What is it about GOP Guv’s and veto overrides?

According to Sen. David Shafer, every time we have a Republican Governor, a veto of a general bill is overriden:

(1/29/08) Sen. David Shafer, R-Duluth, has looked into this and tells us the last gubernatorial veto of a general bill to be overriden by the Georgia Legislature just happened to be one cast by the last Republican governor prior to Sonny Perdue – Benjamin Conley.

Conley, who had been president of the Senate, became governor in 1871 amid the turmoil of the closing days of Reconstruction. Federal troops had been withdrawn from the state and his predecessor, Republican Rufus Bullock, fled the office and the state after voters elected a Democratic Legislature which was moving to impeach him.

The General Assembly approved legislation calling for an immediate special election, which Conley vetoed. The Legislature overrode his veto, the special election was held and Democrat James Milton Smith became governor in 1872.

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  1. StevePerkins says:

    I hate to have to point in the “apples and oranges”, but that last veto override was from a Democratic legislature… hot of the heels of Reconstruction. This year’s veto override was from a legislature controlled by the Governor’s own party… with no particular axe to grind other than the Georgia GOP being dysfunctional.

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