Former Senator Mack Mattingly Supports McCain

Former Senator Mack Mattingly joins a growing list of Republicans in Georgia to endorse John McCain for President.  There are more on the horizon!   

When you look at the head to head polls, McCain wins in November and he expands the Republican tent which will mean larger majorities for us in the future.  

Don’t forget, John McCain will be in Atlanta on Saturday! 


  1. Insider Mike says:

    Awwww, Clint couldn’t stand Romney being the headline on Peach Pundit, so he had to go report this endorsement again…

  2. IndyInjun says:

    I like Fmr. Senator Mattingly and hated it when he lost.

    This being said, his POTUS choice is another Dole and will meet the same fate.

    Folks from Limbaugh, to Buchanan, to Malkin, to GOP Cspan callers, to yours truly are pledged to sit out the POTUS race, if McCain is the nominee. I cannot speak for how well the others carry through, though.

  3. GrandOleDawg says:

    Why is Bull Moose the only person who “cheerleads” for his person on the front page? Others support candidates and may post news about them, but Bull Moose is the only one who actively cheers for his candidate on the front page. I think it takes away from the blog.

    Nice observation, Insider Mike.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    You folks are too much… McCain is going to win the REPUBLICAN nomination and go onto becoming President of the United States. He will do it with Republicans, Independents, and Conservative Democrats.

  5. CHelf says:

    Wow. Shocking how a story about the Dems and McCain surface as McCain pulls into the lead. Add this to the story about Bill saying how close Hillary and McCain are and you have every effort of the Dems trying to make McCain look bad to the GOP. When you have the Dems helping Mitt Romney out to get him elected, you have telling signs of what this race is truly about and who the Dems wish to face. I know a few Right leaning pundits will tout this story, but they need to realize that by doing so, they help Obama and Hillary get a few steps closer to 1600 Penn Ave. For those on the Right who would rather see that than McCain, you owe a disservice to our nation’s security and to the men and women in uniform currently serving overseas. By helping or turning a blind eye to the Dems getting elected you counter every effort we have made fighting against Islamic Fascism. I am quite shocked to hear some conservative pundits say they would vote for Hillary or Obama over McCain. Do they know what even a reckless comment such as this does?

  6. intheknow says:

    According to some folks at the State Capitol, the Capitol is reserved by the U.S. Senators for a major announcement on Saturday. Could it be the endorsement, with McCain in town? Can anyone confirm they have it reserved?

  7. waterboy says:

    Cute the way Bull puts Republican in all caps….I guess he wants to remind us all that McCain is not running as a DEMOCRAT even though he acts like one on tax and immigration issues. Thanks Bull!

  8. Doug Deal says:


    And don’t forget he voted with the Dems on the “bipartisan” campaign finance reform bill to cover his own shady Keating 5 past.

    Just a handful of Republicans voted for it and almost no Democrats voted against it, but to the press, I guess that makes it bipartisan.

  9. GodHatesTrash says:

    McCain – the New Bob Dole.

    He don’t need no stinkin’ Viagra for his erectile dysfunction, though – he’s got a stiff one for WAR!

  10. Dave says:

    I was actually losing sleep wondering who Mack was gonna endorse! Whew! The person who’s endorsement I’m really curious about is Zell. That’s one I’d really try and get if I were McCain or Romney.

  11. GodHatesTrash says:

    Just who is the Zig-Zagger gonna flip-flop over to this time? It’ll be interestin’ – the hillbilly vote is HUGE in Georgia…

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