Does Obama consider Georgia a lock?

The Poltical Insider said the following in a piece about Obama not attending the Dems’ Jefferson-Jackson dinner:

If the man obtained 80 percent of the African-American vote in South Carolina, he’s likely to get a similar response in Georgia and Alabama. In other words, this is a sign that Obama considers Georgia — privately, not publicly — a lock, and can spend his time in places where he’s not leading. California, for instance. With that young Kennedy fellow.

The Obama camp may indeed consider Georgia a “lock” and I certainly consider him likely to win Georgia. That being said, Obama is running a boatload of TV ads in the Atlanta market. The past several nights I’ve been watching local TV, and to say every commercial break features an Obama ad is no exaggeration. I would conclude then that Obama does not consider Georgia a lock.

Given the rather large number of delegates at stake in Georgia on 2/05 I’m surprised we’re not seeing more candidate ads.


  1. SouthFultonGuy says:



    Published in the New York Post on January 29, 2008.

    Hillary The Movie – View The Trailer Here:

    What does Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama really mean?

    In addition to seriously boosting Obama’s chances for the Democratic nomination by anointing him as the generational heir to John F. Kennedy, there’s something else that’s just as important for the body politic: Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, and the voters of South Carolina may have personally tolled the death knell for the Clintons’ reprehensible politics of personal destruction.

    It’s about time.

    For more than thirty years, no one has been able to stop Bill and Hillary Clinton from routinely acting on their shared base instinct: to annihilate anyone who gets in their way, in whatever way it takes, however long it takes, whatever it costs And then to enjoy watching their targets suffer.

    Throughout their long public careers, they’ve had no moral overseers, no one to challenge them. The sycophants surrounding them simply implement their orders, never questioning them. So after successfully employing their slash and burn tactics for years, they’ve come to truly believe that their reprehensible politics are justified, even necessary.

    Remember Hillary’s glee when she announced that the “fun part” of the campaign was about to begin – her attacks on her f ellow Democrats? She was serious. The Clintons have repeatedly and successfully embraced the politics of personal destruction – and enjoyed every minute of it.

    In Washington, Arkansas, and recently in South Carolina, they’ve used whatever slimy tactics they felt they needed – ruining reputations, invading the privacy of their targets by dispatching private detectives to comb their records and troll through their trash, lying about their opponents, blackmailing and threatening women who dared to say yes – or even no – to Bill Clinton, releasing confidential employment records.

    Remember how the Clintonites released Linda Tripp’s confidential employment files to Jane Mayer of The New Yorker after Clinton hit man Harold Ickes met with Tripp’s boss? Years later, the Department of Defense settled a lawsuit with Tripp for over $600,000 for invading her privacy. And then there were the stories branding Moni ca Lewinsky as a ‘stalker’ who was trying to hurt the president? Those were traced back to Sidney Blumenethal, a Clinton White House adviser, and the author of the right wing conspiracy theory that Hillary so loves. Of course, then it turned out that this ‘stalker’ had been called by the President from the White House hundreds of time and invited into the Oval Office for sex in the private kitchen. Then there was Gennifer Flowers –smeared by George Stephanopoulos and James Carville as a liar and opportunist. Eventually, Bill Clinton admitted under oath that he, in fact, had a sexual relationship with Flowers. Etc., etc., etc. And none of these folks have ever apologized for their as the brass knuckles enforcers of the Clintons.

    Throughout the recent primaries, Bill Clinton has been Hillary’s hit man, especially in South Carolina where he was in charge of branding Obama as the ‘Black candidate.’ Shamelessly distorting Obama’s words and deliberately using the race card to try and marginalize the first serious African-American candidate for president, Bill Clinton worked overtime at stirring dissension.

    It’s been revolting.

    And it seemed that no one could stop them.

    Until Barack Obama. Until Ted Kennedy. Until South Carolina. Until the voters said: ENOUGH.

    Now the voters of South Carolina and the Kennedys have stepped forward and openly challenged the tawdry Clinton politics of personal destruction, their hit job on Obama, their use of the race card, their claims of dynastic privilege.

    On Saturday, 55% of the South Carolina voters said ‘NO’ to the Clintons. After listening to the two of them disparage Obama, distort his record, dis his hopes and dreams for America, South Carolina backed Obama and his politics of hope.

    And Ted Kennedy, in his lofty endorsement of Obama, served notice on the Clinto ns that the days of their politics of personal destruction are over.

    Apparently Senator Kennedy called the Clintons last week and demanded an immediate end to their transparent racial politics and attempts to destroy Obama. They ignored him. After the polls closed, Bill Clinton’s surly and irrelevant reference to Jesse Jackson’s showing in South Carolina twenty years ago was meant to diminish Obama’s victory. But the press and the public – and apparently Senator Kennedy – caught the unattractive performance on YouTube.

    Now, for once, someone has challenged the Clintons’ dirty, outdated, and unacceptable politics.

    Ted Kennedy has made it clear that the Democratic Party and the voters of America are no longer going to tolerate and ignore the Clintons sordid personal politics.


    Hillary The Movie – View The Trailer Here:

  2. drjay says:

    we have been seeing a lot of ads down here–but i guess some of that was aimed at the sc market across the river the last couple of weeks

  3. ToddH says:


    I live around Waycross and so I’ve been getting eaten up by ads for Florida and previously for South Carolina. If our network station isn’t out of Savannah it’s out of Jacksonville. Add the Obama ads for Georgia on top of that and it’s been pretty full.

  4. Still Looking says:

    He ain’t Superman. He’s got to win Ga, Il, Al, Tn and compete on the ground in California and Mass to overcome HRC wins in NY, NJ, and Cn.

  5. StevePerkins says:

    After Tommy gets GOPeach banned… I want to be next in line to ban multi-page cut-n-paste comments that NOBODY READS.

    In additional to TV ads, I’ve head Obama ads all over the radio as well. Plus, he drew over 20,000 people to a rally just a few months back. I don’t think you can really say that he’s “ignoring” Georgia because he missed a big dinner event. He’s putting an awful lot of resources into the state considering that Hillary isn’t putting up much of a challenge here… and you can’t really fault him for not spending time here in person lately when there are earlier contests to deal with prior to Super Tuesday.

    What’s more interesting to me is the lack of advertising by Republican candidates. I know that most of them don’t have much money in this cycle, but still.

  6. StevePerkins says:

    Oh I dunno about THAT. McCain is slipping into the front-runner role, and Romney is becoming the figurehead for the Anybody-But-McCain movement. Huckabee won’t drop out prior to Super Tuesday… but he’s out of cash, his publicity is drying up, and I’d be surprised to see him win another state. Thompson hung around just long enough to wipe out the Huckster’s Iowa momentum.

  7. CobbGOPer says:

    Unfortunately, I’m politically homeless right now. I can’t get excited about any of these weasels.

    In that vein, I believe I shall vote for Ronald Reagan as a write-in candidate and protest vote.

  8. Still Looking says:

    Yeah, I’ll back-up on giving away Georgia. I just realized Georgia is third (a distant 3rd) in delegates on Super Tesday. I don’t believe either McCain or Romney will emerge as the clear front-runner from Florida. McCain’s sharp attacks may backfire in Florida and those early votes probably went disproportionately to Guliani. I think Romney will be a legitimate contender on Super Tuesday and not just an alternative.

  9. Icarus says:

    Yes, It’s called “Fred Thompson”,

    But the SOS office has apparently said that they won’t count votes for candidates that have dropped out, either.

  10. Icarus says:

    For me, Ron Paul is the “none-est” of the None of the above category.

    And as a re-cap:

    Debbie is for Romney
    Peach is for Huckabee

    Everyone else should vote McCain.

    “The very future of PeachPundit may depend on it.”

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