Erick’s vote will count!

I just spoke with a source within the Secretary of State’s office who informed me that Erick’s vote for Fred Thompson will count.

If a candidate withdraws before ballots have been issued they will be removed. However if ballots have been printed the candidate who drops out must file a notice of withdrawal with the Secretary of State. Fred!, Rudy, Duncan, and John (Edwards) all dropped out too late and the Secretary of State has not received a notice of withdrawal from any of them thus votes for them will count.

All you people who told Erick he wasted his vote owe him an apology. 😉

My contact also tells me turnout is high all over the State, and voting is going well.One precinct in DeKalb opened late and as I mentioned here, the Obama camp may ask that this precinct stay open late. Even though the poll opened late, there we no reports of a voter not being able to vote.


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