“Welcome to the Igloo”

This is how State Rep. Tom Graves was welcomed in his new office suite this morning.

The sign reads, “Welcome to the Igloo. Siberia, Georgia.”


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I overheard this from outside the Speaker’s Office this morning:

    “This man will be court-martialed and shot!”

    “This man will be sent to the Russian Front!”

    “This man will be court-martialed, shot, and THEN sent to the Russian Front!!!”

  2. bigdel1 says:

    So, who gets to move into the vacancies created by Graves, Scott , Meadows & Collins?

    Somebody’s getting the new digs and new titles.

  3. shep1975 says:

    Anyone know when they are going to issue the new legislative picture books to reflect the office changes? At this rate, we’ll need a new printing weekly.

  4. ChiefofStiff says:

    Rep. Morris was moved to the Capitol as Chairman of Code Revision, the office the Rep. Graves now occupies.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Isn’t it funny how postings and musings from Earl Ehrhart haven’t been posted on here since his and the Speaker’s wishes didn’t get granted last Friday?

  6. Icarus says:

    I was thinking about posting the same thing, Bill.

    “Wait and see. Wait and see…”

    We waited, we saw, and now Rep Ehrhart has gone missing.

    (Unless you count housecreek, crazy_bastard, and the other brand new sock puppets that have cropped up very recently.)

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