My favorite Peach Pundit idiot comment ever

Found here.

erik erikson destroys any credibility on this site – to say something like that about Jimmy Carter? – especially with eriksons WAY off the table right wing propaganda – readers of this site – get rid of erik erikson and do the citizens of GA a favor – sheeesh

Every time I think I need to stop baiting people with that line about Carter History’s Greatest Monster, it just generates new fodder for laughs.

By the way, I did check and that does not appear to be the Speaker writing in.


  1. Jace Walden says:


    You’re absolutely right. This guy is a fool. He’s a moron. I mean to think that after running a website that has had its mouth firmly planted on the Bush Administrations dong for as long as I can remember, and after saying that Democrats rejoice in the streets when a soldier dies…to think that you had any credibility left to destroy. Yeah, what an idiot.

  2. StevePerkins says:

    I disagree with tons of Carter’s politics, but the passionate HATRED for the man puzzles me. It’s like a Chicago fan harping on how bad Rex Grossman effed-up… when they should occasionally take a step back and harp on the fact that, hey, WE made it to the Super Bowl while all the other teams could only wish for the opportunity to eff up. How about a little State pride, folks? Of course, I’m in the 5% of Peach Pundit posters who actually ARE from Georgia… so maybe my perspective is colored accordingly.

  3. Bill_k says:

    Not only did you put your foot in your mouth with your totally over-the-top insult of our former president, you then try to defend it by insulting someone who calls you on it.

    Face facts, Erick. You were wrong. Period. End of story. You can say Carter was a bad president. You can question his policies. You can point out his mistakes. What you cannot do is mouth off like you did about a devout Christian, military veteran, ex-President of the greatest country in the world that still to this day does charity work and peace-keeping missions.

    You need to apologize.

  4. Icarus says:

    “What you cannot do is mouth off like you did about a devout Christian, military veteran, ex-President of the greatest country in the world that still to this day does charity work and peace-keeping missions. ”

    Serious question here: Why not? It’s his freaking blog.

  5. Still Looking says:

    The world and internet has way too much “baiting”. It is this kind of comment that leads to the un-civil behavior and discource that is so persavise. Just because you can say it, doesn’t mean you should say it. It was an obnoxious comment in bad taste and poor manners. An apology is appropriate.

  6. Doug Deal says:


    People like Erick are the single problem with the Republican party. He is the poster child of the political operative that drives moderates, independents and different flavors conservatives to stay home or vote Democratic, Buchanon or Perot.

    Carter WAS a horrible President. Carter helped the world’s butchers with his bumbling foreign policy and help destroy a a decade of American prosperity. Still, Erick’s juvenile use of bombastic comments makes Carter look like a victim by comparison. One day Erick will realize that he isn’t 14 anymore, and is supposed to be an elected official. But, it is Erick’s blog, and he can do with it what he wants.

  7. souldrift says:

    Icarus – how about because it’s hard to retain credibility if you are a “conservative” but you have so little respect for former Presidents?

    I agree with the comment. This site, which claims to be non-partisan, is FULL of right wing propaganda.

  8. Icarus says:


    People on the left often find it inconvenient to remember private property rights. Erick is told that he “cannot” do something, because it offends them. Wrong. It’s his blog.

    You guys usually are good about remembering free speech rights. Until you disagree with someone’s speech. Then you want to label it “hate speech” and have it outlawed.

    And then, when you start losing an argument, you tend to blame those evil right wingers and their propaganda.

    But a quick look to the right (I know it’s hard for you to look to the right, but work with me here), and you’ll see Andre Walker, Bobby Kahn, DecaturGuy, and SpaceyG.

    Regular posters include the likes of something called “God Hates Trash”, Chris is Hardcore, yourself, and quite a few others.

    So, quit whining, suck it up, and either participate or not.

  9. StevePerkins says:

    This site, which claims to be non-partisan, is FULL of right wing propaganda.

    I’ve never heard anyone claim that Peach Pundit was “non partisan”. It’s more accurate to describe it as “multi-partisan”. Sure, there’s a lot of right-wing propaganda here… but Georgia is a fairly right-wing state. Outside of Fulton and Dekalb, even our Democrats would be Republican in most states. The plain fact of the matter is that the Dems are extremely weak in this state, such that even the Libertarians are more active and visible online than they are.

    Erick, for all his MANY flaws, does go out of his way to welcome opposing viewpoints to the front-page poster list. When that crappy “Peach Pulpit” site published a pretty childish and belligerent post slamming this site, Erick responded by adding them to the blogroll (it didn’t help them attract viewers, and the site no longer exists now).

    Besides, if you can say that the GOP gets more praise than criticism on Peach Pundit, we’re somehow reading very different sites.

  10. Still Looking says:

    It (History’s Greatest Monster) was a dumb label. It was by Erick’s own adminission “baiting”. It was made to incite and it has. “So, quit whining, suck it up,” and take the criticism the over-the-top comment deserves. Nobody, not even the Erick, is defending or supporting the actual words.

  11. GodHatesTrash says:

    I thought that Babs Bush was History’s Greatest Monster. (That’s one butt ugly woman! Why did George H.W. Bush marry his grandmother???)

    And look what she spawned! Ke-rist!

  12. michaellmcgill says:

    wait – bait goes both ways? uuumm – now I’ ve been called an idiot by a guy that represents me on city council – I bet I get great mileage on that one – lol

  13. BubbaRich says:

    Odd. I read the post he said that it, and although I’m a flaming lib by PP standards, it never even occurred to me that it might be a serious insult. A serious insult like that would hurt the person who made it far worse than the person they directed it at, like saying that “Bush is worse than Hitler” or something like that. I took it as intended irony, and gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was mocking people who would say something like that.

    He did draw a few people out to say it seriously, though, but you can just laugh at that.

  14. Donkey Kong says:

    Ha! So it really is true! Liberals don’t have a sense of humor!!

    Seriously folks. There is a big difference between Erick calling Carter history’s biggest monster and the Kos’ites calling Bush the next Hitler — Erick is actually joking.

    What’s a joke, you ask?

    Per Merriam-Webster:

    1 a: something said or done to provoke laughter; especially : a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist
    b (1): the humorous or ridiculous element in something (2): an instance of jesting : kidding
    c: practical joke
    d: laughingstock
    2: something not to be taken seriously : a trifling matter

    Hope this helps.

    With love,

    P.S. A strong argument could also be made that Erick’s use of “History’s Greatest Monster” could also be considered a hyperbole — a literary exaggeration. Perhaps Spacy can provide some light on this. Such a quandary!

  15. Jace Walden says:

    Donkey Kong,

    That is kind of the point. The use of this type of stale, bitter hyperbole doesn’t make Erick any better than those idiots who say stuff like “Bushitler” and “Republikkkans”.

    It makes him the same as them.

  16. Donkey Kong says:

    “People like Erick are the single problem with the Republican party.”

    Sure, Doug, it has nothing to do with massive earmarks (see: Jack Kingston), a national debt that has doubled in two years, broken campaign promises, and overall liberal policies in a party that claims to be conservative? Nah. It’s Erick.

  17. Doug Deal says:


    It is the people like Erick (the well connected insiders) in the GOP that make the excuses for those programs, generally with the “who else are they going to vote for” mentality. I have been inside enough at times to know the derision that many politicos have for people who have actual convictions about smaller government, or even just a slight difference of opinion from their current candidate.

    A lot of good people have been and currently are run into the ground by these “insiders” and it is one reason that I have come to have distaste with politics.

    To see Erick practicing this brand of politics, look no further than his Red State rants against the Ron Paul crowd, his attacks on people who were not enthusiastic about Fred Thompson’s announcement games, or just anything he doesn’t like.

    A successful party requires tolerance of diverse schools of thought that are bound together by core principles. Since I grew up with Reagan, I always viewed that as getting the government off the backs of people and allowing them to live their own life. It meant lower taxes, less regulation, and more freedom. These are all issues that Ron Paul brings up, but to Erick he is a “whack job” and deserves to be shut out.

    As much as I oppose Ron Paul as a candidate, I think his voice needs to be heard on the over-reaching Federal government, so perhaps a legitimate candidate can take up at least some of these issues. Too many Republicans want to silence him because they know his critiques are too close to home.

    So, instead, they would rather repeatedly purge people from the party until it is an ever smaller circle of people that are deemed “worthy”.

  18. Donkey Kong says:


    You won’t find any sympathy with me about Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only candidate that recognizes the seriousness of the problems we face while proposing all the wrong solutions. RP is not ridiculed because he dare oppose the establishment, at least not by me, and I doubt by Erick as well, though I don’t want to put words in his mouth. RP is ridiculed because his ideas suck. I badly wish it weren’t so. I am thankful he is in the race and I hope people listen to what he considers to be the difficulties we face. I just hope nobody listens to his solutions.

    You obviously have not spent enough time at RS if you think Erick just trudges along supporting the establishment. His support for FT was because, truthfully, FT *is* the only true conservative. McCain has dissed the conservative movement for years, only coming to us now when he needs us. Mitt and Rudy have both been liberal for years. Mitt, perhaps legitimately, very recently converted. RP, IMO, has awful ideas (i.e. abolish Fed, gold standard, withdraw American troops from everywhere in the world, etc.). Are there any true conservatives with good ideas? Not that are running for Prez in 08.

  19. Doug Deal says:


    Redstate is a tight knit cadre of sychophants who do whatever they can to climb over each other to get within puckering distance of Erick and his buddies’ behinds. There is no real vetting of ideas just people accusing anyone they disagree with of being a “Moby”. This “burn the heretic mentality” is what makes the tent smaller every year.

    I read it enough to know that if you want compelling conservative thought, you want find it there.

    As for Paul, you say his ideas suck. So you think the folowing ideas suck:

    1) being pro-life
    2) believing the government is too large
    3) believing taxes are too high
    4) Free trade
    5) Opposing international criminal courts
    6) opposing Law of the Sea Treaty
    7) Stopping illegal immigration
    8) Fixing social security
    9) Freedom of religion
    10) Freedom of speech
    11) Right to bear arms
    12) Limiting eminent domain
    13) States rights
    14) The death penalty

    These “nutty” ideas of Paul really are out of touch with the mainstream. Thanks for enlightening us. You and Erick have been right all along. We need more legislation like No Child Left Behind, McCain Feingold, higher taxes and welfare giveaways called “tax rebates”.

    And finally, FT was a hollywood actor who wans’t up to the challenge of playing the President. You can live in your fantasy world all you like, but the only thing that convinced people that he was a “true conservative” was the fact that he was an actor (just like Reagan).

    Being President requires hard work. Running for President requires hard work. FT was not up to the challenge, and got justly creamed by the candidates who are.

  20. Romegaguy says:

    I think Erick is using this topic more as a contest than just a posting… Too bad GOPeach has decided not to enter. She would surely win

  21. Romegaguy says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the GOPeach nomination

    ” GOPeach // Jan 31, 2008 at 5:12 pm
    [Read Comment]

    ERICK –

    I have personally called BOTH JOHNNY and SAXBY and NEITHER ARE ENDORSING MCCAIN!”






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