Candidates to Middle Georgia

The fist viable female Presidential candidate went to Dublin over the weekend. Having been defeated in a state she portrayed as must win to her campaign, she’s now trying to rally the south against the Yankee and the black man.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama was in Macon visiting church, delivering a religious message, not a political one. I await all the people who criticize the GOP of being too religious to criticize Obama.


  1. middle-ga-gop says:

    I grew up in Dublin and I am still registered to vote there. Dubose has been my state representative since my family moved there in the early 1990’s

    I hope this “little visit” from Edwards is a wake up call to conservative voters in Porter’s district that are under the impression that he is a conservative democrat. That’s what he wants the folks at home in Dublin to believe, but that’s not who he is. Representative Porter is a liberal partisan! He is having to “show his cards” and we should hold him accountable.

    I’ve often heard folks say that there is a difference between the “Dublin Dubose” and the “Atlanta Dubose”. Well, I have seen it first-hand in ATL and I hope my neighbors will see it now.

    I sincerely hope he runs for Governor so we can relace him with someone who actually represents the values of our community.

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