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I will be sending campaign contributions to Tom Graves, Martin Scott, Doug Collins, and John Meadows as soon as the session is over.

People who stand up for principles over douchebaggery deserve support.


  1. Had Enough says:

    Absolutely! It’s time to end the Murphy wannabes reign of terror.

    grow up house leadership, and fast. Or your days are numbered.

  2. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Yes – we ALL need to send these guys some $. I’m sure that Glenn will try to recruit someone to run against them, then get his lobbyists friends to donate to their rivals. He knows that he needs to beat these guys, or else these Rep’s are part of the small group of R’s that it would take to join with the Dem’s to end his reign of terror over the House!

    How FITTING would it be if Tom Graves became Speaker after all this? If he did, I’d stick Glenn Richardson in the dang Archives Building a few blocks away!

  3. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Yeah, Dallas, TX would be a nice place for Glenn! (Dallas, Georgia IS a little too close to Atlanta…I mean, I don’t want him anywhere near our gov’t). haha

  4. albert says:

    I know Tom Graves. Tom Graves is a friend of mine. Mr. Speaker, you’re no Tom Graves!

    As a friend once told me, “be careful who you piss on or piss off. Friends come and go, but enemies pile up.”

    Georgians paid a dear price tag for your hissy fits last year. It looks like we’re going to pay for it again. I was intrigued about your tax overhaul proposal. But as it stands now, you can shove it up your pearly white ass.

  5. albert says:

    Tom really isn’t a friend, know who the guy is, but it sounded good. The speaker can still shove his proposal up his rear end.

  6. Brian Laurens says:

    Tom is a great guy. He had opposition last time with Pickering, and I am sure the Speaker will be behind him (Pickering) this time. Lets make sure these guys are well funded.

  7. juliobarrios says:

    Don’t be so sure that the Speaker is going to campaign against these guys, that would really infuriate the others in the caucus. I don’t agree with what the Speaker did, but it’s his version of Caucus discipline and a long way from trying to throw you out of office.

    Besides, it’s probably just temporary. Richardson only punished the guys who went soft on the veto overrides for a couple of days, and that was far more of a betrayal of all the House members than the DOT vote.

  8. The Comma Guy says:

    Having to pack up your office and move, on top of being stripped of your committee leadership responsibilities is not the Georgia legislative equivalent of sitting on the naughty step or in time out. This a move for the rest of the session. If Graves and company are back next year, they might get some things back if the Tax Jesus wills it. But not this year while he still wields the gavel.

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