And let’s not forget Raybon Anderson.

I can’t find Tom Barton’s column online, but here’s an excerpt:

One of those votes [for Abraham] came from Raybon Anderson. …

Richardson was steamed. But he’s the kind of loser (sore) who doesn’t just get mad. He tries to get even.

He told the Atlanta Press Club this month that Anderson and DOT board chairman Mike Evans, another Abraham supporter, shouldn’t be re-elected when their terms expire in April.

Although the speaker tried to dress it up, what’s at work is pure payback. Replace Anderson and Evans; then, the board could boot the superbly qualified Abraham – the worst thing to happen to the future of transportation in Georgia since Sherman left Atlanta for the coast.

Georgia elects its DOT board members by congressional districts. There are 13 of them. State representatives and senators in those districts do the choosing. …

Many leaders in [Anderson’s district] want to keep Anderson on the board. They like the job he’s doing. But because he’s no “yes man,” he’s a marked man.

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