The small-mindedness of Glenn Richardson

I find it distasteful to be so down on a fellow Republican, but I cannot help but be with news like this, as noted originally by Peach Pundit.

House Speaker Glenn Richardson stripped Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ranger, of his elite position as a House ‘hawk” and booted him out of his Capitol office Friday for voting to support the re-election of DOT Chairman Mike Evans to his seat on the board.

More punishment may be in the offing for 9th District House members who voted for Evans, Clelia Davis, a spokeswoman for Richardson, said.

She said the House leadership backed Richardson in imposing discipline on the caucus.

“The Speaker made the decision and the House leadership fully supported it,” she said.

The position of Hawk carries high prestige in the House. A hawk can drop in on any committee and cast a vote to help or defeat a bill for the leadership when the vote is close.

The Speaker has presided over a frat house, not a legislative house. He’s dished out discipline when someone fails to line up with him on ancillary issues1. He has tried to put his friends in plumb positions. And he has failed.

There surely has to be a Republican more competent, able to keep his pants on around female lobbyists, and more mature than the present Speaker of the House.

Having been one of the few elected local officials on the verge of supporting his tax plan, I now stand in opposition to it. It would be a dangerous day for the state were we to accede to this man’s tax plan — a plan that would give him even more power.

Glenn Richardson has proven he cannot be trusted with the power of his office. He uses it for too many small minded purposes. And small minded leaders are dangerous creatures.

  1. I can see enforcing party discipline on issues directly relevant to the office, but the DOT Board positions are wholly ancillary to anything other than the Speaker trying to stack positions in third party organizations for his own interests. Enforce party line on veto overrides? Yes, legitimate to the clout of the party and legislative body. Enforce a vote to pick off one of the Speaker’s rivals? An ancillary issue only given prominence by the Speaker’s own personal pettiness.


  1. drjay says:

    “But only now are they coming to realize that Graves had been running the House Ways and Means subcommittee in which Richardson’s GREAT plan now resides. And the bill to eliminate school property taxes hasn’t generated a great deal of traction.”

    the insider guys are reporting this little nugget this a.m. about rep. graves and his punishment-so maybe this is just a cover story to get someone else in this spot for the speaker’s stupid great plan???

  2. drjay says:

    and honestly didn’t murphy used to strip people of positions and hand down similar punishments when it was his feifdom???

    i seem to remember former state rep tom bordeauz of sav’h having such a thing happen to him back in the day…

  3. albert says:

    This man is a dork. I wonder what the run up in costs of the sessions under this man’s watch. He’s squirrely and needs to back to Hiram.

  4. StevePerkins says:

    Partisan types buy into this make-believe fantasy that things would be a utopia if only this-party or that-party could take absolute control. Nonsense… whenever ANY party has absolute control, they pretty much do the exact same thing as the other party would.

    Since long before I was born, Georgia was a one-party state in the hands of the Democrats… and things ran pretty much exactly like this. In 2008, most of today’s Republicans were yesterday’s Democrats, and the only thing that’s changed is the label. Not even the Speaker’s home district has changed! I would be so bold as to say that Glenn isn’t any more incompetent than Murphy was… Murphy never had to contend with bloggers publicizing constant leaks that the old press would have ignored.

    My personal utopia would be for political parties to fade into obscurity, and political leaders to think independently and be forced to form coalitions on individual issues. Unfortunately though, humans are humans, and most people just want to be part of a group and be told what to do.

  5. Tea Party says:

    Interesting points Steve.

    Sadly, both Parties have morphed into masters of ‘sound bite’ polemics and neither Party is fiscally conservative, actively attacking true social issues, or looking past the next four years.

    Today a GOP Rep. remarked it is a sad day for the GOP, when the Dems are acting ‘fiscally conservative’ alluding to their role in the thrice failed Dunwoody legislation.

    Today, legislators can carve their District and pick the voters that support them.

    “We have seen the enemy – They are us.” -POGO

  6. Icarus says:

    “and honestly didn’t Murphy used to strip people of positions and hand down similar punishments when it was his fiefdom???”

    Yes, Dr. Jay, it is. And it’s the kind of crap that Republicans ran against during the 90’s and early 00’s. The House leadership that “fully supported” this move are the same guys that tried to tell us last year that spending $700 Million in pork projects was somehow the best way to return money to the tax payers of Georgia.

    With every small minded act, the Speaker is demonstrating that the House hasn’t changed their ways, they’ve just changed their label.

  7. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “My personal utopia would be for political parties to fade into obscurity, and political leaders to think independently and be forced to form coalitions on individual issues. Unfortunately though, humans are humans, and most people just want to be part of a group and be told what to do.”

    Quite possibly the most insightful thing ever written here…too bad for us that will never happen 🙁

  8. Redcatcher says:

    Steve Perkins I agree with you. However, if we must have parties how about a conservative party and a liberal party. Choose your poison and then stick to it. If you are a true conservative then be that and the same for liberals. I am afraid that we might end up with a bunch of religious nuts in one party and bed wetters in the other. Maybe liberterian is the answer.

  9. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Icarus – exactly right! The GOP moaned and groaned for decades about the tyrannical rule of Tom Murphy over the House…now those little weasels that are leading the house are acting the exact same way. It’s pathetic and disgusting.

    Almost as disgusting as those House members that continue to let Glenn Richardson boss them around like little bitches. Stand up to the man…it only takes a handful of them to get him out of the position and when he’s gone from that Speaker’s chair, all the money and influence he might have now is gone with him. Corporate donations are quick to dry up when you’re not the top dog anymore.

  10. housecreek says:

    The House is only as powerful as it’s Speaker. Party discipline and House discipline on matters like these matter significantly. The Speaker, whether Richardson or not, are supposed to take the heat for the rest of the House. Richardson is only playing the role he was elected to play.
    There are several accounts of Newt, and Hastert playing these roles, as well as Murphy and Coleman. Some members get the joke, others don’t. They would rather die on the sword as a martyr than be loyal to the House and the rules which give them a voice and power in state government. It is not a pretty sight to watch, but necessary none the less.

  11. Icarus says:


    That is perhaps the biggest load of self serving BS that’s ever been posted on Peach Pundit.

    I’m going to wait a moment and let that one sink in.

    I’m pretty sure when you ask a Georgia voted when they select their state Rep, they’re not going to tell you that “loyalty to the house” is their top concern. Or in the top 10. Dare I say, it’s not a concern at all.

    Republicans campaigned AGAINST this kind of government when they were in the minority. I know this, because I spent well over a decade in various capacities trying to make sure this change happend.

    We promised open, honest, and ethical government. We didn’t promise a Speaker with even more power than Tom Murphy (Hawks? WTF?), we didn’t promise a continuation of using pork in the mid-year supplemental budget to reward the loyal, and we didn’t promise a Speaker that has to throw a temper tantrum every week to show he’s on equal footing with the governor (he’s not).

    The people of Georgia put you there not to serve each other in the house, but to serve the people of Georgia. If you can’t get a grasp on that soon, the same people who put you there will take you out.

  12. The Comma Guy says:

    Icarus has made some great points on this thread. The only saving grace for the GOP is that there aren’t enough competent Democrats (or folks who currently call themselves Democrats) left in Georgia to mount a challenge to their power. Imagine what would happen if the Dems could actually get their act together and organized before the next election. While the programs and policies would not change, at least we would not be surprised when we heard them.

  13. Shakin the bush boss says:

    I’m going to cut the Speaker a little slack. He went to his best friend’s funeral today and has two more to attend on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  14. SugarHillDad says:

    Why give him a break. He found the time to punish 3 Rep’s today on top of finding the time to go to a funeral.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    It would probably have been a different outcome if the yahoos had put up someone with A BRAIN rather than a moron like Stacey “All these lobbyists are my true friends and would spend money on me anyway” Reece as their candidate.

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