GDOT Board Election

The results are in, according to my source.

Evans – 13
Reece – 10

[UPDATE] I should probably rename this post “The Speaker’s bad day.”

Allen – 11
Anderson – 11
???? – 5

Second vote:
Anderson – 15
Allen – 11


  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    This is wonderful news! However, I’m worried about the House members that voted for Mike…you know that King Glenn is going to find out who went against him and then what will he do? Strip them of their committee positions, never let their bills out of the Rules committee? It’s disgusting to think what these fine Representative will suffer b/c they voted for the best man for the job.

  2. Tommy_a2b says:

    I can not wait to see the Speakers reaction. If members of the house who voted against the wishes of the speaker get demoted I would bet we will have a new speaker next year. Chairman Ehrhart do you care to comment?

  3. DoubleDawg3 says:

    That Rayborn Anderson had to win in the 2nd round shows that the Speaker and his cronies have been lying all along – they WERE in fact supporting a Democrat.

    This is insane…when are 15 +/- House Republicans going to wake up and see that Richardson is simply trying to become another Tom Murphy, and vote with the Dems to get a GOP Speaker that isn’t consumed with having power 2nd only to God himself?

  4. Still Looking says:

    Now can we get down to doing the people business about transportation? What a sad display of leadership. When you resort to brinksmanship, you’ve failed.

  5. RuralDem says:


    Can you find out anything about the seat held by Billy Langdale? It’s the District 2 seat and from what I understand Mr. Langdale is retiring.

    I heard rumors that former Rep and DOT member Ward Edwards from Taylor County was running for the seat.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    The Speaker is having a great day – he has endorsed McCain! McCain is going to go on to win the election in November and McCain is LOYAL.

  7. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Notice that he endorsed McCain after McCain’s big win in Florida and the recent Georgia polls show him comfortably in 1st. Guess he had to be on the winning side of something, for once!

  8. DoubleDawg3 says:


    He had to have been supporting the Dem candidates, at least at some point in time (until the media found out about it and people on blogs starting commenting on it). That particular district, if I recall correctly, is a 50/50 split of GOP/Democratic representation (14 GOP & 14 DEM), thus, but you’ll notice that in the 1st ballot, Anderson would have gotten less than 50%, thus some Republicans voted for one of the two Democrats.

    NOW, what on EARTH could make a Republican vote to elect a Democrat to perhaps the State’s most powerful board…hum?

    I think that a few weeks, the plan was probably to push all GOP members to defeat Rayborn Anderson as well…but Richardson and Keen might have backed off in the past few days, after the story broke (I mean, what else would have explained a Republican legislature with a 50/50 split in the district, electing a Democrat to the DOT).

    Plus, the AJC Insider had reported that Regina Thomas had (somewhat) openly endorsed Anderson at Savannah Day – so that’s likely one Dem vote for the GOP candidate right there (showing one more Republican may have voted against him).

    In one case, I wish these votes had been open for everyone to see. I mean, I think the Mike Evans backers would have still supported Mike Evans (b/c they know that most of us, who elect them, in the 9th district really like Mike and appreciate the job he is doing) despite the pressure from Richardson (I mean, how secret is it anyway – he’s already gotten Graves for his vote), AND it would have revealed to us which GOP members voted to oust Rayborn Anderson and put a Democrat on the board (that would have been perfect fuel for a GOP Primary Challenge against all of those defecting Republicans, which if we were lucky, would have gotten rid of one or two of Glenn’s little “lapdogs” as PeachPundit likes to say so often).

  9. Had Enough says:

    the House leadership was trying to elect Ben Allen until they got found out. And they decided to put all their political power behind an ethically challenged fool. They lost, actually, got their behinds whooped!

    it’s time for a change in the entire House leadership. They all need to go. they have embarrassed our state for too long.

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