1. StevePerkins says:

    Can I make a humble request that when Peach Pundit bloggers talk about a piece of legislation, they mention some brief blurb about what the legislation is? (i.e. “guns in parking lots”, “Sunday sales”, etc)

    Most of us “civilians” aren’t tied in to the Dome closely enough to have all these bill numbers memorized, and the summary pages in the Gen. Assembly’s database are often next to meaningless (I take it that this bill has something to do with how the Senate does budgeting). Most of us aren’t going to bother reading the full text of the bill, we just shrug and move on to the next thread… which is why threads like this seldom get many comments.

  2. DeltaHouse says:

    Most of us don’t realize what a joke the GA House really is. Glenn’s frat house constantly amazes even the most partisan observers. His tireless quest for power doesn’t help Georgia nor his political ambitions. I am just glad that the Senate has constantly stood up and been the grown ups in the room. The Senate out flanked the bumpkin from Paulding and his frat brothers and now is working towards equal footing in the budgetary process. Two Cheers for Cagle and the statesmen in the upper chamber!

  3. Icarus says:

    (Note to Jace: Delta House was the name of the Frat in that really old movie “Animal House” that you’ve never seen.)

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