This is funny

Grady fires its CEO and hires a legislator with zero experience to run the hospital.

The Grady hospital board ousted Grady chief executive Otis Story Monday night, effective immediately, and his position will be filled temporarily by the board’s chairwoman, state Rep. Pam Stephenson.

Stephenson took over Tuesday and immediately met with staff.

The decision to fire Story apparently was made in a late meeting Monday. It followed the Grady board’s vote to approve a long discussed plan to transfer daily management of the hospital to a nonprofit corporation.

Story is leaving after less than a year in the post, marking another speedy departure of a Grady CEO trying to turn around the financially imperiled medical system. Stephenson is the fifth CEO of Grady since 2005.

Story’s relationship with the board has been troubled for months.

“The board decided to change its administration,” said Stephenson. “The board members asked me to serve and I agreed.”

Stephenson said she will give up her law practice to become a full-time executive for Grady and to continue to represent parts of DeKalb and Rockdale counties in the General Assembly.

Stephenson has a master’s degree in health planning. She served five years as executive director of the Georgia State Health Planning Agency, where she was responsible for regulatory oversight of all hospitals in the state.

I wonder if Vincent Fort cooked up this deal.


  1. Bill Simon says:


    Why should you care about “people with experience?”

    We have legislators EVERY day who deliberate and pontificate on issues they know absolutely nothing about.

    Stephenson appears to have the educational background required, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of the dodos in the Legislature.

  2. GAWire says:

    Let me say this about Grady’s administration … well, I better not. I will say that there is only one person I know of who could save Grady and turn them around from this mess. Unfortunately for Grady, the former-Massachusetts governor and founder of Bain Capital is running for President. He (and all of the GOP hopefuls) will be free in mid-November though. At that point, perhaps President Clinton can even appoint a commission to solve this fiasco in Georgia.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    I am just waiting for that guy from Chicago to come in and post a link to his blog that nobody reads about what we need to do about Grady. Volpeach, where are you?

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