…NOBODY else is doing that! I can see why this is so important you had to post it on PP!

    OH, wait: this is just more stuff from IA! And you have worked with IA! So it’s really just you tooting your own horn…again.


  2. Bill Simon says:

    I’m just wondering if people like Rogue had an outlet to express his sharp sense of sarcasm BEFORE blogs were invented.

    I know I did…I sent an e-mail out for 6 years.

    Rogue, how did you get by in life before blogs? 🙂

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