Hillary Likes Bloggers!

Hillary would like a few good government agency bloggers. Mean to tell me they don’t have enough inside the Beltway already? From a HuffPo blogger:

During a Q&A with voters at Tennesee State University in Nashville Saturday, Hillary Clinton discussed freedom of information, and floated the idea of putting bloggers in each government agency.

Video here. I nominate Bull Moose for First Gov. Blogger #1. Careful what they ask for, eh. And your choice would be __________?


  1. Rogue109 says:

    Two Huffington Post references in as many days from SpaceyG. Shocking!

    This is just a bunch of feel-good pap from Senator Clinton. How would bloggers increase the dissemination of information? Would they be on the payroll of the department they work in? If so, how can they be independent and actually publish items which might be harmful to the agency for which they work? If they aren’t paid by that same agency, then they are just automatically given a FOIA card to run around the building to their hearts content?

    How about we save some Federal tax dollars and NOT deploy this idiotic idea, Senator? All it represents is more public affairs personnel for the Federal Government.

  2. Harry says:

    Other than national stories about bloggers or boggers, I just hope somebody in the legislative session is looking after the taxpayers of, and business competitiveness in Georgia.

  3. Common Sense says:

    Karen Hughes actually does this at the state department to improve the US image abroad and it’s apparently been fairly successful

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