Lynn likes Mitt

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland has endorsed Mitt Romney:

After a year of soul-searching following the 2006 election losses, Republicans need to unite behind a candidate who will fight for low taxes, defend our borders, protect our nation’s security, appoint strict-constriction judges, manage the economy with the experience of a businessman and promote family values. That candidate is Mitt Romney. I endorse him for president of the United States, and I encourage Georgia conservatives to rally to this cause and cast their votes for him on Tuesday.

You can view the full endorsement here


  1. GOPeach says:

    Lynn –


    That is what the State Senate pulled in 2006 …
    writing endorsments on SENATE – TAX PAYERS Stationary!


  2. Icarus says:


    You think YOU’RE mad?

    Wait until Johnny or Saxby find out Lynn has been stealing their stationery.

  3. CHelf says:

    Is there a record Lynn used to verify Mitt will do any of that? Or is this more of the assumption based on Mitt’s recent conversion?

  4. GOPeach says:


    Huckabee supports a constitutional amendment to protect life from the time of conception. He praised the Supreme Court ruling upholding a ban on partial birth abortion. The governor also opposes embryonic stem cell funding, saying it amounts to creating a life only then to take it away.

    McCain believes Roe vs.. Wade should be overturned, and that the abortion question should be left to the individual states to legislate.

    Romney says Roe vs.. Wade should be overturned. He believes decisions on abortion are best left to the states and that “a single federal rule” is wrong. In the past, he broadly supported abortion rights and Roe vs. Wade. He has since changed his position regarding the role of government in such matters.


    Huckabee wants to conserve and use alternative energy like nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal, bio-diesel, and biomass. He plans to set aside a federal research and development budget that will be matched by the private sector to research alternative fuels. He says energy independence will make the U.S. safer. He supports offshore drilling and oil exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    McCain wants to see more investment in alternative-energy sources such as nuclear power, ethanol, fuel cells, bio-diesel, and natural gas. He believes ethanol will play a big part in energy independence.McCain is the chief co-sponsor of a bill that sets mandatory caps on greenhouse emissions. His plan would allow companies to trade excess carbon emission capacity, and would require emissions to return to 2004 levels by 2012 and to 1990 levels by 2020.

    Romney proposes using a combination of conservation and efficiency measures to make the U.S. energy independent. He supports greater public investment in the development of alternative sources of energy like bio-diesel, ethanol, nuclear and coal gasification. He supports drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and on the Outer Continental Shelf. He opposes carbon taxes.


    Huckabee became the first presidential candidate to sign Americans for Better Immigration’s “No-Amnesty” Pledge (see above for details). He wants to secure and police the border and supports erecting an electric or physical barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border.

    He wants to develop a guest worker program that allows illegal immigrants to earn legitimate status. McCain sponsored the 2006 comprehensive immigration reform bill. Had it passed, it would have allowed some illegal immigrants already in the U.S. to work and apply to become legal residents after learning English, paying fines and back taxes, and clearing a background check. McCain wants a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would improve border surveillance and enforcement, strengthen penalties against those who hire illegal immigrants, and stop document fraud.

    Romney opposed the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill of 2006, saying it would have opened a door to a vast number of immigrants and allow “amnesty” for illegals. Romney says the U.S. must become more attractive for legal immigrants, and champions greater use of H1B visas to bring in skilled workers. He promotes harsher penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and wants to create an employment verification system that uses high-tech identification cards. He supports building a fence on the U.S.-Mexico border.


    Huckabee supported Bush’s troop surge in Iraq. He believes that going into Iraq with too few troops was a mistake, and opposes Democratic efforts to set a deadline for withdrawal. Huckabee says the U.S. must finish the job now or go back and do it all over again someday. He proposes a Middle East summit so that Iraq’s neighbors become militarily and financially committed to stabilizing their neighborhood.

    McCain thinks Bush’s strategy in Iraq can succeed, and that if the U.S. fails to stabilize Iraq now, the threat of terrorism against American interests will grow. McCain has strongly criticized Democrats who support a troop withdrawal timeline, but has also criticized the administration for mishandling the war.

    Romney has criticized the Bush administration for committing errors in Iraq, but supports the current troop surge strategy. He opposes an early withdrawal from Iraq, and has described Democratic attempts to set a deadline for withdrawal as “setting a date for surrender.” He believes a ` quick withdrawal from Iraq, before the country has been stabilized, could trigger a larger regional conflict.


    Huckabee is a strong supporter of the Fair Tax. He supported the Bush tax cuts and would make them permanent. Huckabee would also reduce the tax burden of those with the lowest incomes. He regrets that Republicans have all too often perceived as favoring the wealthy with their tax policies. He signed a no-new taxes pledge in March of 2007.

    McCain says tax cuts work best in conjunction with lower spending. He blames excessive spending for Republican losses in the 2006 elections. McCain was one of two Republican senators to oppose the 2001 tax cuts, arguing that too many of the benefits went to the most fortunate at the expense of the middle class. He also opposed the 2003 tax cuts. McCain says he would not raise taxes, but that he would not go as far as to sign a pledge to that effect. He believes a repeal of the estate tax isn’t necessary.

    Romney believes the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent, and that even more tax cuts should be offered. He also says he will fight to abolish the estate tax. Romney backs a savings incentive plan that would allow Americans to earn interest, dividends, and capital gains tax- free. He would also lower the corporate tax rate. Romney signed the 2008 presidential candidate “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” even though he has been critical of similar no-tax pledges in the past.


    Huckabee supports tax rebates and curbing federal spending, to include adopting the line-item veto. He is also in favor the FairTax and the elimination of the IRS, which he says will increase both the likelihood that American companies will invest domestically and that foreign companies will invest in America.

    McCain proposes to cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, which in his opinion is essential to the United States competitiveness and would expand the economy and lead to higher wages. He proposes to allow the First Year Deduction of Equipment and Technological Investments and wants to establish a permanent tax credit equal to 10% of wages spent on Research and Development.

    Romney proposes simplifying regulations and bureaucratic processes for businesses in addition to tort reform, saying that both issues keep businesses from seeking out and retaining employees. He wants to curb federal spending by establishing a spending limit and by instituting the line-item veto to cut out unnecessary expenditures. Romney says to avoid a pending budget crisis, the federal government must trim down entitlement spending.


    Huckabee plans to remove FEMA from the Department of Homeland Security and give the organization cabinet status, so that the FEMA director will report directly to the president. He plans to streamline the Department of Homeland Security, to make it more efficient and effective. He wants to increase chemical plan and port security standards at the federal level, but give states the right to make and enforce stricter-than-federal port standards.

    McCain plans to strengthen the military, shore up alliances and continue to protect our homeland in any crisis that comes our way.

    Romney wants to clarify and streamline relationships with domestic security-related operations to enable clearer communication and more decisive action. He wants to increase the size of the U.S. army by 100,000 troops. Romney wants to shift the focus of homeland security from response to prevention. He says effective prevention means that stronger international alliances and integration of federal actions with global and local efforts.


    Huckabee favors strong support of arts and music education as a part of normal, traditional curriculum, saying that these aspects of education contribute to a future generation of creative workers, enabling America to compete more rigorously in a global economy. He supports home schooling, charter schools, and school choice programs. Huckabee wants to curb federal intervention in state school programs; with regard to NCLB (No Child Left Behind), allowing states to develop their own benchmarks for measuring success.

    McCain proposes to pursue reforms addressing underlying cultural problems in our educational system.

    Romney is in favor of charter schools and school choice programs. He wants to put more of an emphasis on math and science education. He is proposing a federal home schooling tax credit to help reduce education-related expenses of parents who home school. He supports Bush’s NCLB (No Child Left Behind) and wants to offer schools with good testing track records more leeway in evaluating student performance.


    Huckabee wants to completely overhaul the health care system, but opposes universal federal healthcare. He wants to adopt policies that encourage innovation in the private sector to bring down costs and subsequently improve free market access to healthcare. He wants to decrease medical liability, make health insurance deductible for individuals, and make health insurance more easily portable from job to job.

    McCain proposes bringing costs under control and allowing individuals to control their health care costs and care and providing access to all citizens. In order to do this, he proposes to completely reform the nature of the current system. Examples include: competition between providers, states given the flexibility with Medicare costs, development of safe routes for cheaper generic versions of prescriptions. He also proposes to pass tort reform to eliminate frivolous lawsuits. He would also reform the tax code to provide an increase of $2,500 tax credit as an incentive for insurance coverage.

    Romney wants to make all health care expenses tax deductible and divert some funds from emergency rooms treating uninsured patients to programs that would help needy uninsured patients to buy private insurance. He also favors malpractice tort reform. Romney supports giving states leeway as to how they spend their Medicaid funds.

  5. waterboy says:

    A very real conservative Congressman Westmoreland supporting very real conservative presidential candidate Mitt Romney! Makes sense to me!

    Oh yeh, ANOTHER great list of state leaders at the Georgia Capitol also jump in for Mitt Romney:
    State Sen. Bill Hamrick
    State Sen. Ralph Hudgens
    State Sen. Jack Murphy
    State Sen. David Shafer
    State Rep. Terry Barnard
    State Rep. Jon Burns
    State Rep. Mickey Channell
    State Rep. Mike Coan
    State Rep. Jim Cole
    State Rep. John Heard
    State Rep. Bill Hembree
    State Rep. Calvin Hill
    State Rep. Jeff May
    State Rep. John Meadows
    State Rep. Butch Parrish
    State Rep. Don Parsons
    State Rep. Matt Ramsey
    State Rep. Carl Rogers
    State Rep. Lynn Smith
    State Rep. Richard Smith
    State Rep. Willie Talton
    State Rep. Wendell Willard
    State Rep. Roger Williams

    Plus, Johnny and Saxby just showcased another lie from the McCain camp by NOT ENDORSING him. Good for them!

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Peach, maybe you should go back to school and learn how to read. That did not look like Senate stationery to me. It looked like Congressional..

  7. GodHatesTrash says:

    Who cares who or what the stumpbroke kkkracker buffoon Lynn “Three Commandments” Westmoreland endorses – besides the rest of you stumpbroke redneck buffoons, of course.

  8. GOPeach says:


    The point is made — TAX PAYER STATIONARY…


    You should go back to school and learn to have CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS…

    Smart ass.

  9. CHelf says:

    I thought raising taxes and fees was more in the line of liberal than conservative. Increasing the size of government is liberal as well. Did Mitt do anything conservative to balance out the liberal things he did in office?

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Chelf, the choice is either Romney or McCain. I trust Romney much more not to raise my taxes than McCain


    Spending was not why McCain said he opposed President Bush’s tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.

    In 2001, McCain said the $1.35 trillion tax cut benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

    “I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief,” McCain said then.

    McCain tried but failed to amend the bill to reduce income tax cuts for the wealthiest and give greater benefits to those earning less. He and Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island were the only Republicans to oppose the 2001 tax cuts.

    At the time, McCain was still at odds with Bush, who had dealt McCain a stinging defeat in the race for the GOP presidential nomination just one year before.

    In 2003, McCain opposed a $350 billion tax cut sought by Bush, this time arguing there should be no tax relief while the cost of the Iraq war and its aftermath were still unknown.

    “The tax cut is not appropriate until we find out the cost of the war and the cost of reconstruction,” McCain said then.

    One more Republican senator, Olympia Snowe of Maine, teamed with McCain and Chafee to oppose the 2003 tax cuts. They and Republican Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio teamed to limit the size of the tax cut to $350 billion, half the size of what Bush originally wanted.

    Incidentally, public opinion surveys do not back up McCain’s claim that Republicans lost control of Congress in 2006 over the issue of spending.

    Associated Press-Ipsos polling that tracks what people consider the most important issues facing the country picked up hardly anyone citing government spending or the federal deficit as an important problem in 2006. Rather, polling said the economy, Iraq, terrorism and scandals and corruption in government rated highly in 2006.

  11. I Am Jacks Post says:


    You’re a FRICKIN IDIOT. Open your eyes and look at the bottom of Westmoreland’s letterhead.

    “Paid for by Westmoreland for Congress. Not printed at taxpayer expense.”

    Having said that, I strongly disagree with Lynn’s choice for president. I would actually prefer that our Republican nominee NOT get slaughtered this November.

  12. juliobarrios says:


    Are you an idiot? First why would you really care if it had been printed on House stationary and second it wasn’t printed on House stationary.

  13. CHelf says:


    Instead of hitting everyone else, can you not either defend or build up your own candidate? And how can you trust someone NOT to raise taxes who has done so a few times? How many times has McCain raised taxes? I love Mitt’s argument FOR raising taxes and fees from last night’s debate. Just because they have not been raised in a few years is NOT justification to raise any. When pressed on raising taxes, Mitt actually justified it with some logic of they were due to be hiked. Sorry Debbie. I trust anyone else but Mitt on taxes. The man raised them to help achieve a balanced budget. And then he tries to justify it using an excuse not even the Democrats would use.

  14. I Am Jacks Post says:

    The only voter guide I need for Tuesday’s vote is one that provides an answer to the following question:

    Investigated Ralph Reed’s record of financial and ethical wrongdoing, along the way revealing his duplicity and history of auctioning off his supporters to the highest bidder.

    Romney: No
    McCain: Yes

  15. waterboy says:

    Chelf –
    Romney raised FEES that hadn’t been increased in some 20 years. That makes sense to most folks because otherwise tax dollars are paying for services instead of those that benefit from the service. McCain voted NO on the Bush tax cuts. If McCain had his way, the death tax would still be in place. Enough said.

  16. Painterman says:

    Jaks Post,

    Last word I had was Ralph was still free and walking the streets. Never had charges files against him. If he was guilty, why didn’t they call him to testify, charge him with a crime and why isn’t he in jail? McCain had a hard on to get Ralph for helping to take him down in SC in 2000. Gotcha politcs plain and simple. Again not conduct I want from a President. Thanks Lynn (he got 7 by the way) for making the conservative choice that has a chance of winning.

  17. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Mitt raised “fees” alright:

    Mitt Romney Proposed Increasing Fees On Hospitalized Veterans

    State Sought To Increase User Fees For Long-Term Care At The Chelsea Soldiers’ Home. “Gov. Mitt Romney is vehemently opposed to raising taxes. Yet new fees proposed in his budget would hit a broad spectrum of people … The changes include … increasing user fees for long-term care at the Chelsea Soldiers’ Home.” (Jennifer Fenn, “Romney Budget Raises Fees, Which Democrats Say Are Taxes In Disguise,” Lowell Sun, 2/28/03)

    Mitt Romney Imposed Fee On Blind Citizens

    “It now costs to be blind in Massachusetts. The state’s approximately 35,000 blind and legally blind residents must now pay $10 annually for a certificate of blindness and $15 every four years for a blind identification card. Without the formerly free documents, blind people cannot take advantage of tax abatements, affordable housing programs, health care services, transportation discounts and other benefits. … The fees originated in February, in Gov. Mitt Romney’s budget proposal for fiscal 2004.” (Shaun Sutner, “Advocates Fight Fees For The Blind,” Telegram & Gazette, 8/5/03)

    Mitt Romney Proposed Imposing A Fee On The Mentally Retarded.

    “The committee will also accept most of the fee recommendations made by Romney, Rogers said, but would not endorse … a new fee for some mentally retarded citizens…” (Jennifer Peter, “House Leaders Agree With Romney’s Plan To Eliminate Urban Park Agency,” The Associated Press, 4/16/03)

    Mitt Romney Quadrupled Gun Fees:

    “Also drawing criticism is quadrupling of fees charged to gun owners this year. Under the budget, fees will rise from $25 to $100 for both a firearms identification card and a license to carry firearms, which are required by state law.” (Casey Ross, “Fee Hikes More Than Nickels And Dimes,” The Patriot Ledger [Quincy, MA], 7/9/03)

    Yeah, good old limited government Mitt!

  18. I Am Jacks Post says:


    You confuse being an shady, unethical scumbag with being a convicted felon. You can be one without the other.

  19. rugby fan says:


    Just a word of friendly advice but your campaign tactics are not luring anyone to the Huckster.

    The question I want answered is does Lynn like Mitt or does he like like him?

  20. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Just in from the Romney camp.

    Of the $27 million Williard raised last quarter, $18 million was out of his own wallet.

    Go ahead Mitt, drop another 5-8K between now and Tuesday. Everyone loves watching you throw good money after bad.

  21. GOPeach says:

    Okay Okay …. Peach ( that would be me) is a flippin idot….

    I did not ready the FINE PRINT IN THE BOX….

    I apologize to a FINE HOUSE REP…. at least from n0w on…. EVERYONE will NOT endorse FLIP FLOPS like Mitt on TAX- PAYER Stationary.

    My apologies …. sincerely.

  22. GOPeach says:


    Did ANYONE see the DEMOCRAT Debates —

    Looks like Clinton/Obama will be a TICKET and
    they will DESTROY McCAIN or ROMNEY….


  23. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Look, it’s like Huckabee says: “You can’t skin a possum when the man of the house has already riden his bicycle home from work.”

  24. GOPeach says:


    The Democrat SENATORS will eat the Republican SENATOR alive!!!!

    McCain needs to be careful what he wishes for…


  25. waterboy says:

    I Am Jack –
    I guess you think the job of Governor is to be a Dictator. The Massachusetts legislative body was over 75% democrat. Romney brought the state out of a deficit and into a surplus….I guess you are opposed to that. McCain/Clinton/Obama means you will get your wish and the death tax will go away. I believe true conservatives would be opposed to such action….Romney will fight to make the tax cuts permanent that McCain voted against. No thanks!

  26. CHelf says:


    I hate to tell you this but a gas tax is not a fee. As for fees, are you downplaying the fact fees were raised on items such as marriage licenses, drivers licenses, and gun permits? Are you justifying raising of fees based on their ages? It’s good you’re now acknowledging that Mitt HAS raised fees. But please include taxes as well. Also please acknowledge that he cut money on higher education making colleges jack up tuition exponentially. As for the surplus, are you saying it is fine to get credit for a surplus obtained through raising fees? Sorry. If I want someone to raise taxes, I’ll vote for candidates who has no problem calling themselves Democrats. What side of the fence will Mitt sit on if elected? Or how many far left Rocky Anderson types would any true conservative endorse? I’m still curious when Mitt fully converted to conservatism. I’ve been told long ago but I’ve seen some actions within the last 5 years that show me he is far from conservative.

  27. rugby fan says:


    Which is why his numbers in opinion polls and votes is declining.


    Americans are showing they don’t trust Huckster. Hence losing elections and sagging poll numbers.

  28. TrueConservative says:

    Lynn is a looser………. Is it better for a man to gain the world but loose his salvation? Lynn has shown his true looser colors…… Selling out his God for political gains is pathetic…No integrity

  29. Bull Moose says:

    The Governor of Taxachusetts raised FEES/TAXES by hundreds of millions of dollars on citizens.

    He didn’t run for reelection there because he would have been defeated.

    Those of you who support him, do you support him for his positions then, now, or those that will certainly change in the near future? Maybe it’s both of his opposing positions on the war?

    Our 7 GOP House Members have already shown the infinite wisdom that they have by voting AGAINST the stimuls package. I think that they are all demonstrating why none of them will be elevated to the upper chamber or be elected to higher office in Georgia.

  30. TrueConservative says:

    Waterboy Laurens, Huckabee will be at your Church on Sunday. So much for your big lie that Hunt was endorsing Romney. Only sorry sell out loosers are for Romney…

  31. TrueConservative says:

    Lynn, Kingston, Price and Gingrey are about to loose all respectability in the eyes of true Christian Georgia. They have shown there true slime ball colors. I flush better crap down the toilet than those fools. They live life like there is no God. Do they think we will forget? Never, I will consider it my duty to campaign against them standing with true conservative Christians.

  32. albert says:

    TC, you don’t get it. These guys are gutless wonders. They’re a bunch of used car salesmen. For years they’ve partied on in DC and come home and tell us how filthy the place is…. Sad thing is, there aren’t many qualified people lined up to take their place.

  33. GOPeach says:

    I had a hunch that Waterboy was a sheep that had strayed from the fold…. I am sure his shepherd ( Johnny Hunt) who has been on board since last fall will tell you that you need to get away from the political wolves…. it’s just not worth it.

    Somethings will keep you awake at night.

    Did you hear what Hillary said about Mitt Romney tonight ???? The Government should not be treated like a BUSINESS … Obama said The GOVERNMENT should not be looking to make a profit… They are ready to rip that White Boy Mitt to shreds.

  34. waterboy says:

    True Conservative – (I laugh while I type that name….what a joke) I know nothing about what or where Huckabee will be hanging on Sunday. I do, however, think he is a good man. Yet, who am I to judge – it is yoy, the God of politics, that gets to say what is or who is truly Christian or good in the world. man, you sure like yourself a lot. Good luck with that.

    CHelf – you are confused by McCain propaganda. That man has proven he will lie to win. Romney nailed him on it in the Wednesday CNN debate. You do your thing and I’ll do mine. I like the Bush tax cuts….sorry your boy McCain didn’t feel the same as the rest of the republican party.

  35. Bill Simon says:

    Kudos to Chip Lake for his use of the word “winnow” in Lynn’s endorsement. I’ll betcha all the Krystals Lynn can eat in one sitting that he sure as heck didn’t know what “winnow” meant before the writing of that endorsement. 🙂

  36. debbie0040 says:

    I have two major issues with John McCain. McCain-Feingold and the Illegal Immigration Amnesty bill he tried to shove down our throats last year…

    Romney is not perfect but he is a much better choice than McCain is.

    Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP
    By Bob Cusack
    Posted: 03/28/07 07:39 PM [ET]
    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was close to leaving the Republican Party in 2001, weeks before then-Sen. Jim Jeffords (Vt.) famously announced his decision to become an Independent, according to former Democratic lawmakers who say they were involved in the discussions.

    In interviews with The Hill this month, former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and ex-Rep. Tom Downey (D-N.Y.) said there were nearly two months of talks with the

  37. debbie0040 says:

    True Conservative, do you have a KKK robe hanging in your closet ?

    I know many Christians that are not supporting Huckabee. Look at the exit polls from Florida..

  38. CHelf says:

    Waterboy – facts are not spin. Everything I say is backed up with facts. You have a problem with McCain and his vote on the tax cuts but why not have the same issue with Mitt and his flipping on them? I mean for him to come out and claim he will not be a cheerleader for tax policies he does not believe in and earn the praise of Barney Frank….come on. Mitt just weaseled out of taking a stand and even said he would not wear a cute little outfit and wave pom poms around for tax cuts. So what exactly is it waterboy? Do you only acknowledge issues with McCain while overlooking the many flaws of Mitt? A blatant mocking of tax cuts by Mitt seems to be getting a free pass. As far as spin, you’ll have to take this same issue backed in facts up with Club For Growth as well. They must be drinking the McCain kool aid?

  39. CHelf says:

    Debbie – you realize you ARE quoting Democrats don’t you? Are you basing your decisions on what Dems are claiming about McCain but cannot prove? I sure hope you don’t base all your decisions on claims made by Dems. You must take as gospel truth as well.

  40. Bill Simon says:

    Here’s the key difference between McCain and Romney: Romney is backed by the SAME folks who backed Dubya…and Dubya was easily controlled by them.

    Romney is ALSO easily controllable to these folks…who are the real neo-cons.

    McCain will tell them to take a flying leap in the ocean. McCain has my vote for that reason alone.

  41. Doug Deal says:


    McCain will tell them to take a flying leap in the ocean. McCain has my vote for that reason alone.

    As he signs into law whatever Democratic legislation is passed, from “environmental protection” to amnesty to further restricting the democratic process by destroying the first amendment. Oh yeah, and don’t forget his power to appoint kooky Supreme Court justices cut from the same cloth as he is.

  42. TrueConservative says:

    Debbie you are the anti hispanic – anti any imigrant KKK robe wearer. I don’t hink I qualify for membership. It must really suck being you. How much Zoloft do you have to take?

  43. debbie0040 says:

    I am not anti hispanic or anti immigrant. I just want what the overwhelming majority of Americans want. I want our immigration laws to be followed…

    You are the one that needs to be on meds. How are you going to cope with a Huckabee loss? How can Huckabee even claim to be a preacher when he has lied as much as he has?

    I did just fine with Fred dropping out.

  44. GOPeach says:

    I looked through Romney’s “Issues” links and have found them to have very

    little reference to what he has done (some on education and vetoes) and very

    heavily weighted on quotes from 2007 on what conservative things he wants to

    do. That is fine but when you look at his earlier years you would think you

    where looking at a different person. My concern is what he would say and do

    when he is trying to capture the “center vote” from Hillary or Obama. Will

    he make another transformation?

    Why are all the “conservative” experts saying that Huckabee is splitting

    the conservative vote when they just finished telling us that Huckabee

    wasn’t conservative? If they where to be believed the first time, Huckabee

    would be splitting the moderate vote.

    Right now polls (see: ) are

    showing Romney and Huckabee averaging 2.2% apart with the last (fox) poll 1%

    apart. Last month and early this month Huckabee was 1st or 2nd in the

    national polls. Did we hear calls about splitting the conservative vote at

    that time? No, we heard that Huckabee wasn’t a conservative.

    A couple nights ago Sean Hannity tried to press Newt Gingrich to tell

    Mike Huckabee to drop out of the race and twice Gingrich shot him down and

    said that “Mike Huckabee will be the power broker in this race.”

    Lastly, due to the way we choose delegates in California, a vote for

    Romney may be a vote for McCain. Very conservative areas like the 4th

    district may very well be looking at more of a Huckabee/McCain battle.

    Without doing a district specific poll, it would be hard to know.

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