Georgia Young Republicans take stand against divisive talk show hosts

The Board of Directors of the Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs (GFYRC) have come together to strongly denounce and condemn the actions of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others for using their positions of influence to foment disunity and disharmony among the supporters of the various Republican candidates still in the race.

“It’s hard enough to reunite after a tough primary process,” said GFYRC Chairman Jason Shepherd. “But the over the top statements by these individuals, who many of us have looked up to for so many years, will make it much harder to build enough trust for the Republican nominee, regardless of whom he is, for the GOP to unite this fall.”

The Georgia Young Republicans who voted to pass the Resolution include supporters for every Republican candidate still in the race including Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney.

“This isn’t only about supporting one candidate for President,” said Shepherd, “But Republicans will also need to be unified to make sure we win close races up and down the ballot from State House and Senate to Congress. They talk into a microphone or TV camera with no consequences and it is us activists that must pay the price as we fight for our candidates precinct by precinct.”

The Resolution reads as follows:

Whereas: Political Pundits like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and Ann Coulter, along with other talk show hosts in national and local markets, have viciously attacked Republican candidates running in the primary election; and 

Many of these same pundits have used their shows and their vast audiences to spread disunity among Republicans when we need to be uniting to face the greater threat to our national security and well being that is embodied in the Democrat candidates for President; and 

Despite all of these pundits invoking the greatness of Ronald Reagan, none of them have paused for a second to remember Reagan’s 11th Commandment; and

Each of the above named have, through their actions and words, lost the confidence of millions of their fans and Republican voters; and

The members of the Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs are prepared to support our nominee, whether he is Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Ron Paul or Mitt Romney, against the real threat, the Democrat nominee; now

Therefore, be it resolved,
this 5th Day of February, 2008, that the Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs strongly condemns and denounces the actions and speech over the past several weeks by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and others for breeding contempt, disunity and hatred among the Republican Party in order to bolster their own careers; and

Therefore, be it FURTHER resolved
, that the Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs praises talk show hosts like Neal Boortz, who, despite making their preference known, have chosen not to make it their mission to tear down other GOP candidates.


  1. gopuga says:

    This is the best thing I’ve read all day. I’m proud of this! I personally voted for McCain because I think he’s our best bet in the general election, but I will support whoever wins the GOP nomination against Hillary or Obama.

  2. Ms_midtown says:

    Wow, the Republicans are eating their children.

    “Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and others for breeding contempt, disunity and hatred among the Republican Party in order to bolster their own careers”

    Just not their year. You know there is still time to sign up to run for office as a Democrat. The undertow of turnout may wash more than a few Republicans out to sea. These opportunities come once every 20 years or less.

  3. Icarus says:

    That’s the most grown up action I’ve seen for a while in GA politics.

    Do you think you guys can have a word or two with the Speaker?

  4. Cameron says:

    Today I was proud to vote Against Sean Hannity. I will be happy to support any of the Republican Candidates, but I have to say I would really enjoy to see Hannity have a breakdown.

  5. rugby fan says:

    “The Board of Directors of the Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs (GFYRC) have come together to strongly denounce and condemn the actions of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others for using their positions of influence to foment disunity and disharmony among the supporters of the various Republican candidates still in the race.”

    As opposed to say the disunity and disharmony their ilk creates in America? Way to have you priorities straight.

  6. eburke says:

    I have also grown tired of Rush, Hannity, Beck ect… telling me that thier guy is the only conservative and being so negative during the primaries. I am through with them. Thier day of major influence has passed.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    For the record:

    I have not wasted ONE moment of TV time watching the Hannity Blow Job Show in over 5 years.

    For the record, I haven’t listened to Rush Limbaugh ever since he proclaimed on the day after the November 2006 elections that he was (and, I quote) “Through carrying the water for these Republicans…”

    Looks like he’s back carrying the water for the Republicans. Perhaps he also gives them blow jobs as well as Hannity does.

  8. joe says:

    The GFYRC condemns Republicans who support their preferred candidate. Is this supposed to be a good thing?

    All of those talk show personalities have been correct at least 51% of the time. We listen to them because they are right more often than they are wrong, and because they are amusing.

    I don’t care what GFYRC thinks.

  9. shep1975 says:

    We had Romney, McCain, and Huckabee supporters vote in this. It is the temperment of the pundits, regardless whether they support Huckabee, McCain or Romney, that we have an issue with, not who they support. It’s like I have said on here a million times…don’t tell me how evil some other guy is, tell us how great yours is.

    In the end, the Democrats are the opposition and we need to be able to not only win the White House, but win up and down the ballot. That doesn’t work if people are so disgusted they stay home.

    Of course, that may be what these people want.

  10. IndyInjun says:

    Sheesh Bill, you are invading my turf.

    It is very telling here that the young Republicans drafted this resolution, for it show that they AGREE that Hannity, Coulter, Rush, et al, have been shills for the GOP.

    Someone NEEDS to shout to the GOP that they are so far off base – literally- and so far from their principles that they DESERVE defeat.

    If the YR’s were truly interested in conservatism and saving the party, where were they when Saxby, Johnny, and the entire GA GOP delegation were doing the bidding of GWB and throwing the platform and every aspect of the party creed in the garbage?

    Oh yeah, they were working on their staffs.

    The GOP must die and be reborn.

    Some of the hands around its throat are surprising, though.

  11. Paul Shuford says:

    They shouldn’t give Boortz a pass on this, he’s been dumping on Paul since day one. Too bad Boortz is more concerned about keeping the war in Iraq going than freedom and liberty in this country.

  12. souldrift says:


    If the YR’s wanted respect, they would declare that the idiot talk show hosts should also show some well-deserved respect to the other party in the effort to discuss the issues like rational human beings.

    But no, they’d rather just make sure the idiot hosts are party-loyal.

    Brilliant. Can you possibly spend more words on a less helpful Resolution? Maybe you can resolve to wipe each others’ butts while you’re busy making resolutions that won’t address the divisiveness in our culture?

  13. Bill Simon says:


    If the Dems get in, the terrorists will be given free boarding passes in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan to come to America.

    Dems LOVE the terrorists. They are their kind of “pepes.”

  14. IndyInjun says:


    The GOP loves the terrorists more – at present they are the party’s only raison d’etre.

    The GOP has left the borders open for them and if they save up the money Bush is paying them for their cease fire, they can afford the fare here.

    Two parties, one poison.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    “open borders?”

    Ooh, so those stories about the Homeland Security and FBI folks breaking-up cells BEFORE they entered the country from Canada…that’s just “open border”, huh?

  16. IndyInjun says:


    Only in recent weeks has there been an semblance of security on the Canadian border.

    When your boys get tough with the Saudi financiers of terrorists, maybe I will be impressed.

  17. TPSoCal says:

    Oh Please NO! Talk radio hosts express OPINIONS! Why the shock of it all is just way too much for me. While I have officially voted for NO ONE today here in CA, I would like to vote for the Young Republicans to GROW UP. It’s an election, we should have strong differing opinions on our side. We are a big party and we can take a little divisiveness. The only party I am aware of with no internal fighting is the communist party. I actually LOVE the fighting, it makes me feel alive!

  18. GAWire says:


    You’re such an expert. With all of your knowledge, you must work for a government security agency or work on the homeland security or intelligence committee. Or surely you did extensive research when you got your PhD. Perhaps you got your information from your daily intelligence briefing on security initiatives. I wish I had the same access to information that you have, because you sure are an expert. What did you tell CNN when they asked you to be an expert panelist on AC360?

    Make sure you don’t fall out of the chair when the arm breaks, boss.

  19. GAWire says:

    Oh yeah … about the story in the post. Let’s see, how do I see this …

    WHO GIVES A FLYING ____?!?!?

    They’re radio hosts with radio shows, listeners and oh yeah … ratings. They’re entertainers, not Party operatives. They’re getting paid to say what they say and they don’t say it unless ratings tell them it’s ok.

    I can’t stand any of them. They’re morons as far as I am concerned, but who the you know what cares what the Young Douchebags of Atlanta or whatever is passing for or againsts these cheesedi&$#!?!

  20. IndyInjun says:


    You shortcircuited there, buddy.

    Are you DENYING that the GOP rammed through NCLB, Medicare D, doubling the Department of Education, and nearly doubling the national debt during a single administration?

    My ‘expertise’ comes from the GOP RECORD, bubba.

    Read it for yourself and weep for what this party of bozos has done to your country.

  21. juliobarrios says:

    I was driving and saw a yard sign that was 1/2 Obama and 1/2 McCain with the caption “A House Divided”.

    What occurred to me is they have no idea how united they are and have very similar taste in candidates.

  22. souldrift says:

    Hey TPSoCal, talk show hosts (particularly conservative ones) also LIE. Frequently.

    Not that any of their listeners care about the truth or anything.

  23. StevePerkins says:

    There’s a difference between passionately supporting your preferred candidate, and passionately disparaging the other candidates. Many of these pundits in question have openly pledged to support the Democratic nominee over McCain. Granted, I’m not a super-partisan type myself, so I watch this spectacle from a detached distance. However, judged by partisan standards, that is ridiculous.

    For what little it may be worth, I tip my hat at the YR’s for making the statement. I do the same for Erick’s recent outspokenness regarding the Speaker here in Georgia. This has been a pretty bizarre week in seeing GOP grassroot activists finally voice out for a change against buffoonery from party leaders and public figures.

  24. Demonbeck says:

    “I have also grown tired of Rush, Hannity, Beck ect… telling me that thier guy is the only conservative and being so negative during the primaries. I am through with them. Thier day of major influence has passed.”

    I did no such thing

  25. John Konop says:

    I am no McCain fan. I think the reason Rush and company that supported the out of control liberal spending from Bush are ripping McCain is they want to be right about him loosing in 08. The truth is we all loose with a choice between Hillary and McCain it is 4 more years of Bush.

    I do think my friends from the young Republicans are right about the tone of the election. I Disagree with McCain on policy, but I have tremendous respect for John McCain and his service to our country.

    Shep and the Young Republicans have always been respectful to other ideas even if they disagree.

    As for Dems I would say the same for Obama! I am lost how anyone after watching Billary could vote for him/her.

  26. IndyInjun says:

    “This has been a pretty bizarre week in seeing GOP grassroot activists finally voice out for a change against buffoonery from party leaders and public figures.”

    Indeed. I have stopped to marvel at this point a lot this week.

    SteveP, as it worked out my vote and yours each counted the same as Erick’s – ZERO – in winner take all Georgia.

    Erick has done well to cast heat on the GOP House Leadership. Over on the Senate side, things look pretty good, and not just by comparison. Count me aboard the dump the Speaker movement with Erick.

    It makes me glad to be a Cagle supporter.

    As for the national side, the heyday of the Hannities, Coulters, and Limbaughs is past. Now there are far better and less biased sources of information on the Web. As a point of reference, this site is FAR better than the lamentable RedState and DailyKOS by virtue of the diversity of the bloggers.

    The GOP candidates each seem to be poisonous to 50% of the base, so the creative destruction of the GOP seems assured for the top spot. Unless I am mistaken about the mood of the people, there are plenty more GOP officials in deep danger.

    This is a time best spent encouraging and campaigning for the blue dog Dems as the best hope for conservatism, while strangling the GOP with an unrelenting grip, except for the relatively few worth saving like Cagle, Coburn, Sanford, Westmoreland, DeMint and the RSG in the house.

    I am looking forward to the rebirth of conservatism out of the Republican’s ashes.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    Again, you are allowed to peacefully “blog” this evening because the Homeland Security and the FBI and other law enforcement agencies are communicating with each other like they have never been able to before under the likes of the Clintonistas’ reign.

  28. Icarus says:

    I am shocked, shocked beyond belief, to see Indy say something postive about five (fraudsters) Republicans in the same sentence.

    Perhaps we’re on our way to finding common ground.

    At least progress it is progress for those of us who are still calling ourselves Republicans and very much realize we have problems at most levels of our party, but still believe that our house is a major rebuild, not a tear down.

    We’ll welcome the rest of you back on board when you feel we’ve made sufficient progress, and will still welcome your help fixing up the place, even if you’re not willing to call it your residence yet.

  29. John Konop says:


    The problem is many of you will not face the facts that Indy brings up which is frustrating. I have never seen any of you challenge Indy with anything more than talking points!

  30. IndyInjun says:


    Where I spend my time, no terrorist will come.

    Count on it. I do.

    An out-of-control government is a far greater danger.

  31. IndyInjun says:

    John Konop:

    That is what makes it so delicious to blog here. Most of the folks they continue to support have betrayed conservatism in a very clear, demonstrable, and incontrovertible way as defined by written standards.

    They are GOP partisans. I am an Indy who has probably contributed more than any of them to the GOP, in money and votes. I take personal offense at what the charlatans have done to MY party.

    I don’t suck up, don’t make excuses, and, in the near term, don’t vote for their idols, except Casey Cagle, or maybe Paul Broun and he hasn’t been sworn in yet.

  32. shep1975 says:

    I will openly admit that we’ve had about 6% of our e-newsletter subscribers unsubscribe over this stance, but the positive comments in return have drawfed the negative.

  33. This is going to tick off a lot of people but here goes:

    1) I don’t listen to Hannity enough to know what he’s been saying so for the sake of argument I’ll agree he’s an evil dude.

    2) Coulter’s comment that she would campaign for Clinton if McCain were the nominee is outrageous and the YR’s are right to condemn her.

    3) Laura Ingram said tonight she disagrees with McCain but will support him if he’s the nominee. What’s wrong with that?

    4) I listen to Rush a lot. I disagree with him when he’s says it might be better to have Clinton in the WH than McCain. That being said he’s been critical of McCain on issues for years and frankly McCain has deserved criticism on a number of issues. Rush has also been critical of Huckabee on issues but so have a lot of people right here on this blog.

    If Republican candidates can’t stand for their records to be examined by Rush Limbaugh then why are they running?

    I don’t like all the talk from people like Rush, Glenn Beck, Dr. Dobson etc.. about “sitting this one out”, or “going third party” but let’s face it, we’re about to nominate a guy who seems to take perverse pleasure it ripping fellow Republicans. That doesn’t sit well with a lot of folks.

    Despite my numerous problems with McCain, I will vote for him in November for three reasons; a) he will aggressively prosecute the War on Terrorism, b) He promises to try to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and, c) He’ll fight wasteful spending.

    I’m willing to suck it up and support McCain and I hope Rush, Beck will come around. I just don’t think some of the people on the YR’s list should be condemned for criticizing candidates on their records.

  34. Bull Moose says:

    A ticket headed by John McCain will be pretty strong in the fall of 2008.

    As Republcians, we have to come together. I will say that those who have sour grapes should probably quietly take leave and allow those that are fired up and excited to lead and move forward with this effort.

    There are too many people who are exicted and are willing to work hard in the November 2008 election to tolerate the negativity, cyniscim (sp?), and lack of leadership out of those who are more focused on being upset because their particular candidate lost.

    Likewise, I hate to say it, and this will upset some, we have some elected officials who have acted more like spoiled children during this primary season. They need to decide if they can be a part of a McCain team moving forward toward victory or perhaps they too need to take a leave from public service and remember its not an entitlement.

  35. Bill Simon says:

    SOME “fellow Republicans” deserve to have their heads ripped-off, and frequently.

    Buzz, this is not an ice-cream social party; it’s a political party.

  36. shep1975 says:

    Buzz, and there are those not on the list who should be. Maybe Glenn Beck. I don’t know because I don’t listen to him, though I did when he was on WGST. I listen to Rush a good deal. I don’t listen to Laura at all, but I have heard a good deal of stories.

    Much of what I have personally heard from Coulter and Hannity in particular, and to a lesser extend, Rush, goes beyond talking about other’s records and goes to even bashing supporters of other candidates when they call in. These guys and gals have become embarrassments, so they all get a slap on the wrist. Same reasons people have discussed banning GOPeach and Debbie. We’re not asking anyone to be banned from talk radio or boycotted, or anything else. We’re just saying we’re tired of the tone that these people set.

    Rush suggesting just today that there is a media conspiracy to announce the winner early to influnce the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones for McCain is the kookie stuff I’d expect from the black helicopter crowd, not someone with 20 million listeners. You mentioned the Coulter for Clinton Campaign and Hannity has gone off like a lunitic against anyone who’d dare not vote for Romney. I know there are anti Romney people doing the same thing on their shows. However, tonight the polls were a resunding reputiation against these people. That speaks a lot louder than a resolution from some YR group.

    It is a controversal stand we’re making, but it’s never easy to stand up for the right thing.

  37. Doug Deal says:


    I too will vote for McCain in November, and expect him to do very well due to his independent appeal, but it is a sad state of affairs that he is the best we could do. I just hope he has the sense to select a VP who can help the party going forward. (As always, I suggest former Budget committee chairman John Kasich or Ohio, he’s likeable, and a fiscal conservative.)

  38. Ms_midtown says:

    Total implosion for talk radio.

    Did everything to stop McCain – he finished 1st
    Said a vote for Huck was for McCain – 5 states
    Bet it all on Romney in California – wipeout

    Talk radio has become the newspaper endorsement. No direct influence.

  39. Chris says:

    As I’ve said before on this blog and others:

    “If Huckabee is on the Ticket I will not support it”.

    Now, I won’t go as far as Ann Coulter and activly campaign for Hillary. But I’d rather see a Democrat in the WhiteHouse than support a big-government theocrat like Huckabee.

    I’m supporting the GOP for one reason and one reason only: fiscal issues. I couldn’t give one flip about gay marriage, family values or abortion. Huckabee’s record in Arkansas is clear – he is for more taxes, more spending, and the ‘compassionate conservatism’ that has caused this party to lose its way.

    Long term this country will be better off to take it in the shorts and suffer four years of a Clinton or Obama reign than to allow the only (viable) political party that espouses limited government to continue down the ruinious path that our President is taking it.

    That said I’m happy for McCain.

  40. GOP Girl says:

    Indy, get your facts right before leveling an attack against the GFYRC. We actually were NOT on the staffs of Saxby or Johnny and MANY of us called their offices to let them know EXACTLY how we felt about immigration and other hot topics.

    Kuddos to my fellow GFYRC’s.

    And sorry Sheppie, but in the 11th hour, I decided to vote for McCain. Let’s hope he gets on board with immigration.

  41. Chris says:


    I don’t find myself agreeing with you much but on two points you made up there I do.

    the relatively few worth saving like Cagle, Coburn, Sanford, Westmoreland, DeMint and the RSG in the house.

    I am looking forward to the rebirth of conservatism out of the Republican’s ashes.

    What I’m not ready to do is burn down the GOP until there is a functioning alternative.

  42. Chris says:

    I don’t blame you GOP Girl. You probably had a Bull Moose stomping through your garden till you relented.


  43. John Konop says:

    Please help me understand the difference between Hillary and McCain.



    No Child Left Behind ie education

    Iraq BTW Hillary has raised more money from military contractors than any other candidate.

    Energy /Environment carbon trading ie Lieberman/McCain bill

    Campaign Finance reform McCain/Feingold

    Other than social issues they are very similar. Also McCain has never been soild on social issues.

    Binding Hillary and McCain


  44. IndyInjun says:

    Bull Moose wrote: “I will say that those who have sour grapes should probably quietly take leave ”

    We are gone bye-bye in 2008. Did y’all get a gander how many more folks voted on the Dem side yesterday?Also, given the JUSTIFIABLE rancor about the leading GOP candidates, 50% of the folks on the GOP side won’t accept whichever POS is nominated. This spells wipe-out.

    Chris Farris wrote: “What I’m not ready to do is burn down the GOP until there is a functioning alternative.”

    There won’t BE a functioning alternative until the GOP is burned down.

    Make no mistake……. a vote for any of the 3 top GOP candidates is a vote against reform and a vote for “business as usual” as practiced over the last 7 years.

    That is destroying America and I won’t accommodate it with my time, money, or votes.
    The RNC’s fundraising is off 20% from prior years, too.

    Shep wrote: “We’re just saying we’re tired of the tone that these people set.”

    You weren’t tired of their tone when they were touting every misguided, disastrous step of the Bush administration. In other words, once it was clear that they were toadies, you expected them to stay that way.

    GOP Girl: I based my comment on a remark that Shep made about working for Linder. If I made a mistake on this point, I apologize.

    An awful lot of folks on PP have an agenda that has nothing to do with principles of the party or those upon which America was founded.

    Chris wrote “What I’m not ready to do is burn down the GOP until there is a functioning alternative.”

    There won’t BE a functioning alternative until the GOP is brought to its knees and threatened with extinction.

    A vote for any of the major GOP candidates is a vote against the principles that gave rise to my expenditures of time, money, and votes.

  45. Tea Party says:

    Folks, Indy done stole the show.

    My GOP is now the ‘spend and spend’ Party. I voted for Obama out of protest.

    Were we not hopeful when the GOP took the House, Senate and Executive offices?

    The GOP squandered an opportunity to address the big issues and leaves us holding the poop bag of recession, debt, the same problems .

    My local Reps. just got their butts handed to them because their costly, divisive attempt to create another layer of government (Dunwoody) was voted down by a true fiscal conservatives, Rep. Jill Chambers and Rep. Mark Hatfield.

  46. Bill Simon says:


    You’re a bit too focused on specific issues as opposed to ideology.

    Hillary Clinton has it in her heart to turn the USA into her cherished form of Marxism. John McCain does not.

  47. Beej says:

    The Young Republicans are missing the point entirely. These hosts aren’t party flacks for the Republicans. They are conservatives – which they’ll tell you at any opportunity – and are only incidentally Republicans.

    They have been carrying the Republican Party’s water for a long time. Given the dismal array of Republican candidates the party winnowed down to this primary, I think the Republicans are lucky the conservative talk show hosts reached down and found one they could support.

    But it’s not to be. We’re likely sending in a candidate indistinguishable from the old-time Democrats.

    It’s depressing to me and I’m sure it’s depressing to the hosts, but you know what? The Republicans will probably still luck out and have these talk show hosts support John McCain if he’s the candidate just because the Dems have moved so frighteningly far left.

    Keep poking the water- carriers in the eye with childish acts like this resolution and let’s see how far you can push your luck. From where I sit, it’ll make no difference anyway. I’m mentally preparing for a Democrat president.

    No matter which candidate wins now, we’ll have amnesty for illegal immigrants and go back, not just to a permanent Democrat majority in the House and Senate, but a comfortable majority.

    I know, I know. I’ll go be grumpy somewhere else.

  48. John Konop says:


    What does ideology matter if they vote wrong anyways? Is that not the problem with the GOP? I am old school I watch what people do not what they say.

  49. Three Jack says:

    Wonder if Rush will lead his show with an apology today since he has been taken to the woodshed by Shep and GFYR?

    Isn’t this the same group that supported Sonny? How’s that working out for you?

  50. Doug Deal says:


    There are also 2 members of tSCOTUS who are one or two oxygen bottles away from “retirement”.

    Even if John McCain is not capable of appointing a John Roberts or Alito, he is capable of appointing someone to the right of John Paul Stevens and Ginsburg.

  51. Doug Deal says:


    I said enough is enough many years ago, and I put the future of the concept of liberty and the dream of the founding fathers above the Republican party as well as even the US Government. However the practicalities of how the Supreme Court is selected require one to hold on until at least one of these socialist idiots “retires”.

    Have you seen how many 5-4 votes there have been that either just barely stop or enact something horrific? As bad as Congress and the President can be, the bigger problems with the nation seem to stem from the Supreme Court, and particularly the three socialists who want to rule by fiat, with help from the “moderates”.

    Voting third party or for the Dems will do nothing other than give Stevens and Ginsberg the opportunity to step down and get a young replacement that is even worse. In the long run, the 40 years those people would be on the bench would more than adequately trump however bad one could envision McCain being.

  52. Bull Moose says:

    These hosts aren’t Republicans first. They aren’t Conservatives first. They are CAPITALISTS first.

    They are making money off of the movement. They are also opportunists and need to be called out for what they are.

    There is nothing wrong with it.

    Though it is when they try and drag our party down in the process.

  53. John Konop says:

    The problem is Bull you never called guys out like Rush when they were pit bulls spewing hate against people you did not support.

    Even when you find out war monger Rush was on drugs and dodged the Vietnam war via a pimple on his rear you said nothing.

    I may not agree with McCain on Iraq but I do respect him for not using a pimple to get out of serving and than pushing other people in front of harms way!

  54. Doug Deal says:


    I find Rush boring and self-agrandizing, but his draft number was around 175, and no one above 125 was drafted, how exactly did he “dodge” the draft?

  55. Incidentally, what John said about Rush is much worse than anything I’ve heard Rush say about McCain. In fact Rush recently defended McCain against some stupid attack Ross Perot was trying to launch.

  56. John Konop says:


    What did I say about Rush that was not the truth?

    From Politico

    ….My classmates went to Vietnam, he did not. He was 4F. He had a medical disability, the same medical disability that probably should have stopped him from spending a lifetime in a radio announcer’s chair; but it is true, isn’t it? If he has an inoperable position that allows him not to serve, presumably it should not allow him to sit for long periods of time the way he does. I think this is a serious enough offense for the people who fund him, who buy ads and allow him to be on the air, need to be asked if this is what they really stand for, do they think it is all right for someone who has never served to denigrate the men and women who have simply because they are expressing an opinion. Frankly, I thought that is what we are fighting for……

    Read about Rush and his his draft status!

  57. Doug Deal says:


    Regardless of his draft status, his draft number was never called. It’s like giving someone a speeding ticket while in bumber to bumber traffic because HE WOULD BE speeding if the road was clear.

    Personally, I think a free society demands that all drafts be abolished. If our government cannot convince enough citizens to man it’s wars, they should not be faught in the first place. So I have no trouble with draft “dodgers” whether Bill Clinton, Rush, Bush, or whoever, since or government should have no power to draft in the first place.

  58. John Konop says:


    It was his right to avoid Vietnam war, but for Rush to question other vets service to our country like his has done takes hypocrisy to new level. He has the god given right but it was given to him by the very VETS he puts down.

    As you know I disagree with McCain, Kerry, Cleland …. on many issues but I would never question their service.

  59. Jason Pye says:

    These hosts aren’t Republicans first. They aren’t Conservatives first. They are CAPITALISTS first.

    Patriotism before profit, right? I am so tired of that bullshit line.

  60. IndyInjun says:

    “These hosts aren’t Republicans first. They aren’t Conservatives first. They are CAPITALISTS first.”

    Is it too much to expect that they and Y’ALL be AMERICANS FIRST?

  61. IndyInjun says:

    This is perhaps the most revealing topic to ever be posted on Peach Pundit. I find it to be chilling.

  62. Romegaguy says:

    most revealing topic…

    now who hasnt posted on this thread? … hmmmm, now who could it be that the lack of their postings on this thread has helped make this a good topic?

  63. shep1975 says:

    Doug, some times a draft is necessary. If not for drafts, there would be a United States of America and a Confederate States of America.

    If not for drafts, America may have had to start speaking German in 1917 or 1945. My great grandfather was drafted into WWI and my great uncles were drafted into WWII.

    It would be nice to say that all wars can be fought with an all volunteer army, but most people will not fight for freedom unless forced to do so. War is a nasty thing, be the consequences of not going to war can sometimes be a lot worse than sacrifices that war calls on nations to make.

  64. Jason Pye says:

    I guess you missed the part of the Constitution about involuntary servitude.

    Did you know that foreign law was used as justification for conscription?

  65. joe says:


    If you think that the time I spent in the Army was voluntary servitude, then you are a little confused about the military, or are confused about servitude.

  66. Bill Simon says:


    If you spend all your time watching what people do, rather than understanding what drives them, don’t bitch to me if the Dems get in and decide to pass a 95% marginal tax on any income you make over $100,000.

  67. Doug Deal says:


    So, you actually believe that Germany would have conquered the USA in both WWi and WWII?

    You do realize that WWI was just a slaughterhouse with almost no movement in the line until we chose sides (a mistake) and threw off the balance of the war. If we had not entered WWI, Germany could have found a suitable peace.

    Instead we allow the equally guilty France/England/Russia dictate overly harsh terms leading to the rise of Hitler and WWII.

    Before making absurd comments, actually read history.

  68. Doug Deal says:


    Of course he didn;t say that. Argue with some intellectual honesty.

    If you are so in favor of a draft, would you object to the government hauling you off to farm for national security reasons? If you think that is wrong, then it is wrong if it is for war as well.

    If the government cannot convince it’s citizens that a war is neccessary, the war should not be faught. Besides conscripts are nigh useless.

  69. shep1975 says:

    Buy Doug, I don’t even know where to being refuting the level of ignorance in your comments. Neal Brootz would just chalk it up to you having learned history in a government school.

  70. shep1975 says:

    Boy Doug, I don’t even know where to being refuting the level of ignorance in your comments. Neal Brootz would just chalk it up to you having learned history in a government school.

  71. Doug Deal says:


    You are the one that claims that “we would be speaking German” after WWI or WWII if we didn’t have a draft. Please explain how this would have happen, I am in need of a good laugh.

  72. Jason Pye says:

    Boy Doug, I don’t even know where to being refuting the level of ignorance in your comments. Neal Brootz would just chalk it up to you having learned history in a government school.


  73. joe says:


    Do you maintain that DRAFT = involuntary servitude does not imply that ENLISTMENT = voluntary servitude?

    If that is your arguement, I have no response.

  74. Doug Deal says:


    So you do not think that there is any difference between being forced to do something against your will and doing something with your consent?

    A draft implies that you are chattle of the government. Volunteering as a soldier has no such implication.

  75. IndyInjun says:

    Doug Deal –

    What gives me the creeps is how so many here subjugate any notion of principle to an utterly lamentable party that has brought upon America the greatest wave of corruption in her history.

    Despite my years of support for the GOP, it has NEVER, EVER been blind support. When the party nominated Dole in 1996, who know nothing of conservatism, I voted for the other GOP candidates, but refused to vote for him.

    I remember my friend Phil Kent wailing to me that if good conservatives like me stayed home, Clinton would win. I did, he did and I was proud of my INDEPENDENCE in the face of the GOP slap in the face of conservatism. Fact of the matter was that Clinton probably made more of a conservative President than Dole ever would have.

    Folks who are blindly partisan are the problem and can never be part of the solution. And that goes for both sides.

  76. Doug Deal says:


    You’re right, blind faith in parties is a bad thing. If you are a Democrat, the reason the Republicans are so bad is that you do not hold your Dems to any kind of standard. If you are a Republican, the reason the Dems are so bad is because you do not Republicans to any kind of standard.

    If you do not work to improve your own party, the other side has no reason to improve to beat you. On the other hand, put out good candidates, and take the right side of issues, and the other side has to improve or die. Sadly, its easier to just destroy the your oponents than improve yourself.

  77. Bill Simon says:


    Again, McCain would not sign whacky tax legislation that Hillary or Obama would.

    Right now, McCain is being driven by “special interest” individual Republicans.

    But, if the Dems get in, I’m sure you’ve reserved a tony spot in a gulag somewhere.

  78. shep1975 says:

    No Professor Doug. You were the one who said I was absurd without any facts to back up your historical claim. Why don’t you go first.

    What Pye? You never have typos? 🙂

  79. IndyInjun says:

    “If you do not work to improve your own party, the other side has no reason to improve to beat you. On the other hand, put out good candidates, and take the right side of issues, and the other side has to improve or die.”

    This is why I was so pleased with the results of my efforts against Max Burns. His Dem opponent is one of the Blue Dogs and is doing a hell of a job. It was won with the narrowest of margins – wouldn’t we be better off if every contest was so decided?

    The GOP trotted out a pathetic suck-up to George W. Bush and he could not even win in a district redrawn to give him a better chance.

    I was against Paul Broun and tied into the ‘establishment’ in the 10th, but I like what I have seen, so he is very likely to get my support. His opponent is a step in a totally wrong direction.

    I also supported Cagle and was proud to do so.

    So, I have not jettisoned the GOP entirely, but I DO SUPPORT DEMOCRATS when they are be better, more conservative candidates.

    The YR’s just shill for whoever has the party label, no matter how monstrous they are. The GOP deserves to don wear sackcloth and ashes and beg forgiveness, but instead they are in lock step behind the very folks who have so grieviously damaged America.

    Partisans of both stripes are the enemy of America.

  80. Doug Deal says:


    Of course you won’t answer, because there is none. You made a rediculous claim to support a draft, and now you look in desperation to me to make your argument.

    How exactly was Germany, who was being pounded by the Russians, going to land the 10 million or more troops it would require to conquer the USA across an ocean on hostile ground, against the worlds largest industrial power? And we were talking about not instituting a draft, not being pacifists.

    The USA had a surplus of fighting men until the landing of troops at D-Day. From 41-43, the biggest need was for workers, not military. In 44, more troops were required, but if there wasn’t a draft, US Generals would have been conservative with men’s lives. Direct assaults on hard targets (usually resulting in slaughtering of men) are very easy for Generals to order, but would have been made a little more difficult if more manpower wasn’t readily available in the form of conscription.

    In WWI, your claim is even more rediculous. The line had been stalled for years and was simply a massacre on both sides. We actually had no business in that war, as both sides were equally at fault.

    Our presence in that war so tilted the balance that Germany was forced to agree to punative terms by the so called “good guys” which lead to the rise of Hitler, and WWII 20 years later.

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