That’s a big deficit for Atlanta. No doubt they will want to raise taxes to cover the costs, as opposed to cutting costs.

The last time the city had to deal with a shortfall approaching this magnitude was six years ago. Campbell — whose administration was once described by U.S. Attorney David Nahmias as a “cesspool of corruption” — was leaving office, and Franklin was coming in.

Franklin borrowed money and eliminated vacant positions to help fill the $80 million budget hole left by Campbell, although she later boosted city payrolls and spending beyond Campbell-era levels.

The good news is that City Council is talking down tax increases. The Chairman of the Finance Committee points out that the present deficit is largely the fault of the city’s own decisions.

Good for them. But I won’t hold my breath.


  1. Ms_midtown says:

    This city is adding new residential and commercial property revenue every day. You can’t convince me it is a property tax shortfall.

    Money and finance mis-management as usual.

    Clark Howard mentions a streetcar
    “actually blow the bucks to put it under some of the main thoroughfares”
    He’s right it’s blowing bucks.

    8 million wasted on Underground. 8 million of turn arrows, signs, and syncronized lights
    on Peachtree, that is a real subsidy.

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