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SoS website.

Will McCain finish 3rd? Robert Stacy McCain thinks he might.

Looking at the SoS website, with 82% reporting it’s

Huckabee 34.5%
McCain 31.3%
Romney 29.9%

Precincts not reporting include:

16 precincts in Chatham where McCain leads slightly
21 precincts in Clayton where Romney leads slightly
43 precincts in Cobb where Romney leads
40 precincts from DeKalb where Romney leads
194 precincts from Fulton where Romney leads
13 precincts from Gwinnett where Romney leads

10:37 pm

Fox called Georgia for Huckabee.

As of 10:06

57% reporting

Huckabee 35.3%
McCain 31.5%
Romney 28.9%

Fox and CNN show 70% reporting with identical percentages for the three candidates. Can we call Georgia for Huckabee?

As of 8:36

18% reporting

Huckabee 37.1%
McCain 32.7%
Romney 25.8%

Obama wins easily.


  1. GAWire says:

    I love how CNN keeps talking about Obama sweeping Super Tuesday, but when you look at their tracker, it has Hillary winning every state where polls have closed except GA. I mean the only next step could Wolf Blitzer wearing a Vote for Obama t-shirt.

  2. juliobarrios says:

    My guess is that Romney’s strength will be in the metro area. Cobb still has not reported and Dekalb and Fulton are notoriously late every election.

  3. juliobarrios says:

    Good call Doug, I forgot to check Gwinnett. Needless to say I don’t think we’ll know the GOP winner until the last vote is counted in Fulton.

  4. Doug Deal says:

    Maybe the WV nonsense backfired a bit on McCain.

    Helping Huckabee to take delegates is clearly a mistake if it means his supports get a boost of optimism to bring them to the polls, and showing he isn’t totally dead in the water.

    One could never know, but it could cost him a state like MO, plus give Huckabee an extra few delegates that could make him a player in a three split at the convention.

    Such an outcome would leave me overjoyed, if the other option is a McCain win.

  5. juliobarrios says:

    At this point I’d call it for Huckabee. Even with a lot of metro votes still out there, Huck’s got an awfully big lead.

  6. souldrift says:

    Oh Noooooooo, Julio, the “conservative” endorsed by the Peach Pundit crowd and by the blabbering idiots of talk radio (except Boortz, ironically..) is NOT winning…oh nooooooooooo!

  7. Doug Deal says:


    Almost all the precincts not reporting are in areas that Huckabee is coming in a distance third.

    I think either Romney or McCain catches him, as the over 200 in Fulton alone should make up the difference.

  8. juliobarrios says:


    Maybe I’ve fallen into the Fulton/Dekalb trap, although I don’t think Romney can catch up anymore…maybe McCain. It’s an awfully big lead at this point and it looks like Fulton is the only county with less than 1/2 it’s precincts still out.

    While Huckabee will come in third in Fulton, he’ll still get a decent chunk of the votes and there just aren’t enough to go around in Fulton.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Buzz, you were wrong on Huckabee winning his “last primary”. You might consider resigning from Peach Pundit now.

    In fact, you likely CAUSED Huckabee to win more primaries tonight.

  10. Doug Deal says:

    I just did a calculation, if Romney maintains his current advantage reletive to Huckabee in Fulton, Chatham and Dekalb, and McCain does the same in all those counties, it will be a very very close race before the votes are counted. Of course if those are completely non Republican precincts, then it won’t be.

    I wouldn’t call it for anyone, but would lean Huckabee.

  11. Doug Deal says:


    With the last couple of updates, I am ready to give Georgia to Huckabee, but it will end very close, and Georgia is basically a three way tie.

    I am not all that displeased with the results. My only real support is for ABM, and having Huckabee win Georgia complicates his eventual coronation, so I declare victory.

  12. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Just imagine how many votes Huckabee would have gotten in Gwinnett if Romney weren’t dragging votes away from him!!!! haha – I hope those Romney-ites enjoy that one.

  13. GOPeach says:

    MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING …. Some people actually still have principles they live by and stay devoted to no matter who mocks them and bashes them… you stay steady and lock in.

    I want to thank ALL the HUCKABEE supporters out there who voted for HUCKABEE! You were smart! We still have work to do… We are still IN IT! NEVER GIVE UP… no matter what it looks like.

  14. debbie0040 says:

    In the competition that counted the most, the Arizona senator had 613 delegates, to 269 for Romney and 190 for Huckabee in incomplete counting. It takes 1,191 to win the GOP nomination.

    peach, you’re still in what? The Huckster is still in third place in delegate count and , barring a miracle, will not be the nominee. THANK GOD!!! Peach you bragged very loudly about how the Huckster would be the nominee! Can Huckabee’s base pull off a miracle? They have not so far. Not going to happen

    The bottom line is that no candidate has received the majority vote. The evangelical vote is splitting three ways.

    McCain needs to concentrate on finding a VP now because, unless there is a dramatic turn of events, he will be the nominee. I hope he has enough sense not to pick Huckabee. Huckabee brings too much baggage. I would find it extremely difficult to support any ticket with the Huckster on it.

    Republican Presidential Nomination
    RCP Average Intrade

    McCain 42.8 95.0

    Romney 24.5 3.0

    Huckabee 18.0 2.3

    Paul 6.0 1.3

    RCP National Average: McCain +18.3

    States left and delegate count:

    W Winner Take All C Closed Primary

    Louisiana 02/09 47 C

    Washington 02/09 40

    Kansas 02/09 39 C

    Virginia 02/12 63 W

    Maryland 02/12 37 C

    District of Columbia 02/12 19 W C

    Wisconsin 02/19 40

    Texas 03/04 140

    Ohio 03/04 88

    Rhode Island 03/04 20

    Vermont 03/04 17 W

    Mississippi 03/10 39

    Pennsylvania 04/22 74 C

    North Carolina 05/06 69

    Indiana 05/06 57

    Nebraska 05/13 33

    Hawaii 05/16 20 C

    Kentucky 05/20 45 C

    Oregon 05/20 30 C

    Idaho 05/27 32

    New Mexico 06/03 32 C

    South Dakota 06/03 27 C

  15. onemadamerican says:

    Jason Pye,
    This morning you just wanta die.
    After all your bloviating and and childish name calling, where did the votes lie?
    Georgians and the South spoke and last time I looked, Huck was the guy.
    Not to steal your thunder, but I write under only name, I will speak my mind and encourage you to do the same. But if we disagree, keep it on subject, no more insults or accusations. Free speech should be the stalworth of YOUR pursuit of constitutional Liberty. I like Mike and you don’t, but he ain’t dead yet. I am still waiting to hear which candidate you are supporting?

  16. IndyInjun says:

    SC and FL are not in “the South?”

    Hackabee will win Mississippi, but where else?

    Hackabee is just as anathema to just as many folks as McCain is.

    This is why the GOP is deservedly toast.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    Georgians and the South spoke?

    No one won a majority. Huckabee won Alabama by 4%, his home state of Arkansas by 40% . The rest of the states he won was a 2 -3 % margin. Not exactly a mandate.

    Huckabee is still third in the delegate count behind Romney .

    Huckabee has proven he has no appeal outside of the Bible Belt, with the exception of Iowa. Huckabee has no appeal outside of evangelicals and only garners 1/3 rd of that support.

    The states that are left to vote are not in the Bible Belt.

    Unless the trend drastically changes, McCain will be the nominee, Romney will finish second and the Huckster a distant third.

    McCain needs to have his conservative base energized to support him. That is not happening now. Picking Huckabee as VP would not energize his base as Huckabee could only energize a third of the base and the other two thirds do not like the Huckster. Picking a VP like South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint would energize the conservative base.

    DeMint has a great record opposing illegal immigration and a great conservative record over all. DeMint could get the base excited about a McCain Presidency. DeMint is young enough to run after McCain serves four years.

  18. debbie0040 says:

    Onemadamerican, Huckabee is still third in the delegate count and the voting for the most part now turns to states outside the Bible Belt. Huckabee has proven he has no appeal outside the Bible Belt. Huckabee is dead and buried in third place.

    I support Romney, but I am resigned to a McCain candidancy and have no qualms about supporting McCain as long as Huckabee is not his VP….

    Huckabee supporters that still think the Huckster will win need to come back to reality and out of fantasy land..

  19. GOPeach says:

    Common sense says that Mike Huckabee has hurt Mitt’s presidential bid. The fact is – HUCKABEE denies Romney the votes of TRUE LIFE-LONG DIE HARD conservatives.

    Look at this….

    MSNBC polling shows that among evangelical Protestants, a core constituent group among Republicans, the vote was roughly evenly split among Romney, Huckabee, and John McCain, each polling about 30%.

    One clear conclusion of these results is that evangelicals, though conservative, cannot be regarded as a monlith.

    THAT means that it has been highly presumptuous for the Romney people to say that, were it not for Mike Huckabee’s bothersome candidacy, he would be the natural recipient of the votes of true conservatives.

    The Huckabee campaign could, with credibility, argue that it is Romney who should make way for the former Arkansas governor. Unlike Romney, Huckabee has ALWAYS BEEN PRO-LIFE and ALWAYS favored to a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman for life. Romney’s bona fides as a conservative are clearly questionable, at best.

    But, in spite of his suggestion that the Constitution be amended to conform to the Bible, Huckabee’s votes in the Bible Belt, where frontrunner John McCain has not been as strong–except in South Carolina.

  20. debbie0040 says:

    Thank God Phuckabee was stopped . You know Peach gets really irritated when we call the Huckster Phuckabee so that was for you Peach.

    There are 1008 delegates left in states that have not voted. In order to secure the nomination, McCain needs 578 of those, Romney would have to pick up 922 and Huckabee 1001. McCain will either win the nomination outright or go into a brokered convention and make a deal as the front runner. Time to face reality for supporters of other canidates.

    I have also heard Dick Armey say on the news that Texas Sen. Kay Bailey-Hutchison was being mentioned as VP for McCain.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    But he is hoping for Joseph Stalin to be the catalyst to “rebuild” the Republican Party after his 30 years of purges and gulag and death camps.

    I respect that he wants something better, but unfortunately, government is an elevator with a broken cable and failing breaks. It would be nice if we could release the brakes to fix them, but by that time things would be irrevokable worse.

  22. IndyInjun says:

    If there is a Libertarian or Constitution Party candidate on the ballot, I will vote for him/her. Even better would be a new third party along the lines of Unity 08, but that effort is lagging the ballot access time crunch.

    I have not discounted voting for Obama or Clinton, as the GOP is now the greater of evils.

    There was a good chance that I might have voted for Thompson but he stupidly dallied until his window of opportunity was lost. There was a faint chance that I might have voted for Romney.

    There is zero chance of me voting for Huckabee or McCain.

    This expresses my POV perfectly —-


  23. GOPeach says:

    Debster –

    You are simply degrading yourself when you refer to a viable and worthy candidate who was born in poverty and over came much opposition to become the only republican governor in Arkansas. He was re-elected and then followed his passion to run for president…

    You my dear will not stop him or his supporters… so you should find someone else to slander!

  24. CHelf says:

    This just in: Hillary’s campaign has just hired Debbie to begin campaigning for Obama. Hillary’s campaign is quoted as saying “you have to bring out the weapons with proven track records and Debbie is the best endorsing weapon out there. We hope she actively campaigns for Obama to help us secure the nomination.”

  25. DoubleDawg3 says:

    2 Thoughts for the day:

    1) Like Huckabee (as I do) or not, give the man some credit. He won Southern states, despite having little money and getting little to no media attention since Florida (The networks were doing their best to make it a two man race – head to head is easier to comment on then head to head to head).

    Plus, these states might still be “Southern” states, but look at Oklahoma and Missouri. He was 20,000 votes TOTAL (in both states combined) from pulling off both of these MidWestern states – again, with little money and media attention.

    I’d suggest that Kansas is a possibile Huckabee supporter this Saturday, which, even though it doesn’t have a lot of delegates will keep his name in the media – which is what he needs the most. From there, Mississippi looks like a solid Huckabee state, get the rest of the W. Virginia delegates and possibly, even Texas.

    No, I don’t think he’s going to win the nomination – but I could see him getting enough votes to end up 2nd to McCain, OR, preventing either McCain or Mitt from getting the majority (although that seems to be getting harder and harder to do b/c of McCain’s momentum).

    2) Yesterday, there was some argument between Jace and someone else about WHO exactly Huckabee was taking voters from. They wanted some statistical proof – well, here it is:


    Looks like polls show, as I’d suggested (being in this situation personally), that Huckabee backers will go for McCain at a 64% to 28% clip according to USA Today/Gallup polling. Yeah, hope that shuts those Mitt whiners up.

  26. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I should clarify some of my comment earlier…yes, he still lost Oklahoma and Missouri and since this isn’t horeshoes, close doesn’t count…BUT, can you imagine what the commentary would be today if Huckabee had pulled off Missouri AND Oklahoma too? He would have essentially won most of the south & midwest – it’s harder to argue he’s “regional” if you’re winning 2 regions.

    The Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma showings bode well for Huckabee being competitive in Kansas this weekend. Who knows about Louisiana – that one is shaping up in a crazy way (i.e. the blocking of Ron Paul delegates by the “unity” ticket – interesting)

  27. DoubleDawg3 says:

    PS: I don’t condone the anti-mormon comments on that site I linked to. I’m not one bit concerned that Mitt Romney is a Mormon – doesn’t bother me a bit.

  28. GOPeach says:

    HUCKABEE has vowed to us – his supporters to stay in until SOMEBODY get the nomination. We love him because he will not relent.

    This is so rare in politics… most people just quit once the sense they are loosing. Not HUCKABEE! He models THE POWER OF FOCUS and LOYALTY!…

    Excuse the analogy as it could really offend people but… I fear many republicans are political whores dancing around polls. They jump from one campaign’s bed to the next … whomever will make them feel good….

    The HUCKABEE supporters are not with HUCKABEE because they want to be popular or because they feel jazzed because he is RICH or he is some SAILOR …. he is a LEADER with RESOLVE…

    He knows his views will be scrutinized… and…..
    so what????

    The HUCKABEE supporters know:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  29. rugby fan says:

    “BUT, can you imagine what the commentary would be today if Huckabee had pulled off Missouri AND Oklahoma too”

    Yes. It would be something along the lines of “McCain has commanding lead over Romney”.

  30. jeffgator says:

    Best news coming out of GA was that Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson were left standing out in the cold with the “A vote for McCain is a vote for ‘my friend'” sandwich signs.

    Ha ha ha ha – go back up to Washington and please please please DO NOTHING!

  31. jeffgator says:

    GOPeach – Huckabee has been mathematically eliminated from the nomination – take 2 minutes to look at the remaining states – see?

    Huckabee is one of John McCain’s useful idiots right now and will likely earn his way to the VP on the ticket. And, of course, if needed at the convention, Huckabee will fall all over himself to pledge his delegates to McCain to push McCain over the top.

    For Huckabee to continue to claim that he has a path to the nomination through claiming delegates in the remaining contests is factually dishonest on its face.

  32. DoubleDawg3 says:

    You SURE about that Rugby? Add 90 delegates to Huckabee’s delgate count (which is what McCain got for winning Oklahoma & Missouri) and the Huckster is in 2nd …but McCain still has a commanding lead. But still, Huckabee would be getting even more press.

    *This is using the RCP Delegate Count – which is the best collective average in my opinion.

  33. DoubleDawg3 says:

    jeffgator – I will agree, Huckabee has no chance at jumping McCain, you are right about that. I think MOST Huckabee voters are going for him on the hope that he does well enough that he is involved, someway, somehow in the General (which essentially means VP for all practical purposes).

    BUT – I don’t think McCain will pick Huckabee though. Gov. Crist is looking more and more like the guy I think McCain will go with (considering he’s on the campaign trail with McCain a lot as of late).

  34. drjay says:

    crist won’t be the vp–only 2 years as guv and questions about his personal life and a perception as also being more of a moderate–mccain is going to have to go w/ a solid, respected, even loved traditional conservative to to try to forestall a fracturing of the party–i would say thompson was the obvious choice if he had not sunk it up so bad as a prez candiate himself…

  35. GOPeach says:

    HUCKABEE will not “be put” on anything!

    He still can take Texas, Louisiana, and Kansas…
    Then there are the delegates who can be challenged…

    We will not QUIT! It is not over.

  36. Jace Walden says:

    At this point, I really want Huckabee to stay in. The more I hear Romney speak, the more I can’t stand Romney. Even though I can’t stand Huckabee, Romney has to be worse. I hope Tax Hike Mike beats Mitt John Kerry Romney.

  37. Bill Simon says:

    Romney IS worse. If you cannot recognize a plastic candidate when you first see him, then you need to close your eyes and sniff…that burning smell is the Romney Action-Figure morphing into another form.

  38. Rick Day says:

    I am so good. Am I not good?

    Did I not predict this exact finish (30-30-30) on this blog last weekend? Did I not??

    Your lack of unity is the only thing uniform about this Grand Old Party ™.

    Shall we all get used to saying “Madame President” yet?

  39. debbie0040 says:

    PEach said,”GOPeach // Feb 6, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Debster –

    You are simply degrading yourself when you refer to a viable and worthy candidate who was born in poverty and over came much opposition to become the only republican governor in Arkansas. He was re-elected and then followed his passion to run for president…”

    Except for the Republican part, he sounds much like Bill Clinton, except Phuckabee raised taxes more than Clinton did.

    There is no way for the Huckster to win… He is fighting for 2nd place now-

  40. jeffgator says:

    GOPeach – You’re right, Huckabee can still win this on the merits.

    Just need Mitt to get hit by a bus and McCain to go down in his sixth plane crash.

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