Senators back Senator

As discussed and speculated on here before, Senators Isakson and Chambliss both endorsed John McCain at tonight’s rally. Not much else to report other than the crowds was probably around 1000 people and they had to expand the ball room at the last minute to fill in the crowd.

If you’d asked me a year ago if McCain would be in the race come Feb, I’d have laughed. I’ve got to hand it to Bull Moose – he was right and I was wrong.


  1. I was also told by Isakson’s office that he would not make any endorsements on Thurs. I spoke to, Jason, Isakson’s Field Rep at the Capitol on Friday along with Rep Lunsford and Jason echoed that it was just a rumor and that Senator Isakson would not make an endorsement for McCain.

    Senator Isakson was supposed to be in Henry County tonight starting at 5pm for a private event with the delegation and the Henry County GOP. This was canceled after scheduling over a month in advance!

    However, Senator Isakson did finally make it down to Henry County a little after 7pm for the Chamber dinner.

    Funny he didnt mention his endorsement. I can not express enough my disappointment with his actions this week.

  2. IndyInjun says:

    Steve Davis,

    What else is new? These two long ago abandoned the precepts of conservatism supposedly the foundations of the GOP.

    Their assaults on conservatism have been cataloged here before and do not bear repeating.

    They are the reason the party deserves execution hopefully on the way to a conservative rebirth.

  3. GOPeach says:

    Saxby & Johnny lied!

    I will never forget that. They both lied on my dime. I am forced to pay INCOME TAX so they can lie to me and several other friends of mine.

    HERMAN CAIN pleeeeeeeeeeeze Run again for US Senate.

  4. Icarus says:

    I, for one, now feel very comfortable about the bright political futures of Saxby and Johnny.

    With GOPeach totally against them, how can they lose?

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Well, just finally home from the event. Funny folks, over 1700 enthusiastic supporters today would probably say that McCain is who they want for their next President.

    Sounds like we may want to look up the definition of conservative if we’re going to start painting Johnny and Saxby out of the definition.

    Some of you need a refresher on what it means to be a conservative…

  6. IndyInjun says:

    “Sounds like we may want to look up the definition of conservative if we’re going to start painting Johnny and Saxby out of the definition.”


    Both voted for Medicare D and NCLB. Both voted for war on a Chinese National Bank credit card. Both voted for Bush spending gushers that led to a 70% increase in social programs and doubling of the Department of Education.

    This is not only the OPPOSITE of what it supposedly means to be REPUBLICAN, but it is expansion of socialism far grander than the Dems dreamed of, let alone pulled off, in the last FORTY YEARS of their control!!!!!

    You guys are socialists, too.

    Fess up for you are branded by the votes and the company you keep.

  7. Brian Laurens says:

    Their offices lied to me also. I even asked Andrew Dill (a field rep for Johnny) in person at the Bill Clinton event, and point blank said Johnny is not endorsing. To bad they that they can not tell the truth.

  8. Romegaguy says:

    Maybe …
    1) Johnny and Saxby hadnt told their staff, or
    2) They had told their staff but the staff were under orders not to tell anyone

    I mean outside of Rep Davis, why do some of you really think that a US Senator owed it to you to tell you about their endorsement before they made it public? Seriously.

  9. joltenjoe says:

    “Both voted for Medicare D and NCLB. Both voted for war on a Chinese National Bank credit card. Both voted for Bush spending gushers that led to a 70% increase in social programs and doubling of the Department of Education. ”

    As did most of our Republican Reps.

    I was hoping Bob Barr would come back and run against Saxby. I was also hoping someone would come and run against all of our Reps (Republican somebody) and we could happily throw them out of office.

    Thats right! Throw them out, despite the fact they’d vote for the fair tax.

  10. To be clear. I did not say that anyone of these employees lied to me. However, what I was told was inaccurate and that is unfortunate.

    What is more disappointing is why they would feel the need to not simply tell us they were endorsing a close friend instead of all this secret covert 11 th hour endorsement junk.

    They are entitled to their own opinions regardless of how misguided it might be and they seem to have a short memory with the immigration issue. Just 18 months ago when a certain immigration bill was being proposed in the US Senate by McCain and his closest Democrat friends and it was made abundantly clear to our Senators by members of the Georgia House Republican Caucus and by members of the party we wanted no part of this amnesty plan. I even remember Senator Chambliss getting booed at the 2006 convention over this issue!

    They have made the mistake of endorsing a man that supports amnesty, voted against tax cuts, co-authored the unconstitutional campaign reform bill, is against the permenant repeal of the death tax, and wants to impose energy restrictions and regulations that would cripple the American economy. His own momma said we should just “hold our nose and vote for him.” Thats a great endorsement!

    All this garbage about McCain being the only one that can beat Hillary is hogwash. I believe McCain will tear our party apart and he is the only one that can not win in November.

    Vote Mitt Romney tomorrow!

  11. rightofcenter says:

    No, Rep. Davis, perhaps they have minds of their own and don’t take their positions straight from Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. Perhaps they believe that the war on Islamofascism is the most important issue facing our country and believe that Sen. McCain is head and shoulders better able to lead us in this effort than Mitt Romney. Perhaps they appreciate that Sen. McCain’s sons are actually in our military and putting their lives on the line because they have his gene of courage and patriotism. Perhaps they appreciate his longstanding fight against political pork and wasteful government spending. Perhaps they looked at the competition (Romney) and saw a person who has been a moderate all his life try to morph into a conservative overnight just to please the “movement” conservatives (and movement is an appropriate name for them because they remind me of a bowel movement) and gain their support (apparently, it worked. They’re not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, you know). Perhaps they recognize his character and honor and just aren’t sure about Romney. But have fun campaigning with Ann Coulter for Hillary when McCain is our nominee. And then tell me again who is tearing apart our party.

  12. jsm says:

    I just got an email from Alec Poitevint saying that he’s on the McCain bandwagon, too.

    The spinelessness of GOP leadership is astounding.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Alec has been on McCain’s “bandwagon” from the very start a year or so ago. Don’t know if you define that as being “on” the bandwagon as much as driving the bandwagon.

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