Isakson and Chambliss to back McCain?

Perhaps there was truth to this story after all. After tonight’s debate while talking about the coming Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsement of John McCain, CNN’s John King said, “Some conservative Senators from Georgia will endorse [McCain] in the next 24 hours.”

[UPDATE] More here:

McCain is also set to receive the endorsements of Georgia’s two Republican senators, Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss, in the next two days, according to two GOP sources involved in the planning.


  1. intheknow says:

    Actually, John King didn’t clarify. Makes sense if it’s the U.S. Senators, especially given the Washington Post and other articles today about their endorsement.

  2. Lee Benedict says:

    Be that as it may, our US Senators probably would endorse McCain…the three of them support amnesty.
    I love to hear McCain say, “I’m from a border state…I want to secure the border.” Yeah, right! Between his time in the House and Senate, he had 25 years in Congress to secure the border…which is still wide open.

  3. Jason Pye says:


    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. They would not have even made mention of State Senators during a nationally televised debate while talking about the endorsement of a nationally known politician.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Many people across America are speaking out in favor of the only candidate that can defeat the Democrats in November – John McCain.

    John McCain will not only ensure we win the White House but he will attract voters to the GOP and help us regain the majority in the House and Senate.

  5. GOPeach says:

    Justin Tomczak BETTER keep that HUCKABEE bumper sticker on his car!!! Just because he is working for Saxby, should not mean he should kiss Saxby’s fanny….

    I love you Saxby.

  6. Carpe Forem says:

    Will Saxby get boooooed again at the state convention like he did the last time he followed McCain’s lead. The liberal wing of the GOP seem to be circling their wagons around Miki-C.

  7. GOPeach says:

    Note to Johnny & Saxby….

    I AM SERIOUS …. Listen –

    John McCain IS NOT PRO-LIFE!!!!!

    McCain supports embryonic stem-cell research.

    McCain has said “I would not support repeal of Roe vs. Wade”.

    The PRO-LIFE base NOT forget THIS ” endorsement”…. be careful.

  8. GOPeach says:

    McCain served in the House of Representatives from 1983-86 and in the Senate from 1987 to date. Throughout that period, McCain did not initiate pro-life amendments or otherwise take an activist role, but he did vote pro-life with a few exceptions. The most important exception was on the issue of federal funding of experimentation using body parts of aborted babies.

    This question — usually referred to in the press as the “fetal tissue” issue — became a matter of major controversy during the Bush Administration. The Bush Administration blocked the use of federal funds for certain experimentation utilizing tissue taken from aborted babies.

    In a January 7, 1992 letter to Arizona Right to Life, McCain promised to support President Bush’s ban on federal funding of such abortion- dependent research. “I have no intention of supporting the use of fetal tissue resulting from artificially-induced abortions for research purposes,” McCain wrote.

    A few months later, however, McCain began voting to overturn Bush’s pro-life policy — a drive that succeeded after President Clinton took office.

    The issue surfaced again in 1997, during consideration of a bill to expand federally sponsored research into Parkinson’s disease, sponsored by McCain and Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Mn.). Pro-life Senator Dan Coats (R- In.) offered an amendment to prevent the use of the newly authorized funds for abortion-dependent fetal tissue research, but McCain prevailed in defeating the amendment, 60-35. (Sept. 4, 1997, Senate rollcall Vote No. 215.) Recently, McCain has falsely implied that only four senators disagreed with his position on the issue.

  9. Jace Walden says:

    “Some conservative Senators from Georgia will endorse [McCain] in the next 24 hours.”

    Seriously? Are we going to sit here and let CNN get away with spreading lies and innuendo about our elected Representatives? CNN should be sued for slander over this!

    Note to CNN: Next time you report on Georgia, get your facts straight.

    We don’t have any CONSERVATIVE Senators!

  10. Icarus says:


    You’re cutting into Indy’s action here.

    And I must, as usual, make my obligitory comment that Isakson was ranked the 6th most conservative in the U.S. Senate, not practical to try and make him the enemy when there are so many others to choose from, blah, blah, blah…

  11. IndyInjun says:

    “Damn, 20 comments before someone snarked what Jace just did.” 🙂

    Well, why comment on the obvious that screams out from the thread title?

    “Isakson was ranked the 6th most conservative in the U.S. Senate”

    And I must remind that he voted for Medicare D while he was still in the House. I will give JI a smidgen of credit. After being verbally assaulted by fiscal conservatives in the wake of his utter profligacy, he seems to be coming around to our POV.

    Saxby Chambliss has a full term of offenses against conservatism and is a fellow pea in McCain’s pod.

  12. rugby fan says:

    “Well now….


    Will Huckabee finally win a primary, or is Peach speaking for whomever she pleases without knowing anything?

  13. rugby fan says:

    You know at this point I am not sure what would be worse, Huckabee losing the primary and the Democrats winning, or, Huckabee winning in November.

    Peach would not shut up about either result.

  14. GOPeach says:


    The ESTABLISHMENT will soon LEARN their LESSON….

    HOW dare they ignore RON PAUL and GOV. HUCKABEE last night and focus and RoMoney and McAmnesty …

    Gov. Huckabee was very kind and gracious to Ron Paul… while McAmnesty and Bishop Romoney jeered at them both like typical elitist.

    I pray for the biggest upset in Super Tuesday history!


  15. IndyInjun says:

    The guess here is that Hackabee’s 15 point lead in Georgia has melted away since the last poll of the period ending 1/22, in the aftermath of SC and Florida.

    The DC Establishment will triumph, with fly-over land left wondering what happened.

  16. rugby fan says:


    If Huckabee loses either the nomination or the general, will promise not to say anything other than you were horribly wrong in your prediction?

  17. GOPeach says:

    Just called Saxby’s office and HE WILL NOT ENDORSE ANYONE!!


    Let’s hope Johnny is as WISE as SAXBY!

    Wishful thinking on John McAmnesty’s part!

  18. rugby fan says:

    Hey Peach:

    If Huckabee loses either the nomination or the general, will promise not to say anything other than you were horribly wrong in your prediction?

  19. rugby fan says:

    OK Peach:

    If Huckabee loses either the nomination or the general, will promise not to say anything other than you were horribly wrong in your prediction?

  20. Romegaguy says:

    rugby you need to correct your post(s) a little by adding the word “you” before the word will.

    Nevermind. I see your bad grammar and multiple posts are just mocking Shirley Roper… I mean Peach.

  21. jsm says:

    Let’s hope Johnny is as WISE as SAXBY!

    Wait a minute. Did you say “wise?!” Are we talking about the same guy who admits that Washington has changed him and who tried to advocate a poorly disguised amnesty plan at the Ga GOP convention of all places? It’s a shame that his influence as the incumbent is keeping him from having a primary opponent.

  22. Romegaguy says:

    Intern: Senate Office
    GOPeach: I need to speak to Johnny
    I: I am sorry but he is busy voting on important issues right now.
    G: Tell him it is Shirley Roper, I mean GOPeach.
    I: I am sorry but he is busy voting.
    G: Tell him I said he will be in trouble if he endorses McCain.
    I: [hand over phone] somebody tell the FBI we have another whack job calling in
    G: You tell him I called and he will be in trouble if he endorses McCain.
    I: [hangs up phone]
    G: Do you know what is the most important issue facing America? What about Bain? Do you know about Bain? Hello?

  23. waterboy says:

    Johnny and Saxby just showcased another lie from the McCain camp. Good for them!

    In the mean time, a very real conservative Congressman Westmoreland has just endorsed a very real conservative presidential candidate Mitt Romney!

    Westmoreland backs Romney
    Thursday, January 31, 2008, 05:23 PM

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    In the downpour of endorsements flooding Georgia just days before Tuesday’s presidential primary comes news from Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Grantville that he’s backing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

    “A Georgia GOP primary works as a filter – only a true conservative can get through one,” Westmoreland said in a statement. “It appears that we are now down to a two-person race and Georgians can help winnow the field and protect our party’s conservative values and principles.”

    Westmoreland’s endorsement is long on “conservative” and short on “Republican” when talking about Romney, underscoring one of the most serious problems facing Sen. John McCain, the GOP front-runner, in Georgia.

    Senator, there are still plenty of folks around c’here who think it’s time to take down the party’s Big Tent and get back to basics.

  24. intheknow says:

    According to some folks at the State Capitol, the Capitol is reserved by the Senators for a major announcement on Saturday. Could it be the endorsement?

  25. intheknow says:

    Actually, I should have phrased that post the following way: can anyone confirm that they have the Capitol reserved?

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