RLC Georgia Supports Punished House Members

Today the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia adopted a Republican resolution urging Speaker Glenn Richardson to reverse recent sanctions against Representatives Tom Graves, Martin Scott, John Meadows and Doug Collins.

Graves, Scott, Meadows and Collins were stripped of committee assignments as a result of voting in the interests of their constituents, and ultimately against the wishes of Speaker Richardson. The resolution praises the four members as “fine examples of members of the Georgia General Assembly. Representatives who vote their principles and the interest of their constituents.”

“These members answer to the voters back home. That is their constituency,” said RLC-GA Chairman Chris Farris. “The divisiveness coming from the Speaker is creating tension among the Republican caucus. If the leadership in the House expects to govern effectively, then these tactics must stop.”

Whereas Representatives Tom Graves, Martin Scott, John Meadows and Doug Collins are strong fiscal conservatives and members of the 216 Group, and

Whereas, these Representatives voted in what they believed was the best interest of their constituents in a recent secret DOT election, and

Whereas, in the spirit of open Government, these Representatives announced who they voted for on behalf of their constituents, and

Whereas, The Georgia Speaker of the House has stripped these members of their committee assignments because they did not vote for the speaker’s chosen DOT candidate, and

Whereas, Free and Fair Elections – without fear of retribution – are the hallmark of a healthy and functional Republic, be it

Resolved, that the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia condemns the actions taken by Speaker Richardson, and be it further

Resolved, that the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia calls upon the Speaker to reinstate these members to all the positions of power and privilege to which they were appointed at the beginning of this session, and be it further

Resolved, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia praises Representatives Tom Graves, Martin Scott, John Meadows and Doug Collins as fine examples of members of the Georgia General Assembly. Representatives who vote their principles and the interest of their constituents.


  1. Painterman says:

    Has anyone asked how these legislators told the Speaker he was going to vote? Did they mislead the Speaker on how they would vote? This is the big leagues and you have to be willing to take a hit if you don’t play the position assigned. When you are given a leadership position by the Speaker, certain things are expected. Voting with the Speaker on a lot of issues is one of them.

    I’m not saying this is right, just asking some questions I’ve yet to hear answered. We’re only hearing one side so far. PP isn’t what I call speaker friendly anyway, but most here being political wonks, should understand how the game of politics is played. You may not like it, but don’t act so amazed when something like this happens. It has several times in the past and this will not be the last time.

  2. juliobarrios says:

    This isn’t about some guys straying from the herd on a tough party line vote. Last time I checked it was a secret ballot. What’s the point of even keeping it a “secret”, if you’re going to try and force a position on the members?

  3. Bill Simon says:


    That description sounds a whole lot like what would happen if a female was given protection and presents by a pimp, but, in order to keep that relationship going, the female had to turn tricks for the pimp AND…if she didn’t meet her quota, the pimp would be in the right to beat her.

    DAMN! That is EXACTLY what Richardson (i.e., the political pimp daddy) does.

  4. Rpolitic says:

    This is the other big point I think is being over looked. I have worked closely with many of the “old timers” in the house and senate. I watched when Tom Murphy time and again abused Republicans. I listened to Bob Irvin followed by many many others rant about how “this is no way to run a house” and other less than appropriate things were said. I was also there when Republicans swore to be better than “them”, they campaigned on it, it was part of the lexicon each year as session was beginning.

    Here in Georgia we see the same things happening that we saw in DC. Bigger government, no real tax relief, poor decisions, ethically challenged legislators.
    They are human I know but they used to be better than this. They wanted to be leaders, so where is the leadership? surely not in the Senate or Lt. Guvs office. Where is the ethical treatment? surely not in the house. And where is the first sign just an inkling of a smaller more conservative state government? Surely not in the budget.

    Many people who literally cried, bled and toiled for many of these men and women are quietly watching and are beginning to privately share their disgust.

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