Credit Report Reforms

Good on them.

lawmakers seized on [credit reporting agencies] fading resistance Wednesday to pass a bill that allows residents to stop credit reporting agencies from releasing their information without written permission.

The proposal passed 167-2 would charge consumers up to $3 charge for each security freeze, a total of $9 for the three reporting agencies. It also would allow agencies to charge $3 for consumers to lift it permanently or “thaw” their accounts temporarily when applying for credit.

It now must be approved by the Senate before it goes to Gov. Sonny Perdue’s desk.


  1. gatormathis says:

    So who gets the money, the credit reporting service? That’s pretty much blackmail not to release private information that shouldn’t be released anyway except for the person who is desiring on spot credit.

    Reminds me of one month when my momma received a 650 dollar phone bill, loaded with someone making third party long distances charges to her bill. She bout had a stroke.

    I called the phone folks, the charges were dropped, and they suggested a third party call block. My reply was that momma ain’t paying no five dollars for someone else using her number illegally.

    Next month in comes a 350 dollar bill, same reason, same response by me, same suggestion from the phone folks, same answer from me.

    Next month in comes another 200 dollar phone bill, same reason, same response by me, same suggestion from the phone folks, same answer from me.

    Then the phone lady says, what is the problem that you are so ignorant about paying the 5 dollar fee.

    Being called ignorant sometimes, (not all the time), but sometimes pisses me off.

    I say mam, my mother in the last three months hasn’t paid a dime for erroneous charges, because she simply hasn’t never even been to the hotels in Florida nor the ones in Virginia where these calls origininated.

    On the other hand, ya’ll have provided someone else with way over a thousand dollars of phone service, so that person should be easy to identify from motel and phone records. Help yourself if you want to pay the five dollars and save yourselves some money, but my momma ain’t paying no stinking 5 dollars till eternity for something she don’t need, and only takes a minute or two for me to straighten out.

    Take some time, have your folks investigate the problem, lock someone up, and solve your dilemna.

    Seems to me like folks giving away so much money to strangers is the ignorant one, and if you want to supply folks with free long distance, don’t keep trying to run it thru momma’s phone bill, just call the guy and give him a phone card. Nother words cut out the middle man (or woman), to which the phone lady didn’t like the fact I had her right there on that one.

    The charges stopped immediately.

    And them credit card folks will reap a bountiful harvest of three dollar charges from folks wanting to keep their “private” business, “private”.

    As fer me, I be thinking the credit report folks can stick their three dollar charges………in…….uh…………..let’s just say………….a smelly place.

    Legalized stealing, that’s what it is, all it is, and we don’t need no legislature encouraging these pilfering bassards.

    I can hear the new telemarketing calls on this one.

    You need the new 3 dollar credit report freeze, available right here from us for the first time.

    For English press 1.

  2. Tea Party says:

    Having used the freeze for years, it works well and eliminates potential fraud, and those endless mailings.

    The ought not be a charge to keep your data secure, this is wrong.

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