Important Matters of State

The Georgia House has adopted a resolution urging the NCAA to adopt a playoff system for football. It passed 151-9. Presumably the nine were opposed on the principle of not wasting time.


  1. Jace Walden says:

    Unfortunately, the 9 who voted against it will be stripped of their committee assignments.

    What kind of pointless BS is this, and which pointless BS legislator even bothered wasting time and paper with this pointless BS crap that the NCAA Commissioner is going to use for toilet paper?

  2. Icarus says:

    The NCAA can afford really good toilet paper. They don’t need to bother with the Soviet grade stuff the GA House produces.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Bill, if the drafters wanted us in the CLOB to have our buttholes tornout by poor quality toilet paper, then they specifically would have written that into the Constitution. Therefore, poor quality, ass tearing toilet paper is Unconstitutional.

  4. Icarus says:

    At this point, I can only imagine Erick shaking his head. (if he ever actually reads PeachPundit any more.)

    He puts up threads and they devolve into discussions of college football.

    So he throws us a college football thread, and it’s a graphical detailed discussion of toilet paper.

    Well done PeachPunditry! Expect the unexpected.

  5. Icarus says:


    No need to rain excrement upon my head, I think it’s hillarious.

    I’m not familiar with the PATS brand, however. Better than Charmin?

  6. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Getting back to the topic – SERIOUSLY, our legislator’s wasted an entire legislative day on THIS? How much does one legislative day cost – whatever that amount is, it was basically just thrown down the drain. This is complete crap – yet another shining example of the “excellent” leadership we have in the House who settled on such an important calendar for the day!

    Can we amend the Constitution to give the legislators 30 days at the Capitol, not 40? I mean, heck, if they’re going to waste a day like this – we don’t need to be paying for it. Besides, having them there for 10 less days just means hundreds of less pointless bills get passed simply b/c they have to have something to do while they are there and hours and hours of legislators talking just to hear themselves talk would be avoided – causing all Georgians to rejoice!

  7. Donkey Kong says:

    “Jace, can you find me anywhere in the Georgia Constitution where you have a right to soft toilet paper?”


    I wonder if Bobby Franklin was one of those nine. I love Rep Franklin!!

  8. AubieTurtle says:

    Actually this was a brilliant political move. The parking lot gun bill was pretty much killed this morning. How best to keep it from coming back from the grave? Distract everyone with college football! There isn’t much in this state that incites more passion than that.

    Interesting question: if Georgians were forced to give up either guns or college football, which would they choose?

  9. Lee Benedict says:

    Who in thee hell proposed this piece of legislation? Who seconded the motion? This has to be the biggest waste of time and money, and, a national disgrace. If they have nothing better to do, pack it up and go home and save us the $153/day stipend each legislator receives while in session.
    Seriously, this is HB # what, and who sponsored it?

  10. Rick Day says:

    If pandering to the lowest common denominator were a felony, there would be 151 indictments handed out over this.

    If you guys can’t find better things to ram through the system, perhaps we can elect a whole new crop who can.

  11. eburke says:

    Why in the hell is our General Assembly voting on crap like this when 1) they have no control over the issue and 2) we have serious issues like running out of water, traffic gridlock, the economic vitality of the state if we don’t deal with these real issues.

    I am fed up with the current leadership of the House of Representatives.

  12. eschristian says:

    Although I do believe NCAA needs a playoff system for football – speaking as an Auburn fan (yes we were screwed by the system – went undefeated and no chance for the title game) and this year UGA was screwed by the system but that is the NCAA system not our states system??? I don’t get why this was even voted on by our state – just put out a statement if it is because of what happened to UGA this year – get those who support it to type up a letter and mail it to the NCAA not taking up a whole day for this from our states time ???

  13. Lee Benedict says:

    I can just hear Jeff Foxworthy now – “If your state government passes resolutions on the BCS…”
    How about Bill Engvall – “Hey Representative. You goin’ to debate taxes, education, and the water war we’re havin’ with other states? Nope. We’re gonna debate the BCS. There’s your sign.”
    How pathetic…I hope voters remember this in November!

  14. Redcatcher says:

    This was a resolution not a bill and certainly not one of the more stupid ones that occurs during the session. Look at some of the resolutions they pass every day. How much is just paper and reproduction do these thing cost? It is a waste.

  15. eburke says:

    I can’t stand hearing how locals waste tax money when the General Assembly is being so responsible with my taxes while they are in Atlanta.

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