The Coming Rebellion

Thanks to the inept, corrupt, and old school handling of the House by the Speaker, I predict very soon you will see the makings of a rebellion to depose him.

In fact, I know have five separate sources saying the first shot will be fired within the next few days.

The movement to toss the Speaker has begun in earnest among some of his otherwise good friends. And it is a bipartisan movement. Even some of the Democrats, who’d otherwise love to see this intra-party fight, have decided the Speaker’s actions have soiled the reputation of the whole House and he must be held accountable.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    BUT, just in case they need a plan, they need to consider the following to layout:

    1) A good spot for a “Rebel Base”
    2) Some robots that can carry messages between the Rebels.
    3) A way to crack the code of the evil Hawks
    4) Some really loud speakers to play Flight of The Bumblebee over every single morning right before The Speaker and the Hawks take their seats to call the House to order.
    5) Some Rebel disguises (note: check with the flaggers…they probably have some Rebel stuff handy).
    6) A few Rebel-friendly lobbyists.

    Well, this is all I have off the top of my head…I’m sure others can come-up with some good ideas for the Rebels to bring down the Death Star.

  2. Shakin the bush boss says:

    As Al Burris, DeBose Porter, and Larry Walker all learned (painfully) if you are going to take on the king, you’d better kill him. There are no second place awards. It would take a strong base of existing chairs who would risk their power. Another reminder….each of the three men above all thought they had enough votes to win….and all fell far short.

  3. crazy_bastard says:

    If the DOT vote had gone the other way, you would have seen the same thing in the Senate. I’ve hearing for at least two weeks that not only did Casey Cagle threaten his own Senators with their Chairmanships (most of the Senators in the 9th were Chairman), legislation, budgets, etc., but he threatened House members as well.

  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I have it on good authority that the plan is to use a free case of Jager to lure Glenn out of his office, lock the door behind him, and the change the locks.

  5. Icarus says:

    Bill, I think the only chance in the near future to remove Glenn is with the assistance of Burkhalter and/or Keen. I’m not sure either would give in to the other one, though it’s possible that Keen’s recent marker about running for the U.S. Senate may indicate some deal for Burkhalter to take over.

  6. eburke says:

    If Cagle gets drunk on power then the voters of Georgia will vote him out. However only the voters of one district plus a hundred scared State Reps keep Richardson’s BS going.

  7. rightofcenter says:

    I doubt it, too, Bill. That doesn’t seem to be Casey’s M.O. In fact, after speaking with a couple of senators last week, I think they do sit around every morning and sing Kum-Ba-Ya (both repubs and dems). In contrast, sounds like a pretty good idea.

  8. eburke says:

    That has been my impression of Casey Cagle as well. I hope that he stays humble and it doesn’t get to him.

  9. Old Vet says:

    Any ideas on how this rebellion is to take place? I’ve looked on line and don’t see any provisions in the Constitution, general law, or House rules for unelecting a Speaker. Of course, someone could make an ethics complaint, but that would be messier than most have the stomach for.

  10. Steve Garveys Child says:

    It would seem to me that the best way is for the chairmen and those with any integrity and/or character at all to simply refuse to act. No committee meetings, no votes, no nothing – simply refuse to act. If the Almighty One throws one out, then the next one does nothing either. They simply paralyze the House until he leaves.

    Of course, like a battering husband, I predict that he would pull a Swaggart, apologize, promise to change, and then start all over again, beginning with the flogging of those who dared oppose his omnipotent will.

  11. crazy_bastard says:

    I find it interesting to read this board and the almost unwavering support of Casey Cagle. This man has yet to make his own mind up about an issue, so he just defers to whatever is the least controversial. That is not leadership, that is the status quo, and what what the Republicans of Georgia set out to change earlier this decade.

    It seems as though your Speaker is standing up for what he believes in.

  12. Icarus says:

    “It seems as though your Speaker is standing up for what he believes in.”

    Oh, he is.

    The problem is, what he appears to believe in is his own unquestioned power.

  13. jsm says:

    It seems as though your Speaker is standing up for what he believes in.

    Hey crazy, explain to all of us what you think he believes in, especially in regard to his pick, Reece.

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