Welcome South, Brother Obama

You gotta wonder how many rednecks will circulate this information about Obama. Not many, as this is reality. Tom Baxter for Southern Political Report:

It seemed Obama was less interested in making his road to the cross dramatic than in making it plausible: A simple story which many in the church could relate to, settling any lingering doubts about the stories on the web that he has Muslim ties. In some of the Feb. 5 states where he’ll be competing, such a long explanation might not be necessary. In South Georgia, which Flannery O’Connor once referred to as “Christ-haunted,” it is.

Full story about Obama in Macon yesterday here. As for O’Connor, she might have said something like this about the Senator from Illinois: Obama’s campaign would have been a good thing if it’d had Bill Clinton there to shoot it every day.

(First person to ID the above short story I’m referencing gets to have lunch at my club, without me! Come on folks…. this is soooooo English 101.)


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    One of my favorite stories. I always thought a younger Bruce Dern or Jack Nicholson should play the misfit if the story ever becomes a movie. Now I can picture Gary Sinese playing the roll.

  2. And this one is for our resident libertarian, insurance salesperson.

    “The man, an insurance salesman, wore a straw hat on the side of his head and smoked a cigar and when you told him his soul was in danger, he offered to sell you a policy against any contingency.”

  3. rugby fan says:


    Debbie owes me a steak dinner and Icarus owes me a meal at Bacchanalia.

    All I am saying is that a Peach Punditista offering a meal is something to be weary of.

  4. Icarus says:

    I do not.

    The wager was for three pints at the pub of your choice, and you were too weak-knee’d to pull the trigger on it.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    And we have a winner! Loy-al-tee! Now if there was only a country club anywhere in Atlanta that would offer ME a membership, I’d get right on that free lunch promise.

  6. rugby fan says:

    Well, no, but sometimes I like to think I have one and try to fool others into thinking I do. Guess the gig is up now.

    Thanks Icarus for ruining my day.

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